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Chapter 415

Late morning…

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Libado Gra.s.slands…

Ai, the minor forest deity, and the hornets were hosts as well as Team Stone's audience. They didn't seem to mind, most likely having nothing else better to do than steal honeybee honey or listen to their queen whine about not having a s.e.x drive. Good thing the minor G.o.ddess had to possess the queen hornet to interact with Satovia directly. Clyde was sure she could manifest, but something most likely prevented her from doing so.

Toru started the group with the basic combat training before moving onto the advanced segments. Ako also chimed in, adding in valuable tips and tricks, and even breathing and posture. Natalia and Naoko took charge of the magic teachings. Clyde used that opportunity to at last, read his books. The only one he decided not to use was the Book of the Diplomat Path. Something felt off about it. He also didn't use the Book of Cucking for obvious reasons. It felt like a collectible rather than something actually useful.

[Book of Blue Ki level 2. (Upgraded by Tear.)]

[Book of Dual-wielding: Item cla.s.s: *Legendary. ]

[Book of Dual-casting: Item cla.s.s: *Legendary.]

[Book of Tri-casting: Item cla.s.s: *Legendary.]

[Book of Blood Ki Spell: Possession. Item cla.s.s: *Relic*. Item value: *priceless*]

[You have learned Pa.s.sive Blue Ki skill: Reptilian Communication level 1. You may converse with and understand all reptilian animals and dragon races regardless of form. You may also influence their will. The higher you level this skill up, the more will you can exert. You have received +1% dragon blood.]

[You have learned Pa.s.sive skill Dual-wielding. With this, you may successfully wield two weapons at the same time. Chances of triggering a duo attack increases.]

[You have learned Dual and Tri casting. You can now cast up to three spells at the exact same time. NOTE: this can and will drain a lot of MP at once, depending on the spells, however with it, you could accomplish some intense feats. Discovering new abilities and experimenting is truly within your grasp.]

[Are you sure you want to learn this blood Ki skill? Warning: the use of blood Ki is highly dangerous and can be damaging, even fatal.]

Clyde selected yes. Why the h.e.l.l wouldn't he learn from a f.u.c.king RELIC-level book. His only regret was that the item would be gone, leaving his relic count at zero. Sure, legendaries were difficult to find, but relics were d.a.m.n near impossible. The young man wondered if anything beyond them even existed in Satovia.

[You have learned *Blood Ki Skill: Possession level 1. Skill cla.s.s: **Relic**. Target one sentient being. You may possess that person for up to fifteen minutes, a.s.suming you're about to dominate his or her will. The WILL stat will play a huge roll here. It is highly recommended to raise it as much as possible. Ki crests such as Command, Submission, Domination, and Critical thinking will carry you a long way. The possession time increases with a higher level.]

Clyde blinked. All of Maki's Ki crests, and one of Tessa's. He'd have to start "training" with the purple-haired young woman again. The challenge was to ask Maki at a time that wouldn't draw the attention of Yuki or any of the other women. He wondered if he should just tell Tear. The succubus didn't get irritated in the slightest at anything that involved s.e.x. Well, she didn't show it.

The young man looked up, watching the entirety of his team train hard. An idea came to mind.

"Listen up," he said, gathering the eyes of all. "We're going to put on a show for our Ai—"

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"Ai-chan," Chiyo corrected, gaining the blank stare of Clyde. He mentally noted that they still needed to further discuss the dragon business as well as Sol's allies. No one wanted that a.s.shole returning from the dead. He'd have to hurry before some bulls.h.i.t occurred such as the Viper resurrecting him to use against Team Stone. Good thing only Clyde knew where to find Sol's ashes. Ha! As if there was anything left of him.

He also had the Falcon's item chest, which he'd personally a.n.a.lyze. "Anyway," Clyde continued after shooting the elder Rose Dragon sister a blank stare, "we're going to have a mini-tournament. I'll be randomly selecting some of you to show off your skills. Without killing each other of course." He looked at Harumi. "If it's okay with Harumi that is."

The fox girl nodded, blush faint. "I'll heal any fighter after each match. But do make sure that you eat something after this. Your body will need natural energy to stabilize itself."

Clyde noticed the excitement in Alice's eyes and almost laughed. The short young woman had a habit of radiating cuteness at some of the most unexpected times. However, he soon noticed that she wasn't the only one. The demonesses seemed to crave battle. Well…Chika was one hundred percent human, yet still looked excited. The young man had an excellent match-up for her. He chuckled evilly.

"Shouldn't we have a host or referee or something?" Kiko said, smiling. Clyde took note of the two fangs that accompanied the rest of her teeth, reminding him that the black-haired girl was a vampire. Yet sunlight didn't seem to bother her. Well, she did stand in the shade. Nina, Toru's gothic loli vampire a.s.sistant, carried an umbrella. And whined about losing it.

"Any volunteers?" Clyde said. "I could do it, but my job will be to a.n.a.lyze the fights. I also plan to—"

"I'm entering too," Selkie said. "You and I will fight."

Clyde grimaced. "You're way too overpowered."

Selkie laughed, smacking Clyde on the back. "I forgot about your sense of humor." She gave Clyde a Gin smile. "You are letting us partic.i.p.ate right? The chuuni could use the practice. And I want to see your progress. Myriad's gotten a lot stronger too."

Clyde sighed. "Fine. Anyone who wants to fight the ent.i.ty can. Test your strength." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I can be the host," Princess Kaguya said. Kanako floated over to her, patting her best friend on the shoulder.

"Awesome," Clyde said. "Call the matches on knockouts, surrenders, you know. The usual things."

The Alonian princess nodded. The young man couldn't help but admire the ghost girl thing. How it worked, no one would probably ever know.

"Let's get this thing rolling. Everyone take a few minutes to prepare, get water, whatever. Not everyone will be selected, because we don't have the time—but be ready anyway," Clyde said. "The first fight will be…" He motioned for Kaguya to come closer, then whispered the contestants in her ear.

The princess seemed to take a page from Noona and played the role. "Our first lucky combatants shall be Tear verses Yuki!"

"The great lord of the dark shall enjoy being entertained very much," Dark said. Myriad elbowed him in the gut. "Oof. What was that for."

"For being an idiot," Myriad said.

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Clyde smiled at Tear and Yuki. "Show me what you've got."

Fortunately, Yuki was dressed in sweat gear like everyone else, rather than her maid outfit. Even though she still kicked a.s.s in it. She'd gotten tremendously stronger since being freed of Nezerath's bond.

"Please don't hurt each other too much," Fumi said to the two of them. "We're all friends here."

Harumi and Fumi were the most loved on the team for a reason. The slime girl didn't partic.i.p.ate in the training, accompanying Toru right after work. She was currently in human form, sporting a business skirt. She also had on a light jacket. The young man wondered if the late afternoon's plummeting temperatures would affect her. He didn't want to put that to the test.

Clyde thought about dialing up Clare, but decided against it. The beautiful shrine maiden ran a business and had bills to pay. She didn't have time to partic.i.p.ate in Team Stone's silly little tournament.

"Pervy husbando nii!" Natalia dove into him. "Put me up against someone really strong." She snuggled into his chest.

Clyde caressed her head, chuckling. "You know I will. But—"

"I know, don't use the seven seals," Natalia interrupted. "I don't need them anyway, pervy nii-sama."

She cheerfully scurried over to Naoko and Nina, boasting. Asu sat at Clyde's side, her eyes watching the Stone Maidens converse with Melody, Noona, and Chika.

"Thank you…for bringing them back," the cute lich girl said. "I've never thought I'd come to love them so much."

Clyde nodded. "That's good to hear. It's going to take the team some time to get to know them, but after that talk, I believe things will go well." He forced himself not to think impure thoughts about Ichika. His eyes were attempting to look at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

After the break, everyone sat and watched the field as Tear and Yuki stood a short distance from each other, glowing with immense power.

"Nya and I thought we were the ones mad," Chesire said. Clyde chuckled.

"This is going to be fun," Tear said.

Both smiling combatants took a fighting stance for unarmed combat. The young man knew he wasn't the only one leaning forward, eager.

Abruptly, Yuki's aura engulfed the entire area, stirring up wind so strong, that even Clyde's power seemed to be challenged. The young man thought she'd rush Tear, but that wasn't the case.

[Yuki activated Enhanced Self-Sharpness Plus. All stats dramatically increased!]

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Tear smirked as she pointed a glowing finger at the demoness.

[Tear activated Silver tier skill: Dramatic Rose Blast]

The pink and red blast of magic hit the ground where nothing stood. Still, Tear blocked Yuki's glowing strike, grabbed the kuudere demoness's leg using her tail, then flung her forward. That didn't matter since Yuki simply teleported somewhere. The young man was a little annoyed tracking the fast demoness, making him feel like a supporting character in Dragon Ball Z. Now he knew how they felt during Goku's fights with saga boss characters.

Yuki reappeared at Tear's side, hand full of glowing gray magic.

"Here," the kuudere demoness said as she unleashed the spell.

[Yuki activated Gold tier skill: Ground Zero Negative Gravity Blast. This is an unblockable attack.]

Somehow.....Tear still blocked it, smile wide, devilish, and alluring.

"Not bad Yuki, but you've got a long way before you'd catch me."

"Celebrating too early," Yuki said as she accepted Tear's counter-kick. Well, blocked it. These two weren't gaining on each other. "That arrogance is why the next attack's going to hurt."

Tear gave her a puzzled look, then she did the anime gasp, but it was too late. A geyser of gold energy erupted from beneath the succubus, blasting her into the air. Yuki teleported, meeting the woman from 40 feet and did the anime down kick, which sent Tear back to the ground. The crater seemed to be about ten feet wide and deep.

[Yuki used Unknown tier skill: Unexpected Oops. This is an undodgeable attack.]

[Critical! Technical!]

Clyde's eyes widened. "Holy s.h.i.t."

The following prompt pulled his attention.

[Tear's Wrath has reached 100%]

As if on cue, a geyser of crimson aura erupted from the crater. Tear hovered out, frowning, but not visibly furious, despite the wrath bar on full. She looked almost unharmed from that incredible attack. Her wings were spread out, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power.

"You're right," Tear said. "Arrogance can get you killed. Thanks for reminding me." Her aura increased. "But it will still be years before you can catch me."

[Tear's wrath has increased to 101%]

The aura changed from crimson to white. Then she was gone and in front of Yuki, unleashing her own golden magic.

[Tear activated G.o.dDESS TIER SKILL: Her Will. This is an unstoppable and unblockable attack.]

Clyde winced as it covered both women. A half second later, Yuki was launched into her own crater.

[Hyper critical!]

"I'm an idiot," the young man said. "This match-up wasn't fair."

Kitome whacked Clyde with a paper fan. "Don't be a blind idiot. Keep watching." The magical girl sat in his lap.

He chuckled, but immediately figured out that she was right. Yuki teleported out of that crater and while there were some s.e.xy tears on her clothing, the woman seemed mostly unharmed. Tear looked taken aback. The young man couldn't blame her. That was a freaking G.o.ddess tier skill and Yuki took it with barely a scratch on her.

"The great lord of the dark is highly entertained," Dark said. "Betting on Yuki."

"Pssh, Tear's too strong for her," Natalia said. "Go be dumb somewhere else, baka chuuni."

"Why you stupid—"

Selkie whacked Dark on top of the head with her fist before he could finish his sentence.

"Don't start arguing with the kid." She turned to Clyde and Kitome. "Yuki has gotten considerably stronger," the green-haired ent.i.ty said. "She in fact, may be Tear's equal."

Kitome flicked Clyde on the nose, smiling. "And you were getting ready to start begging for her forgiveness. Look closely."

"Yeah, I see," Clyde said. "Demonesses, enjoying this."

Tear and Yuki smiled as they prepared to engage into the second round of their training match.

"They will definitely be appreciative of the hot spring after this. And Harumi," the young man said.

"No kidding," Kitome agreed.

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