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Ke Ke was still infuriated, and made a few hand gestures at Ju Zi. Ju Zi shook her head and said, “Forget it. Don't bother with him. Didn't you say that he was an orphan?”

Ke Ke stuck her tongue out and said, “You're the one with compa.s.sion. I'm the one who got whacked.”

Ju Zi laughed and replied, “He didn't whack you! He only touched you. Come to think of it, Zimu was the only one who got hit. Even w.a.n.g Shaojie only got glared at. I wonder how he started bleeding and fainted.”

The two of them were feeling better now. They were also a little stunned as they recalled Huo Yuhao's performance just now. Huo Yuhao's abilities had left a deep impression on them.

“Oi!” Ju Zi called out to Huo Yuhao.

“My name is Huo Yuhao, not 'oi.'” Huo Yuhao turned around, annoyed. He couldn't focus on his thinking as the two of them stared at him. Furthermore, it seemed like Teacher Xuan wouldn't be back in time for lessons. He was prepared...

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Soul Land 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 18, Chapter 160.1: Enlightenmen summary

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