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Chapter 403: The Real Luxury Car

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She looked at Director Fan again and said half-jokingly, “When did your 4S store become so low-cla.s.s? A customer who’s buying a cheap car worth a few hundred thousand dollars is also worthy for a director like you to attend to her personally? Then do you have to kneel down and welcome a VIP like me who bought a car worth a few million dollars?”

Director Fan’s face turned cold. He was about to say something when Lin Wanwan stepped in.

“Ms. Han.” As Lin Wanwan got on the car, she rolled down the car windows and said plainly, “In this world, however perfect something might be, there may always appear better ones. There are many people who’re wealthier than you are. Can you stop flaunting your superiority? It just makes me feel you’re so low-cla.s.s.”

She ignored Han Zixi’s look of embarra.s.sment, started the car, and drove it out of the pa.s.sageway.

Han Zixi could no longer maintain her look of arrogance. She strongly suppressed the anger in her heart and said, “I didn’t expect that the executives here would treat a miser who’s good at talking as a VIP and neglect me, an old customer. I’m afraid you won’t be able to do business with me in this deal worth tens of millions of dollars!”

“Miser?” Suddenly, a playful voice traveled over. “This peculiar miss, you’re actually saying that Lin Wanwan is a miser?”

Han Zixi turned her head and saw a man wearing an army-green shirt and slim black trousers walking over leisurely.

He had a handsome yet cold face. His eyebrows were slightly raised, and smooth muscle lines could be seen faintly under the thin shirt. He exuded strong manliness.

Director Fan immediately greeted him and respectfully said, “Young Master.”

Someone from the onlookers recognized him and subconsciously exclaimed, “Young Mo!”

This person was Mo Chen. Han Zixi didn’t recognize him but, judging from the onlookers’ reaction and the extravagance that exuded from his bones, she knew that the background of this man was not simple.

“Isn’t it?” Looking at Mo Chen’s handsome facial features, Han Zixi blushed. She continued shyly, “Comparing a few hundred thousands and tens of millions, couldn’t that be considered as being a miser?”


Upon hearing this, Mo Chen suddenly laughed out loud. It was a hearty laughter.

“Miss, you’re really interesting.”

Mo Chen curved his lips and exuded the charm of a man. Han Zixi blushed, her heart beat faster, and she became more shy.

She suppressed the joy in her heart and mustered up the courage to walk towards Mo Chen. She was about to tactfully express that she didn’t have a boyfriend when Mo Chen’s next sentence made her expression change drastically!

“My Brother Zhanbei has invested 80 million dollars in the car Lin Wanwan’s driving. I have personally modified it too. You’re saying that it’s a cheap car? Miss, it looks like not only is your eyesight bad but you are also narrow-minded.”

Han Zixi sucked in a breath of cold air and instantly looked horrified.

“Impossible! That is obviously just a car from the BMW 5 series. I can recognize it!”

Mo Chen raised his eyebrows. A dangerous feel was revealed in his half-smiling expression. “Except the sh.e.l.l, everything inside has been modified. The precious car that I’ve spent three days modifying without sleeping, you’re saying that it’s cheap? If you’re here especially to look for unhappiness, I don’t mind letting you die on the spot!”

Upon hearing this, Director Fan glanced at Han Zixi in pity.

His young master’s temper had always been good. He was only particularly concerned about the precious car he had modified.

Sensing the murderous intent from Mo Chen, Han Zixi could not be bothered with the humiliation of being slapped in the face a second time. Her face gradually turned white.

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