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Chapter 399: Bad Luck

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Wanwan tried to comfort him. “Everyone goes to bed late on weekends, so we don't have to be worried about having low ratings.”

Jiang Zhiming sighed. “It's just that…”

“What is bothering you?”

“Han Zixi's ‘The Consorts' will be showing on the Capital Channel during the weekend's golden period. It will clash with our drama.”

Lin Wanwan saw his point.

She could not blame him for being so worried. Han Zixi was currently one of the top-rated actresses.

She had acted in two movies, but they both went down the bin. However, when she takes part in dramas, the show would go viral without fail. The media and the viewers saw her as a guarantee for a great drama.

“The Consorts” was a show inspired by a popular novel. Substantial investment was made into the drama; the crew was filled with famous directors and youthful and good-looking casts.

Its publicity started six months earlier, gathering popularity before the show even started.

Although “Reaper's Mask” had gained some attention thanks to Lin Wanwan, it was nothing compared to “The Consorts.”

Speaking of fame, why had Si Han not taken any action yet?

She came back from her thoughts and spoke calmly. “Director Jiang, let's not lose before the fight has started. I believe that the quality of our drama is not any less than that of ‘The Consorts.' Although we might not have a rating as high as theirs, having an excellent viewer response is a good enough victory for us.”

Also, she believed that Si Han would never let her down.

“Hope so.”

Since work ended early, Lin Wanwan took a cab to the 4S store. The one that Lu Zhanbei recommended was a huge outlet, one of the tops in the capital.

The moment she entered, a pretty salesgirl welcomed her with a smile.

She looked around the store. The customers were all well dressed. It was evident that they were all wealthy people in town. She quietly took off her mask and sungla.s.ses. It was rather unnecessary for a small celebrity like her to be hiding herself in a high-end place.

The salesgirl recognized her, but she kept her professionalism as she asked politely, “Are you planning to buy a car?”


“Do you have any preference? I can recommend a few of our products.”

“May I take a look around?”

“Of course. Follow me, please.”

Lin Wanwan walked to the showcasing halls. A few glances were shot her way, but she was pretty used to that.

Walking around, she was brought to the hall with luxurious cars. She scanned around and noticed that the vehicles here were priced at approximately seven to eight million dollars.

Lin Wanwan made her way to an SUV. The salesgirl immediately started introducing the specifications and recommended her to buy it.

“I'll pa.s.s…”

Lin Wanwan shook her head. All of a sudden, a surprised voice echoed in the hall. “Ms. Lin?”

Lin Wanwan looked at the source. A woman in a branded outfit walked over with a few a.s.sistants around her.

The latest Chanel bag hung loosely on her arm. She was stepping on a pair of heels at least ten centimeters high. Light makeup paired with brown and wavy hair made her look chic.

Lin Wanwan's lips twitched.

What a coincidence. Just an hour ago, Lin Wanwan was discussing with Jiang Zhiming about her. Right now, Han Zixi was right in front of her.

“Hi, Ms. Han.”

Han Zixi studied Lin Wanwan from head to toe and smiled glamorously. “Hi, are you here to buy a car as well?”

“That's right.”

Lin Wanwan nodded as she tried to think of an excuse to get out of this conversation. Before she could come up with anything brilliant, Han Zixi grabbed her arms.

“What a coincidence! I'm here to buy a car, too! How about we walk around together? What are you planning to buy? I like the Porsche 918, but… it's only nine million. It's too cheap…”

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