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Chapter 401: Who Had She Provoked

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Wanwan found a long bench and sat down. She flipped through a fashion magazine happily and contentedly, treating the numerous gazes that were sizing her up from the side as air.

Over ten minutes later, Han Zixi’s test drive was complete.

She pushed open the car door and, like a proud queen, nodded to the salespeople standing by the side. “Not bad. I’m buying it. Get me the bill.”

Han Zixi dug out her beautiful, branded wallet and pulled out a card. She made to hand it over to the salesperson.

Suddenly, she turned her head and looked at Lin Wanwan sitting in the corner. She reminded “kind-heartedly,” “Since things on my end are almost settled, why don’t you go and serve Ms. Lin? She seems to have been waiting for a long time.”

The salesperson was immersed in the joy of nearly completing a big deal and said disapprovingly, “A car that costs a few hundred thousand dollars. I’ll just bring her around casually to pick one out later. Ms. Han’s matters are more important.”

Surviving in an industry that required one to carefully weigh up a person’s words and closely watch his or her expression, she could naturally tell that Han Zixi was deliberately targeting Lin Wanwan. As long as she helped Han Zixi in ridiculing her with a few sentences, she could get into the good books of this big customer.

The other salespeople came over and surrounded them. They nodded as well. “It has been a few years since our store has sold cars that are worth less than a million dollars. Those cheap goods have long collected dust. Thankfully, Ms. Lin is willing to buy them. If not, they would just occupy more place.”

“Chuckle. Lulu, your words are too harsh.”

“I haven’t said anything wrong. We are one of the biggest 4S stores in the Imperial Capital. Since some people couldn’t pretend to be extravagant, then why bother coming here to embarra.s.s herself? She’s still known as a popular celebrity eh. Tsk, tsk.”

These sarcastic words swept away the sulkiness in Han Zixi’s heart. She gave a side glance to the frowning Lin Wanwan and could not help but smile gleefully. She took out a stack of hundred-dollar notes from her wallet.

“All of you were very good at serving me. These are tips.”

“Thank you, Ms. Han.” A few people received them and smiled charmingly.

Upon seeing this situation, Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes. Although she had always understood that this was the era of holding someone up high and stomping someone down low, these people had actually sold their dignity for such paltry money. It was really an eyeopener.

She was only here to buy a car. Who had she provoked?

This scene attracted the attention of a few onlookers. They started their whisperings.

Lin Wanwan stood up and was about to leave.

“Oh, why are you leaving?”

Han Zixi’s voice sounded at the appropriate time. Both her eyes with their exquisite eye makeup revealed a smile of victory. “Don’t take their words to heart. But I must say this, you can buy cheap cars that are worth a few hundred thousand dollars easily anywhere outside. Why must you come here? No wonder the staff personnel doesn’t welcome you…”

Lin Wanwan could not tolerate this any longer. She couldn’t be bothered with brainless people. That didn’t mean that she was a mud man without any temper.

“Shut up.”

“Ms. Lin!”

At the same time that Lin Wanwan had interrupted Han Zixi, a slightly excited male voice had sounded.

Everyone looked towards the sound and saw a middle-aged uncle that seemed to be from a group of elites. He was wearing a dark-colored suit and walking over in big strides towards Lin Wanwan.

A few salespeople were stunned. They immediately greeted him. “Director Fan, why are you here?”

Director Fan ignored them and stopped in front of Lin Wanwan. His smile was sincere as he said, “It’s an honor for all of us that Ms. Lin visited our 4S store. Please follow me to the VIP room. I have already gotten people to prepare some desserts and beverages. Also, I have prepared a car according to your request. Ms. Lin can drive off with it any time.”

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