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"I have met my match, my real match!"

When Zhou Bao's Demon Fire collided with Ye Qingtian's Star River Essential Qi for the first time, they both felt that each other's Internal Qi was not only vigorous, but also powerful.

Ye Qingtian's Internal Qi was quite special, which made the Gang Qi that he cultivated special as well. When it was launched, the world sparkled with stars as if a starry river was coming out of his body. Along with the starlight and its chill air, Ye Qingtian's Internal Qi collided with his Nine Dragons Heavenly Kylin Gang, and the essence of the world around them was immediately stirred into a mess the moment that the coldness collided with the heat.


When the two different Gang Qi met, an explosive sound of thunder rumbled out of the blue, shocking not only the over 100 ordinary people who followed Zhou Bao and had completely pa.s.sed out just now, but also those a.s.sa.s.sins who had come from the Li dynasty that were hiding in the shadows and waiting for an opportunity to end his life. The a.s.sa.s.sins were stunned stiff and forced to reveal themselves unsteadily.

"It seems to me that you brought quite a few men with you!"

After their Gang Qi had collided, they both backed up a few steps. Staring at the nine people thrown out of darkness, Zhou Bao laughed.

"Humph, they are useless and no threat to you at all. Their presence will make no difference in this fight!" Ye Qingtian sneered. "If they join us, they will all die!"

"Well, you're fighting me. Do you have a death wish too?" Zhou Bao smiled and raised his hand, grabbing the Golden-Scaled Crudgel to attack him. "How about my 72 Strokes of Evil?"

"It's just a cheap trick!" Seeing Zhou Bao's cudgel, Ye Qingtian smiled and raised his hand. Suddenly, numerous spots of tiny starlight were circling and guarding his body like fireflies.

Zhou Bao's Golden-Scaled Cudgel was a Wizard Weapon which was extremely heavy, but when smashing the starlight, it bounced back with endless chills crawling to his hands along the Golden-Scaled Cudgel.

"Your Divine Weapon is quite good, but you are using it the wrong way. Moreover, this weapon didn't infuse into you, so you can hardly use one ten-thousandth of its power. Zhou Bao, be serious and show me what you've got. Or else, today is doomed to be your last day!"

Ye Qingtian easily blocked Zhou Bao's Golden-Scaled Cudgel, while his face turned dark as if he was unsatisfied with Zhou Bao's loose att.i.tude. He raised his hand and the flying starlight around him formed a tremendous cover that moved straight toward Zhou Bao.

"I know that trick too!" Zhou Bao laughed and packed up his Golden-Scaled Crudgel, shaking his body and motivating the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Gang. The Gang Qi was congealed into the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield with nine dragons spiraling on it, and it rushed into the starlight.


The two shields crashed into each other. However, neither one was able to beat the other and they both vanished together.

"Alright!" Ye Qingtian whispered as he motivated all his Internal Qi and then the Star River Essential Qi flashed out. All of a sudden, a myriad of mysterious and distant forces penetrated through the hollow and were converged, rushing toward Ye Qingtian. It had just been the middle of the day and the sun had been shining brightly. But now, as streams of force emerged, numerous starlights appeared in the clear sky, and the sun and the stars were appearing simultaneously.

"He is guiding the star force. Where did he gather so much Star River Essential Qi? And he completely integrated it into his Internal Qi. That's incredible!" Green Spirit saw that the sky was immersed by the starlight and sent Zhou Bao a psywave stream. "Don't b.u.t.t heads with him. Now that he has guided the Nine Heavens Star Force, it's no use even if you attack it with all of your power. However, guiding the star force has its own limit, so he will not last long!"

"Understood!" Zhou Bao gently nodded.

When the stars were sparkling in the sky, Zhou Bao felt that Ye Qingtian's temperament had undergone tremendous changes, as if he had suddenly turned into a giant mountain, standing right in front of Zhou Bao.

"Since you aren't attacking first, I'll do it. The infinite starry sky converges every single star. The Starlight Infinite Claw!"

Numerous stars were converged to form a giant claw and violently rushed toward Zhou Bao.

As soon as the claw had stretched out, the world changed and the temperature suddenly dropped by several dozen degrees, as if it had suddenly fallen into a world of snow and ice.

Zhou Bao did not dare to relax his vigilance in the face of the Starlight Claw. He stretched his hands out and shot countless fireb.a.l.l.s toward the Starlight Claw.

Seeing those fireb.a.l.l.s, Ye Qingtian just sneered. "Zhou Bao, do you have a death wish?" As he spoke, the claw dispersed wave after wave of chills, which immediately devoured all the fireb.a.l.l.s and reached in front of Zhou Bao's eyes.

"I might disagree!" Staring at the Starlight Claw, Zhou Bao's Gang Qi burst out of his body. He raised his hands, and suddenly a golden splendor exploded in that claw.

It was the Great Fusion Technique!


The Great Fusion Technique blasted a hole in the powerful Starlight Claw and then the claw loosened. A strange expression crossed Ye Qingtian's face. Zhou Bao pointed at him with his finger, and the golden splendor appeared again.

It was the Great Fusion Technique again!

"What an excellent Divine Sense!" Ye Qingtian could not help praising it. He hunched his body, only to find that the Great Fusion Technique had exploded in the starlight around him and shook his foundation, and the star force guided from the Nine Heavens was also shaken.

"This is awesome! The Great Fusion Technique is really powerful!" Having seen that his two fusion techniques had beaten Ye Qingtian back and the Nine Heavens Star Force started to shake, Zhou Bao was so delighted.

"It's too early to be happy. Though the Great Fusion Technique is quite strong, you can't release it constantly. This guy is now prepared, so it won't be that easy next time!" said Green Spirit, with his spirit bouncing.

Sure enough, when Zhou Bao's third Great Fusion Technique was released, a stream of starlight started to flash. Zhou Bao clearly felt that a stream of strong force flowing down from the Nine Heavens defused the Great Fusion Technique, and at the same time, the Nine Heavens Star Force that had been shaken by the Great Fusion Technique was stabilized again.

Ye Qingtian stretched out his body, shooting out a myriad of starlight that rushed over to surround Zhou Bao.

"The Starlight Prison!"

The speed of the lights was approaching the extreme. Faced with the high-speed starlight, Zhou Bao had nowhere to hide. All he could do was motivate his Gang Qi to protect himself and put up his Poison Cold Shield.

When the starlight hit on top of the Gang Qi, Zhou Bao finally figured out what was going on. There were a total of 81 streams of starlight. Each starlight contained a huge amount of power that formed a prison trapping and demobilizing him.

Meanwhile, numerous chills in each starlight started to erode Zhou Bao's body.

"Humph, the Starlight Prison. Do you really think that this thing can trap me?" Zhou Bao motivated all his Internal Qi and struggled to free himself.


The small prison cell was not big, but once it was tilted by Zhou Bao's power, it immediately rolled up turbulent waves, as if a giant mountain was about to be lifted, and s.p.a.ce around shook with it.

"What a strong force. However, my Starlight Prison is made from the Nine Heavens Star Force. Do you think that you can fight against the stars in the Nine Heavens alone?"

Seeing that Zhou Bao's struggle could release such huge power, Ye Qingtian was in shock, but he knew that even with this power, Zhou Bao had no way to escape from his prison, which was made of the Nine Heavens Star Force. Yet, he would not relax. Restricting Zhou Bao with the Starlight Prison was just his first step.

"Infinite Star River! Boundless Way of Heaven!" Ye Qingtian trapped Zhou Bao with the Starlight Prison and raised his right hand. The star force of a complete day began to converge in his fingertips, and then the starlight suddenly flashed, forming a sword light that shot fiercely toward Zhou Bao.

The Star River Divine Way Sword!

The power of the sword was enormous. The sword chopped as if it would cut out the whole world. The world started to tremble as it felt the majestic power of the sword.

"I can also wield a sword!" A red light flashed between Zhou Bao's eyebrows, then a crimson-black Sword Qi appeared out of the blue.


This Sword Qi, different from the Star River Divine Way Sword, was not as enormous as the starry river but had an endless murderous intent that the Star River Divine Way Sword could never have.

That killing intent, extremely sharp and destructive, as if it was all contained in this sword, was now released freely.

This sword broke off all the restrictions of the Starlight Prison and collided with the Star River Divine Way Sword. At this time, the killing intent showed up. The crimson-black Sword Qi broke the Star River Divine Way Sword quickly and smashed the starlight Sword Qi. The crimson-black Sword Qi became darker, but it did not fade away, rushing toward Ye Qingtian.

"What?" Seeing the unstoppable Sword Qi, a terrified expression appeared on Ye Qingtian's face. The starlight around Ye Qingtian formed a huge shield in front of him, yet his body jumped to the side when the Sword Qi hit the Starlight Shield.

Pfff! The Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword broke the Starlight Shield, becoming darker and dispersing suddenly, but it did not disappear. It was transformed into millions of threads of Sword Qi flying toward Ye Qingtian from all directions.

Seeing these innumerable threads of Sword Qi, Ye Qingtian smiled and gently waved his sleeves, and then numerous starlights converged to smash the Sword Qi.

But later, his facial expression changed.

A majestic and enormous power came from the inside of the Starlight Prison and destroyed the prison.

He saw Zhou Bao with a sneer on his face make a seal with his hands and imprint toward him from the sky.

The Flipping Sky Seal!

One seal had broken the prison, and another seal had directly smashed the Starlight Shield around Ye Qingtian.

Ye Qingtian wanted to escape when he felt this boundless pressure, but the Flipping Sky Seal had blocked the s.p.a.ce around him when it was thrown. The s.p.a.ce around Ye Qingtian was blocked by the seal like a prison, a lot more troublesome compared to the one that had trapped Zhou Bao. He was like a fish trapped in a huge ice cube, unable to move.

He saw the pressure of the seal coming toward him and knew that it would destroy the s.p.a.ce there, including himself.

Ye Qingtian certainly could not let that happen. Although he could not move, the seal had only blocked his body.

There was starlight flashing between Ye Qingtian's eyebrows, and then a silver light arose from his hand and collided right into the force of Zhou Bao's Flipping Sky Seal.

"The Sky-measuring Star Ruler!"

Seeing that silver light, Green Spirit's mind experienced huge trembling waves.

That starlight was glowing as shiny as a starry river. As a silver ruler flashed faintly, wave after wave of the furious star force started to surge and the stars in the sky began to shine restlessly. Streams of visible starlight rushed to the ruler from the sky, only to make the starlight of the ruler brighter.

It was in just a moment that the star force in the ruler had reached an incredible degree. And it destroyed the power of the Flipping Sky Seal after it knocked into it.

The starlight was still shining and the ruler had not faded away, which hit right on Zhou Bao.

This was just bullying people with pure power and a Divine Weapon!

"You think that you are the only one who possesses a Pure Yang Celestial Device?" Zhou Bao sneered with a golden light flashing behind his head. The golden light hit straight on the ruler.


It was another loud sound. The Sky-measuring Star Ruler was blocked by the golden light and it stopped halfway, blazing with a silvery starlight that was resisting the golden light.

"Oh no!"

The Sky-measuring Star Ruler paused, but not because it was as powerful as the Golden Flame Mirror. In fact, though the Sky-measuring Star Ruler was hindered, the endless star force was surging and rippling, flowing through that golden light. Zhou Bao was staggered by the unexpected hit and almost fell to the ground with his spirit trembling, as if it would be beaten out of his body.

He could not help himself from being astounded, but then he stabilized his spirit. The golden light of the Golden Flame Mirror suddenly became brighter and then faded away.

"What a strong power, as if it's infinite. Is that really a Pure Yang Celestial Device?" Feeling the streams of force pa.s.sing through the Sky-measuring Star Ruler, Zhou Bao's face went pale. The Golden Flame Mirror could not withstand these unreasonable forces.

"Boy, don't put yourself out here. The Sky-measuring Star Ruler was once the celestial device of the Star Palace. It has been purified in the Constellation Sea for more than 10,000 years. Although your Golden Flame Mirror is also a Pure Yang Celestial Device, it has not been purified for long, so it is no match for the ruler. It seems that this guy has learned kung fu and inherited something from the Star Palace!"

"Didn't you say that he has inherited from the Big Dipper Emperor?"

"Humph, so what? Who says the heir of the Star Palace can't also absorb the power of the Big Dipper Emperor?" Green Spirit said with a sneer, "However, you had better stay alert. Your Golden Flame Mirror can't resist his Sky-measuring Star Ruler!"

As if confirming Green Spirit's words, pushed by the waves of star force, Zhou Bao's Golden Flame Mirror began to rustle, coercing the Green Lotus transformed from the Innate Green Lotus Fire to come out, but it was still hard to withstand for long.

"The star force contained in this celestial device is too powerful, and he has the stars of the Nine Heavens as his backup. It's unwise to fight recklessly against him!" Zhou Bao fell back a dozen steps, leaving a dozen footprints on the ground. His face was pale and the Golden Flame Mirror behind him was gloomy. Even that golden light was restrained by the star force, and it would not take long to be smashed by the star force.

"Well, Zhou Bao, you're so famous, but is that the best you can do?" Seeing that Zhou Bao was burned out, Ye Qingtian turned his mouth upward in a grin complacently, as if he was mocking Zhou Bao for overestimating himself.

"Your treasure is really good. Just give it to me!"

While speaking, Zhou Bao suddenly disappeared along with his Golden Flame Mirror. All of a sudden, the surge of the star force had a way out, bursting out just like flowing water.

Suddenly, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed.

Ye Qingtian looked panicked, and a feeling of extreme danger came from the bottom of his heart. He motivated the starlight around him and formed a layer of thick Gang Qi to protect himself the moment that Zhou Bao had disappeared.


Zhou Bao showed up behind him and punched him simultaneously.

It was right on Ye Qingtian's Protective Gang Qi.

This punch was so hard that the world trembled. Ye Qingtian's protective starlight became dim as the enormous force of the punch pa.s.sed through the starlight and hit hard on his body.

Ye Qingtian's body flew back, and at the same time, the Sky-measuring Star Ruler appeared on the top of his head, glowing with endless starlight and protecting his entire body.

Therefore, when Zhou Bao showed up beside him, Ye Qingtian did not stand a chance.

Ye Qingtian looked uncomfortable. He did not expect for Zhou Bao to have mastered such a strong special technique like the Three Realms Division, nor did he antic.i.p.ate that the punch of Zhou Bao could contain such huge power, so he was trapped by Zhou Bao accidentally and lost his chance to win.

Although the power of Zhou Bao's punch was partially absorbed by his protective starlight, its destructive power still pa.s.sed through and hammered him hard.

"What kind of punching skill is it? What kind of fist intent is it? Why does it contain so much destructive spirit? The tendons and meridians broken by his punch have no chance to recover. What horrible punching skill did he practice?"

Feeling the abnormalities in the area where he was. .h.i.t, Ye Qingtian was in shock and he looked paler than before. He had expected that it would be a brutal fight, but little had he expected Zhou Bao to be such a pain in the a.s.s.

At this time, Zhou Bao was rushing toward Ye Qingtian while raising his fist. He was just about to attack when he saw that the Sky-measuring Star Ruler had protected the body of Ye Qingtian, so he then chose to step back. He had confidence in his fist, but he was not going to use it to fight against a powerful Pure Yang Celestial Device.

"It is not the time to fight with my life now."

"Boy, don't be lenient. He may be just as lucky as you are. You can grasp this opportunity to kill him and have one less threat in the future!"

After seeing that Zhou Bao had retreated, Green Spirit hurried to tell Zhou Bao. What Ye Qingtian had said had completely irritated him and reminded him of some horrible things from antiquity times.

"Do you think that I am willing to show any mercy? This guy has a Sky-measuring Star Ruler to protect himself. Even if I manage to kill him, I could get seriously injured. Don't forget there are nine people who are waiting to kill me!"

Zhou Bao said in a hushed voice and stepped back quickly.

"You have already revealed your Three Realms Division. If you can't kill him this time, he will have something prepared for you the next time you meet him. And at that time, it won't be so easy to deal with him!"

"He already was prepared!"

"But now he is injured!"

"Even if he is injured, he still has the Sky-measuring Star Ruler. I will not fight against such a powerful Pure Yang Celestial Device!" Zhou Bao yelled to Green Spirit.

"If you can grab that ruler, I have a way to make you stronger!" Shouted Green Spirit, "Your Golden-Scaled Cudgel is not an authentic Divine Weapon yet. But, if you manage to get that Sky-measuring Star Ruler, you can refine it into a Pure Yang Celestial Device. And then your strength will be greatly increased!"

"It is a Pure Yang Celestial Device. Why should I bother to refine it into a Wizard Weapon?" Zhou Bao was puzzled, but his body had started to move. "Besides, I have nothing to help me resist that Pure Yang Celestial Device now!"

When it came to this, he deeply regretted that he had been too generous and had given out two Pure Yang Celestial Devices that he had grabbed. If he had kept one for himself, he would not have been in such an awkward situation right now.

"The s.p.a.ce Division Skill and the Yin and Yang Dust Formation!" Green Spirit shouted, "This time, even if we can't kill him, we have to force him to show us what he has and grab his Sky-measuring Star Ruler!"

"Humph, if I use those two techniques, I must put him down this time. Those two techniques are all that I have left!"

The spiritual exchange between the two was going extremely fast, but it was also at that moment that the situation drastically changed.

Ye Qingtian, who was being guarded by the Sky-measuring Star Ruler, had finally recovered his breath. He bore the wounds with his Internal Qi by motivating the Qi, while his strange eyes fixed firmly on Zhou Bao as if he wanted to use them to kill Zhou Bao.

"Well, very good, kid, you are totally dead. I was seriously injured by you. I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you!" Ye Qingtian cried after he recovered a bit of his spirit. His face was as pale as white paper and looked distorted.

The starlight in Ye Qingtian's eyes flickered, spinning slowly just like the starry river. He would not use the Sky-measuring Star Ruler against Zhou Bao because he had not figured out a way to deal with his Three Realms Division.

"You wanna kill me? Hehe, you might be powerful, but you'll have to work harder to kill me!" Zhou Bao was stricken by the Sky-measuring Star Ruler before, but now he had summoned his breath and opened up nine acupoints. Now that he possessed such enormous Internal Qi, he could recover his Qi quickly. Hearing Ye Qingtian's words, he crackled, "I was going to spare your life, but now I have to kill you to save me all the trouble later!"

"Kill me? Do you think you can kill me?" Ye Qingtian sneered. Afterward, the Sky-measuring Star Ruler transformed into starlight, penetrating the center of his eyebrows and sweeping away his exhaustion. "But you, please don't think that you can do anything because you know how to travel hollow. Today, I will show you what I've got!"

"Is that so? I also want to show you what I am capable of!" Zhou Bao also sneered and suddenly fled away. He could smell a sense of danger in Ye Qingtian, who had withdrawn his Sky-measuring Star Ruler.

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