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"What are you doing here?" Zhou Bao said, surprised by w.a.n.g She's voice.

"We'll talk about it later!" w.a.n.g She answered with a cold expression. He looked at the Child-endowing Buddha whose pieces were scattered all over the floor, and the strange half whip which was floating still in the air. "Small Bao, just let him go. I'll owe you a favor for this."

"No way, Chief w.a.n.g! Why are you doing this for him? Do you know him?" Although the two were good friends, Zhou Bao still could not let it go just because w.a.n.g She asked him to. To say it nicely, this odd Child-endowing Buddha was disrupting people's mind in Zhou Bao's territory. But to say it badly, he was trying to make him a cuckold. Zhou Bao was not a broad-minded man, especially when it came to these sensitive issues. He would have punched anyone who was trying to stop him if they were not w.a.n.g She.

"No, I don't, but I do know his background. Listen, let him go, or you'll get yourself into big trouble!"

"I don't care about trouble!" Zhou Bao sneered. "Stop bluffing! I would leave him in peace if he didn't mess with me. But he did, so do you think I'll ever let him go?"

As he spoke, Zhou Bao stretched his left hand into the air and grabbed onto nothing. Suddenly, the golden light of the Golden Flame Mirror gathered together and wrapped up all the debris of the Child-endowing Buddha. A thick black smoke arose from the debris, and gradually became a black shadow of a pot-bellied monk, who looked the same as the former Child-endowing Buddha, but with a vicious look in his eyes. He stared at Zhou Bao and said, "d.a.m.n it, Zhou Bao! How dare you use the Demon-detecting Mirror against me? I'll kill you! I'll -"

Before he finished speaking, the shadow of the monk vanished with a wrench of the golden light of the Golden Flame Mirror. w.a.n.g She did not have the chance to say anything else.

The black shadow was unable to defend itself against the wrenching of the golden light. It did not manage to let out a final scream before vanishing on the spot.

"Oh, you foolish boy. Do you really think you can kill him for good? No, it was only one of a myriad of his incarnations. The Child-endowing Buddha practiced Mandkesvara Dhyana. He has a myriad of incarnations and you just killed one of them. There's no harm to him, but you have made him your enemy because of this. I'm afraid that one day you'll have to pay for what you've done!"

"It seems that you know all about the wicked monk!" Zhou Bao asked with his eyes squinting.

"There's nothing special about him. The Child-endowing Buddha is one of the 13 Living Buddhas of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple, senior brother of the Living Buddha Ba Siba and teacher of the Happy Monk. Although his cultivation is unfathomable, he has a petty disposition. I'm sure he'll seek revenge on you for destroying one of his incarnations!"

"Oh, I see. Teacher of the Happy Monk? That's interesting! Last time I took Happy Monk's Green Lotus Seed, and this time I destroyed his teacher's incarnation. Maybe it's destined!"

"Among the 13 Living Buddhas in the Bigwheel Temple, the Living Buddha Ba Siba has the lowest cultivation and the thinnest Blessed Fate. Except for him, the other 12 Living Buddhas are already of the Mysterious Realm. The three best of whom have the power of the Genuine Immortal. Besides the 12, there are several disciples of the Living Buddha at the Bigwheel Temple, who are of the Mysterious Realm and extremely powerful. I was trying to stop you because I don't want to see you make the Child-endowing Buddha your enemy. You have destroyed one of his incarnations, someone will eventually find out that!"

"Of course they will!" Zhou Bao smiled and looked at the whip that was trapped by the Golden Flame Mirror. "But do you think I'll give a s.h.i.t about this G.o.d d.a.m.n Child-endowing Buddha?"

"Given your circ.u.mstances, it's better for you to not make so many enemies!"

"Don't forget that I have backers now!" Zhou Bao smiled. He flicked his fingers and the s.p.a.ce around the whip started to fluctuate in waves. The hollow was opened and a dark pa.s.sageway appeared in the s.p.a.ce. The whip flew into the pa.s.sageway and then disappeared with a slight pointing of his finger. "The Child-endowing Buddha had better know who he is dealing with. If he doesn't, I'll make him suffer!"

Having seen Zhou Bao easily opened a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sageway and flipped the half-burnt whip into it, w.a.n.g She was stunned for a second. His estimation towards Zhou Bao's power increased once more. "That's true. But you still should be careful. The Child-endowing Buddha's made his reputation 3,000 years ago. Except for the first 300 years, he hadn't suffered any losses for more than 2,000 years!"

"3,000 years?" Zhou Bao was surprised for a moment before he started shouting. "d.a.m.n! This mother f*ucker! Old pervert! The next time I see him, I'll make him beg for death!"

"Well, he can't be killed!" w.a.n.g She shook his head and said, "This is exactly why the Child-endowing Buddha is a pain in your a.s.s. He is not one of the most powerful ones among the 13 Living Buddhas of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple, but he is the last one you would want to mess with because of the Mandkesvara Dhyana that he has practiced. The Mandkesvara Dhyana came from the Mandkesvara Way of the 3,000 Great Ways. It enables him to fertilize the women who desire children. At the same time, however, he would plant his own bloodline and a bit of his spiritual sense in the fetuses. As long as the bloodlines remain in the world, he won't be killed, not even when his body is completely destroyed. He can use his bloodlines to recover 80% of his power within 50 years if he wants to. When bloodlines continue to exist, the Great Ways will always triumph. Because of this, for the last three thousand years, more than three sects as powerful as Tian Long Taoism were wiped out by him. As time pa.s.sed, no one dared to mess with him. As his cultivation grew, he learned to restrain himself. In the last 1,000 years, nothing terrible had happened except that he continued practicing his Mandkesvara Dhyana with the power of the Child-endowing Buddha. Given that too many women were asking for children in the world, they won't know even if they are having Devil Fetuses, so there was not much a chaos for a long time."

"He had practiced Mandkesvara Dhyana for 3,000 years! That means he had many bloodlines in this world, and they may even include you and me!" As Zhou Bao thought about it, his expression became more strange. "Every day, countless people burnt incense and prayed for children. With no birth control, the children would give birth to grandchildren, and the grandchildren would give birth to more children. In this way, there would be an endless population. If the Child-endowing Buddha has been doing this for 3,000 years, his bloodlines would be nearly half of the entire population of the world."

"What he has been practicing is just the Mandkesvara Dhyana, not Mandkesvara Way. His bloodlines last only for two generations, otherwise there would not be so many statues of the Child-endowing Buddha in the world, and he would not have to keep doing this for 3,000 years!" w.a.n.g She said and smiled bitterly.

"We are lucky that his bloodlines last only for two generations. Imagine if his bloodlines lasted forever, and he had a way to control them, the world would have become his!"

"There is no such powerful cultivation method, and even the Mandkesvara Way doesn't possess such powerful effect. But one thing is certain, that you really have p.i.s.sed the Child-endowing Buddha off and you might get into trouble with him."

"Oh, try me!" said Zhou Bao in a cold voice. "He's nothing but a Living Buddha in the Bigwheel Temple. Like I'll give a s.h.i.t! Nevertheless, I think there is an opportunity in it, isn't there?"

"Opportunity?" w.a.n.g She looked at Zhou Bao's and said, "You are too close to the Divine Wind Palace. They are obviously trying to draw you over their side, probably because they want to contain the influence of the Immortal Palace within the Central Mainland Region with your help. They might be of help if the Child-endowing Buddha actually does something to you. You are planning to leave Divine Wind Palace and Bigwheel Temple!" Having seen through Zhou Bao's idea, w.a.n.g She asked, "That's a good idea you got there, but don't you think you might be pushing it?"

"No, I don't think so. I just think it's a good opportunity!" Zhou Bao smiled. "The Child-endowing Buddha messed with me, so of course I'll fight back. If I don't, people will believe I'm afraid of the Bigwheel Temple. The justice is on my side. I'll make a scene and test the att.i.tude of the Divine Wind Palace at the same time!"

"Since you have already made up your mind, I don't think I can change it. But the Immortal Palace and the Bigwheel Temple are in a delicate relationship. You can't expose your current ident.i.ty and your relationship with the Immortal Palace yet. On this matter, the Immortal Palace won't be of help to you, unless the Bigwheel Temple knows about your true ident.i.ty and that an entrance of the Azure Secret Area lies here. That'll be another story."

"Of course, I won't ask the Immortal Palace to do anything for me unless necessary. But you are the Chief of the Tian Long Taoism and you are here to help. You can stick up for me when I'm in trouble, right? Will there be any problem?"

"Of course I can! However, I have another ident.i.ty in the Immortal Palace, although it is not a big secret, those who need to know already knew. So even if I want to help, I will have my own considerations!" He gave out a heavy breath and continued. "Boy, we are now in difficult times. You'd better get rid of your bad att.i.tude. Try not to get yourself more enemies. It'll do you no good! Don't a.s.sume that ants can't bite an elephant like you till death!"

"It seems to me that you have heard of something?" Zhou Bao eyes slightly narrowed and showed his deep thinking.

"Well, ever since the Divine Wind Palace did that thing at the Taiyuan Heaven, the world was destined to not be peaceful anymore. The Azure Secret Area has become their next target. They wish to finish the job they failed to complete at the Taiyuan Heaven in the Azure Secret Area." w.a.n.g She said with a sigh, "Elder Qing and White Tiger don't take it as a serious matter, but more like a wild dream of the Divine Wind Palace. However, I know a secret. If the Divine Wind Palace managed to enter the Azure Secret Area, they'll have 60% chance in completing it!"

"What? 60% chance of succeeding?" Zhou Bao started to panic too. All the apprentices of the Daoism would be dying to find the slightest chance to live among the infinite Way of Heaven. They would risk it even if there were only 10% chance of succeeding. 60% was enough to make the Divine Wind Palace give up all they have.

"That's the reason why I warned you. The 60% chance of winning makes the Divine Wind Palace more determined to win over the Azure Secret Area. To achieve that, they have to get the support of the big forces of the Central Mainland Region, among which the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple is the easiest to win over. If you make yourself the enemy of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple, the Divine Wind Palace will probably give up on you and choose to win the Azure Secret Area over instead. Now you should understand why I tried to stop you!"

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