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Chapter 397: Dad, Mom, Baby.

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

No one knew if Tian Ba recognized its owner, but it did follow her everywhere she went. When Lin Wanwan went to the washroom, it guarded the door. When she slept, it slept right beside her.

Lin Wanwan's heart was filled with the bittersweetness of finding her lost “child.”

The next morning, Lin Wanwan walked Tian Ba to the dining room for breakfast.

Tian Ba sat by Lin Wanwan's foot, and a small container was placed before it. There was imported kibbles, two chicken thighs, and a few slices of spam.

Such a hearty breakfast was an eye-opener for Lin Wanwan. Sensing her attention, Tian Ba moved the bowl in her direction. It was clear what it meant.

You can have it.

Lin Wanwan's lips twitched. “I'm good. Enjoy yourself.”

Tian Ba started munching on its food obediently.

After the meal, Lu Zhanbei got ready to send Lin Wanwan to the studio. Lin Wanwan waved her hands and said, “The studio will be under construction for the new scenes, which means there is no filming for now. I'm planning to visit the 4S store later.”

“Want to buy a car?”

“That's right.”

Lin Wanwan nodded as she explained, “It's troublesome to be taking taxis around all the time.”

Lu Zhanbei questioned, “Why not just pick one from my underground carpark?”

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue. Aren't you just showing off?

“Do you have one priced below a million dollars?”

With her current status, driving an expensive car would certainly bring rumors to her name.

Earn lots and spend little had been her life motto.

“No. But I can buy one.”

Lin Wanwan shook her head. “Forget it. I'll buy it myself.”

Although she was starting to see Lu Zhanbei as her boyfriend, she didn't like depending on a man for everything.

Lu Zhanbei knew her well, so he didn't insist any further. “Your Ferrari is here as well. Do you want it back?”

Lin Wanwan glared at him. “Not only did you collect my house, stocks, poster, CDs, but you also didn't leave my car alone. Is there anything that's out of your reach?”

Lu Zhanbei stared back at her. “There is still one thing left, and it's the thing that I've been longing for the most.”


Lu Zhanbei whispered. “It's you.”

She did not see that coming!

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue and spoke against her heart. “Unfortunately, I have no interest in being part of your collection.”

Lu Zhanbei did not reply and simply stared at her blushing cheeks.

Before Lin Wanwan left, there was a humorous incident.

As she was walking out of the living room, her legs were caught by a pair of furry paws. Tian Ba's human-like eyes were anxious.

“Woof!” The puppy didn't want her to leave.

Lin Wanwan crouched before it and patted its head. “Stay here with Daddy Lu for now. I'll come back to visit you soon.”

Daddy Lu…

Lu Zhanbei's brow twitched before he said, “Don't worry, your mommy won't ditch you any time soon.”

Lin Wanwan felt tears welling up. Why is this guy always taking advantage of me…

After she comforted Tian Ba for quite a while, it finally let go of her legs. It went on to go bark for a while as if it was nagging her to remember to come back.

Lin Wanwan hugged the puppy and walked out of the living room.

Tian Ba followed quietly.

Lin Wanwan said her goodbye in the garden. “My baby, time to head back in.”

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