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Chapter 750: Ah!!!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Let’s go.” Lin Wanwan expressed satisfaction and took the initiative to grab his hand. She no longer looked at Lin Siqing and Lin Wanxin.

The car had already driven far away but Lin Siqing’s eyes were pa.s.sionate as her gaze followed the direction in which the car left.

After a long while, she stomped her feet indignantly. “On what basis did this little b.i.t.c.h get him! Lin Wanxin, won’t you help me s.n.a.t.c.h that man over?!”

She wanted to possess that perfect man. She could satisfy herself and take revenge on Lin Wanwan at the same time!

Lin Wanxin, who rarely rejected her requests, smiled plainly. “No, he’s mine.”

“What? You fancy him too?” Lin Siqing felt indignant.

Lin Wanxin played with the messy strands of hair by her ear, and her smile was as gentle as water. “I love him.”

Lin Wanwan didn’t want to let her mind wander and do nothing at Yun Mansion. Thus, she went to the production set and started working.

However, as she was in a bad state and was often distracted, she had NGs numerous times.

After close to a month of trying her best to adjust her efforts, she finally recovered her original state.

This day, after returning from work, she received Shen Zhiyi’s call. She asked her to meet her at Jin Tong Que for a gathering.

Lin Wanwan wasn’t in the mood to make merry. However, Lu Zhanbei patted her shoulder and said, “You have been cooping up at home recently. It’s time to go out and relax. We have to always look ahead.”

Lin Wanwan didn’t want him to worry. “Ok. Then you go together with me.”

“What time are the two of you meeting?”

“7 pm.”

“I’m only free at 8 pm. You go ahead first. I’ll be there after.”


Under Lu Zhanbei’s suggestion, Lin Wanwan changed into a Bohemian long dress. With her long hair and an all-new nude makeup, the dejectedness from the previous days disappeared. Even if she didn’t carry a smile on her face, she was still extremely beautiful.

Lu Zhanbei frowned and handed her a shawl. Lin Wanwan obediently put it on.

After reaching Jin Tong Que, Lin Wanwan received Si Han’s call when she was in the lift.

Both of them chatted for a while. When the call ended, it was already 7:40 pm.

She hurried forward and stopped at the door in front of the room. She pushed with both hands. “Sister Zhiyi, sorry for being late…”

She stopped abruptly as she saw clearly the unbearable scene in the room.

The shabbily-dressed woman was suppressed under the man. She hooked an arm around the man’s neck and smiled seductively.

Her other hand didn’t know its place and was unbuckling the man’s belt. As she went all the way, she said in a sweet voice, “Young Yuan, are you satisfied with me?”

As the music in the room was very loud, the two people, who were too immersed, didn’t realize that Lin Wanwan was standing at the door.

The young man retrieved his hands and gave a smile that he felt was evilly charming. “Let’s try something more exciting, shall we?”


The woman responded erotically and knelt in front of his pants.

Lin Wanwan knew that what would happen next would pollute her eyes, and she sucked a breath of air. She was about to quietly sneak away.

Coincidentally, that woman suddenly turned her head over. She seemed to want to see if the room door was locked.

As she looked, she met Lin Wanwan’s helpless gaze.


(Song lyrics: Most afraid of the air turning quiet suddenly…)


The woman let out an ear-piercing scream. Young Yuan, who was prepared to enjoy the moment, opened his eyes impatiently. He was about to swear at someone when he saw Lin Wanwan, who was wearing a long dress.

After a short stunned moment, he put on a look that he felt was flirtatious. “Hey, Miss, do you want to come over and have a drink?”

At this moment, the female lead, Qin Xiangyu, finally recovered herself. She lost her usual coldness and arrogance and screamed like a madwoman, “Lin Wanwan, why are you here?! Get lost now!”

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