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After dinner, Luna helped me adjust my cape from behind, and then quietly asked me, "Your Majesty, will you be back on time tonight?"

"Uhm, I should be since there isn't really any work nowadays."

Luna patted my shoulders and with a smile, said, "If there is not much work, do not exhaust yourself. If Her Majesty returns and sees you thin again, I will be scolded. Moreover, if you come back early, I will not have to stand outside holding the light to await your return, either."

I looked at Luna with a smile, and asked, "Are you getting sick of waiting?"

'Nier has always been the one holding a light to await my return, but since neither of them was here right now, Luna became the one who waited for me holding the light. Honestly speaking, I really like having someone wait for me. Seeing a light waiting for me whenever I returned to the outer court at night showered me with a soothing bliss.'

"No. I would never." Luna shook her head. She then checked left and right to ensure n.o.body was around before giving me a gentle back hug. With her head rested on my back, she softly continued, "I feel that you belong to me alone when I wait for you, like that… I become the only one waiting for you…"


"But Mr Castell did not return with Her Majesty this time."

Luna cut me off and didn't even give me a chance to turn around to hug her. From that position, she mentioned Castell's absence.

I nodded and replied, "Yeah, I was surprised Castell didn't come back. Perhaps Castell did something wrong to anger Her Majesty."

"Mr Castell has been Her Majesty's personal attendant for about ten years, right? How could he do something that would make Her Majesty unhappy? I think that it might be because Her Majesty ordered him to stay… Maybe Her Majesty no longer likes Castell. For a personal attendant, losing Her Majesty's favour is the same as completely losing one's life."

"How could Castell be abandoned by Her Majesty?"

"This is a mutual feeling we share as personal servants!"

'I'm a little reluctant to believe it. Her Majesty doesn't trust Castell at an ordinary level. I don't know what would happen for Her Majesty to no longer trust Castell. But there can only be one, and that is that Castell overstepped his boundaries by either digging his hands into military affairs or politics. That's something Her Majesty forbids.'

'I don't believe Castell would do that sort of thing, though. He's a very wise guy, so there's no way he'd dig himself a hole. From Castell's perspective, Her Majesty's trust is what's most important to him. I'm sure that Castell wouldn't involve himself with military and political affairs.'

"However… Your Majesty…"

Luna released me. I turned my head around to look at her. She looked at me with eagerness, but also some anxiousness, and asked me, "Your Majesty, would you one day abandon me …? Would the day where you do not… like me anymore come and replace me with a new personal servant?"


I looked at Luna and resolutely shook my head. I stroked her head and sincerely explained, "Haven't I told you many times already? You're my only personal servant. If you're no longer with me, I'll just be without a person servant. I will never abandon you. You're very cute, Luna, so I won't dislike you."

Luna looked at me with tears in her eyes; but, a blissful smile surfaced on her face. She gently grabbed hold of my hand and softly responded, "I am so glad to have been saved by you… I am so glad to be able to always be by your side… Your Majesty… you are so gentle…"

I smiled then pulled my hand back and told her, "I'll be back early tonight. Luna, leave a light on for me."

Luna responded with a firm nod, and then replied with a smile, "Uhm. I will wait for your return, Your Majesty."

'There honestly isn't much work today. I just need to confirm some preparations in the palace, so that any damages or losses noted after the Empress returns won't have to do with me. While I'm at, I'll sort out how the Valkyries will manage the members of the va.s.sal states in the city. They're managing them only in name. In reality, they're keeping tabs on them.'

'Up until now, I still don't know what the scheme behind the scenes is. Therefore, I need them to gather information from those around the lords.'

"Onii-sama, do you have any thoughts about what we are investigating?"

I shook my head. I looked at Freya and candidly replied, "No."

Freya looked at me with a gaze as if my response was a matter of course, but also similarly to a mother looking at a naughty child. She then nodded, "That is most like you. Onii-sama, I have an idea, though."

"What's the idea?"

"We ask a few people from the red-light district to go to where they are staying. Men may not speak about many things; the strong-willed fighter types who won't speak even when physically tortured. But, they will spill everything when the beauty in their arms, nonetheless. A man lying on his back in bed is when he is most defenceless."

'I understand what Freya is thinking now. She's saying to send some women from the red-light district to them, to see if they'll speak when they're indulging in the beauty of the women. If a woman alone isn't enough, we can just add alcohol into the mix. I think they'll divulge everything under the influence of alcohol.'

"Let's do that then. I'll leave it with you."

I nodded and Freya puffed her chest out proudly.

'She's just a kid but she hopes that I depend on her. She's the same as my moms… It gives off the old-woman-acting-cute vibe.'

"Ah, Your Majesty, Miss Freya."

As we just finished discussing the matter, we saw Alice come out from another side. Behind her were a few people who came out with her. I took a look at them.

'I seem to recognise them. One of them is the fatty from the conservative faction. I think he was from the financial department.'

He saluted me when he saw me then left.

I was curious as to what Alice was doing, but she is Her Majesty's personal attendant.

'What she's doing has nothing to do with me, except I can't figure out what a personal attendant would see a finance minister for.'

"Are you two doing something?"

I never expected Alice to ask me in such a direct manner. I nodded, "We were just discussing the fight the Valkyries got into and came up with an idea. I think we'll find clues soon."

Alice narrowed her eyes. She then revealed a smile, "Your Majesty, are you serious about investigating the case? I think it would be better for you to leave it to Her Majesty to investigate."

"But Her Majesty is absent at the moment, isn't she? I'll handle this case. I believe I'll find out the truth. I can just pa.s.s the results of my investigation on to Her Majesty afterwards."

I nodded and continued on proudly, "I think I'll be able to get to the bottom of it before the full-moon night. At latest, it'll take me until a day or two after the full-moon night."

Alice looked at me as she replied in a tone full of pride, "Oh…? Well, good luck then, Your Majesty… But you only have about three days until the full-moon night, right…? You must be careful that night. I will be sure to tightly guard the outer court. I shall forbid anyone from approaching."

I nodded, "In that case, I shall leave everything with you, Alice."

"Think nothing of it. It is my duty, my most important duty…"


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