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Chapter 159

Last time on The Anime Trope System, Clyde ended the vampire threat in Lot City . In a twist of events, it turned out that the man Chika's father attempted to wed her to was none other than the vampire emperor himself . Things continued to get weird…

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The phenomenon, which prevented humans from interacting with the supernatural, was destroyed, and so the world witnessed the entire fight . They were announced as Team Stone . But is this really a good idea? With organizations and prophets slowly on the move, Clyde and his party may soon find themselves pulled into a political game . In fact, now that they're known, this had come to pa.s.s .

Despite all of that, Clyde and his party must take a break, at least from the a.s.s-kicking . The strain and the constant fighting had taken its toll . There are other things to build up, such as his Ki, cooking level, relationships with literally improve his power, and so on . That quest log back-up… How long could he focus on these things before trouble came to him?

Welcome to… . .

The Anime Trope System Volume 5: Stone of the Slice .

Wednesday . Week 4 . Month 1 . Year 1 . Season: Autumn . Last week of the month…

Midmorning… .

"He's seriously back? f.u.c.k," Clyde said as he hurried after Chika toward the bedroom . What the h.e.l.l did Mortem want now? He was about to reveal the bat-creature's news from earlier and open up the table for discussion . The world now knew of monsters, magic, and of them . The young man wanted to get his party prepared from the worse . In every book, movie, and historical events from Earth: humans always stabbed at the unknown with pitchforks and torches and political debates . He wouldn't be surprised if suddenly he and his party get blamed for the broken water tower . Camera or not . f.u.c.k evidence, right?

It didn't dawn on Clyde until he was already in the room with Chika locking the door behind him . She used the spicy situation, Mortem, and convincing acting to trick the young man once again .

He turned, and his jaw dropped . When did she have the time do it? How did she get herself into a Shibari-style rope suit?

"Well, what do you think?" Chika said . Clyde gave her a Toru-style blank stare .

"How?" he said .

"Details, details," she said . "I'm not overly S and M, but tinkering with their stuff is so much fun . "

"You do realize we've got important things to tell our team," Clyde said .

"Pssh, they can wait," Chika said, waving off his comment . "Just help me get this thing off . Oh and spank me a bit . "

Somehow, Clyde found himself ramming into the silver-haired girl doggy-style . After failing to get the ropes off, he resorted to just using magic . The young woman's goad to get him to spank finally worked for all of ten seconds—Chika's moaning forced him to focus on covering her mouth . She took his horn with glee—until at last, they were laying next to other, panting, covered in sweat . Twenty minutes had pa.s.sed .

"Ah s.h.i.t . We'd better go," Clyde said .

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"Four more rounds," Chika said, her eyes shining with l.u.s.t . "Maybe five, six . "

"Get dressed," he said, laughing . The young woman snuggled into him .

"Fine . But…" Her face lit up . "I've got to ask Yuki something . "

After giving him a quick kiss, she quickly dressed herself, taking the time to fix her hair, then scurried out the door . Clyde blinked, wondering what she was on about as he dressed .

[Ki increased! Vitality is at 2 . Speed is at 2 . Aura is at 2 . ]

[Vitality slightly increases your HP and endurance . Your aura affects your MP output, aura display, and the chances of inflicting certain status effects . It is imperative to learn Ki as magic will not always be effective . ]

Tell me something I don't know already, System, Clyde thought . It didn't respond to his quip . Everyone gave him blank stares when he returned to the dining room . Even Natalia and Nina, the gothic loli . He cleared his throat .

"The issue was taken care of," he said . "Anyway . " He recited Mortem's warning . "Also, if you hear anything about a G.o.ddess named Venus, run the h.e.l.l away . "

"You mean the freaking Roman G.o.ddess, dude?" Seth said .

"Yes," Clyde replied .

"Whoa," Seth said .

"That sounds so absurd," Toru said, "but I suppose anything goes after that incident the other night . "

Clyde nodded, then stood .

"Don't let anyone find out about this place . Tear, do you mind contacting Anzu, please? Let her know not to squeal under any circ.u.mstances . "

"Sure," she said . "I wouldn't put it past journalists and investigators stumbling into her somehow . "

The succubus pulled out her phone and dialed away .

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"Everyone else, keep a low profile," Clyde said . "No one's going to immediately recognize us, at least not yet . Avoid all law enforcement—unless you'd like to be the one stuck explaining magic to them . "

"Good point," Seth said .

Clyde noticed Melody, staring out the window as if daydreaming .

[Talent, main character stuff: Mind Intrusion . ]

[Would you like to know what she's daydreaming about?]

Clyde selected no, but the system made the choice for him .

[Yes has been auto-selected this once for learning purposes . ]

No, don't you dare, System, Clyde thought, but it was too late . In his mind's eye, Melody's daydream played like a video clip .

He rode a white stallion with her on the back, holding him with both arms, smiling . She laid her head on his back . They rode away from the tower he rescued her from to an inn . And there, he vigorously ripped off her clothing as she—

"Melody!" Clyde said .

The trickster nearly leapt two feet in the air, blushing furiously .

"What you possibly be daydreaming about?" Alice said as sat by the redhead .

"I was not daydreaming," she lied . "Just, staring out the window is all . "

Clyde cut her a break, deciding it was best that he actually spent time with her . She stopped avoiding him at least . Seducing was not her strong suit . Not even close . He turned to Yuki .

"Could you schedule the Ki training for tomorrow?" The demoness nodded . Clyde looked at Toru . "See if you could swing your connections or your father's connections to see what the authorities think about the incident . In the meantime, we're going to try to take a break from the fighting . The strain's f.u.c.king killing me . "

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He'd plan the journey further—but now just wasn't the time to leave the city . Not yet . He checked his quest log .

[Quest log:

Main story .

Defeat Dark in a Real game (Stone-Token quest . )

Call or visit Chika in the late hours . (MS . )

Either call or visit Kitome in the late hours .

Talk to Melody… . again .

Investigate Niyoto (multi-step quest . Required to defeat demon lord)

Take the exams . Excel .

Craft 1 complicated item . (MS)

Get to know Sazuki over time .

World Objective:

Slay the demon lords: 2/15 . Reward: *World star fragment* .

Receive special training . Reward: Stone magic line access . ]

Holy s.h.i.t was it backed up . There's a limit to how much one should ignore their quest log . He'd focus on taking down as many as possible while thinking of the media situation . Without the phenomenon present, things were about to get interesting . Just who was the insane G.o.d to nuke it? So much for them being on the same side . Maybe a dark G.o.d did it? Did dark and light have much of a meaning? They did kidnap Clyde and toss him in this world . Melody was half dark G.o.ddess, half trickster demon . She didn't turn out so bad .

[Quest: quell your quest log to a more manageable level, while taking a slice of life, desu . Sometimes violence isn't always the answer . This quest is mandatory and cannot be refused . ]

Adding another G.o.dd.a.m.n quest to my fill isn't helping, System, Clyde thought furiously . For some reason, he pictured a bubblegum-pink-haired young woman smiling at him innocently . The image vanished before he could think seriously about it .

What the h.e.l.l did "desu" mean anyway? Questions for later, Clyde supposed .

Later that day, after running some errands for Yuki, Clyde returned to his house . Upon opening the door, he gaped . Chika was on her knees, dressed in just an ap.r.o.n . A naked ap.r.o.n .

"Welcome home," she said . "Would you like a bath, food, or…me . "

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