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Chapter 242 Prosperity of Peaceful City

According to the tradition of Peaceful City, the four main gates around Peaceful City would be completely sealed off the moment the sun set down every day to prevent the invasion of evil spirits and beasts.

It was already close of day.

Large snowflakes were falling, the setting sun was blood-red, and there were enchanting red clouds floating in the sky.

The soldiers who guarded the southwest gate began to close the gate. The 100-meter-high iron gate was slowly closing under the action of the closing mechanism, giving off a burst of loud noise like the whining of wild animals.

When the iron gate was completely closed, behind the gate, a huge bolt with a weight of 250,000kg would slowly be put down and then the whole city would be indestructible.

“Hey! Look! Over there…” said surprisingly a soldier, pointing to the distance. He found something there.

As the other men looked over, they saw, in the distance, a long queue of snow quickly rolling over, like a flying arrow; soon, it had covered the distance of several miles and approached them.

“So fast? Is it a monster?” a warrior said nervously.

“No, it's a knight.” The captain's face was full of surprise. “It's so fast.”

All of a sudden, the crowd felt a strong wind blowing over with the neighing of a horse. A young knight had come to their near.

The young man was about 14 or 15 years old, with a jade-like face and long sharp eyebrows. His eyes were bright and he was slender and heroic. His body was sending out a force of face and heroic spirit. On his shoulder was a very cute white Scottish Fold that seemed to be sleeping. It was like a s...o...b..ll. The white horse the young man rode was about 2.5 meters high, with sword-like teeth and hard muscles covered by white horsehair. It was like a fine white jade carved by a master of the art. The horse was full of explosive force. There was a thread of red horsehair on its forehead, which gave it the momentum of a wild lion or a wild dragon. It was incomparable divine steed as if it were a spiritual beast from the sky.

What a handsome man! What a beautiful sword! What a nice-looking horse with a dragon momentum!

The head of the soldiers stationed at the gate all the year round and had seen many talented people coming and going, but he had never seen such a handsome young man. The other warriors had been greatly surprised. The only thought they had was that the young boy absolutely had an extraordinary background. Maybe he was a core disciple from a big Sect and he was here for a trial test.

“Elder brothers, sorry for the delay, but I've been traveling for many days. Would it be convenient to let me enter the city?” The young man looked kind and smiled gently.

“Haha, it's OK. The gate has not really been closed yet. Chivalrous man, you can enter the city. Please!” The small captain of the foot soldiers laughed and ordered people to get out of the way.

The young man salute with hands folded and rode into the city and disappeared into the streets in the distance.

“Is this young man a genius from Swordsmanship-seeking Sect?”

“He must be from a big Sect. Apart from anything else the steed he rode should be the legendary divine steed, ‘Lion-dragon Beast of Snow Province', which ranks in the top three on the list of divine mounts in the whole snow state. It's worth tens of thousands of gold. We can't afford such a horse for a lifetime!”

“Haha, I, w.a.n.g Wu, have been guarding the city for six years, and I've seen many men and women from aristocratic families and Sects. They are all arrogant and proud. They thought they were romantic and graceful. However, compared to the young chivalrous boy just now, they are just like frogs on the earth to a dragon in the sky!”

“Yeah! He was so humble and polite to us junior soldiers, which is so rarer… He is a real young hero!”

A group of soldiers marveled at today's experience and talked about it repeatedly. The appearance of the man riding on the horse might forever be remembered in their minds and be talked again and again in their spare time.

The young man who entered the city was Ding Hao.

After galloping all the way, he finally came to Peaceful City before sunset, where he could find a hotel for the night.

This was the first time that Ding Hao had come to a human settlement. He rode on the horse and curiously looked around.

The central main street in the city was paved with blue stones. It was extremely flat and over 20 meters wide. It was enough wide for even ten carriages running side by side. Every 500 meters, there was a crossroad that divided the whole city into squares like a chessboard. The traffic was extremely convenient.

As you could imagine, once there was a demon war, such a wide road could allow Peaceful City send a large number of fighters and manpower to the city walls in a short period of time, and there would definitely be no congestion.

Mankind had survived in wars for thousands of years, so the first consideration when they built the city was to make the city's architecture as convenient as possible.

The sun had set completely, and the night was beginning to cover the earth. However, there were not many pedestrians on the road. Lanterns had been hung one after another on the pavilions on both sides. From a distance, they looked like dazzling stars in the sky. Yellow lights were swirling around in the darkness. Snowflakes were dancing in the night. What a beautiful scene!

Some vendors were still shouting at the roadside before closing their business, hoping to make another profit before returning home.

There were fighters who had returned from adventures, ending a day of alarming danger. They came back from the wilderness, or walked in a hurry, or indulged in wanton revelry with wine, or discussed in twos and threes in exchange for the necessities of life… All kinds of people came and went in the streets, full of noise.

If the life in Swordsmanship-seeking Sect was simple and indifferent, then the life in Peaceful City was rich and colorful, closer to the life of ordinary people and more humane.

As he walked along, the streets in front finally began to narrow, and there were more pedestrians on the roads, with lights blazing and cries of hawking incessantly.

This should be the night market in Peaceful City.

Ding Hao dismounted from the horse, led “Lion-dragon Beast of Snow Province” slowly forward, and was not in a hurry to find a hotel to stay. It was very not easy to come out once, and there was still a lot of time, so he wanted to have a good experience of this Human Tribe settlement in Land of Infinity.

Along the way, Ding Hao saw all kinds of stalls, clay figurines, sugar blowers, entertainers, acrobats, martial arts performers, peddlers who sold all kinds of clever animals and pets, as well as noodle stalls, teahouses, clothing shops, weapons shops, armor shops, snack shops…

The thick aroma filled the air over the night market, and voices were bubbling.

After asking pa.s.sers-by a few words casually, Ding Hao realized that he was really lucky to catch up with the night market which happened to be held every six days in Peaceful City tonight. That was why this place was so busy and noisy. He saw the most prosperous side here.

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