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Chapter 1199 Met a Sc.u.m

Seeing the good figure that Qiao Nan had, Xu Shengnan could not help but give her a gentle reminder. “Although getting engaged is similar to getting married at your place, you must not forget that you are very young. Men and women will be attracted to you. As a woman, we are physically weaker in certain aspects. You must not be soft-hearted to men. You must learn to protect yourself. Instead of taking contraceptive pills yourself, you must insist that they wear condoms. It is harmful to the body to take contraceptive pills. You must not go for abortions as well.”

Xu Shengnan was in her fourth year. She had seen many such cases in school as well.

Many female students went for abortions. Whenever she heard of these cases, she would lament that they did not protect themselves and feel sorry for their circ.u.mstances.

As a woman, why did they not cherish themselves but go along with the sc.u.mbags?

It was nothing much to wear a condom. Those men were only concerned about having a good time. They had no regard for the health of the other party.

Xu Shengnan was full of anger and complaints at the mention of these sc.u.ms. Qiao Nan looked alarmed. “Senior Xu, w-why are you so agitated?” It was as if she was narrating her first-hand account, and that she had known such sc.u.m and was hurt by them.

Senior Xu could not be that muddleheaded.

“I almost ended up in trouble.” Xu Shengnan had a bitter smile on her face. “Luckily, I turned back in the nick of time. Other people were not as lucky. The worst thing was the person who treaded in my footsteps and ended up in trouble was the childhood friend who grew up with me. She was my close pal, but she ended up hating me to the core!”

When she was in a relationship back then, her boyfriend insisted on being intimate with her. She almost agreed to his request.

They had gotten undressed but she was startled that her boyfriend did not wear a condom, so she told him to wear one. However, he made an excuse, saying that he did not have it and that she would not get pregnant from the one-time experience.

Xu Shengnan did not feel a.s.sured. She insisted that the other party purchase some condoms.

In the end, the man was unhappy that Xu Shengnan was so troublesome.

Initially, Xu Shengnan felt sorry to her boyfriend for being so insistent. She heard that once men started, it was a torture for them to be under control.

However, seeing that the man was unhappy, Xu Shengnan was enraged as well. She told him that if he was upset, they could call it off.

Xu Shengnan dressed herself and walked off.

After what happened, Xu Shengnan was on pins and needles as she had quarreled with her boyfriend. On the one hand, she did not feel that she was wrong. On the other hand, she was worried if she had been too much to her boyfriend, and that he would be upset and break up with her.

They had a cold war for the next two months. They did not contact each other on the phone or ask how the other party was doing.

The semester had reached an end. They finished their exams and went back to their respective homes. As such, they were apart for another two months.

Since Xu Shengnan could not reach her boyfriend, she could only go back home despite feeling gloomy.

Something dramatic happened when she went back home. Xu Shengnan went back to her hometown with her childhood friend. After returning to her hometown for less than a week, she heard that her childhood friend was pregnant!

Xu Shengnan widened her eyes in shock at the news. Her childhood friend was an introvert and she seldom interacted and mingled with other people. Her childhood friend would tag along with her whenever they went outside. She had no idea when her friend started dating. She was worried that she was being cheated and hence gotten herself pregnant.

It was only when her childhood friend aborted the child and scolded her did Xu Shengnan know that her childhood friend had been with her boyfriend and her childhood friend was pregnant with his child. She did not know if she should be angry at her childhood friend or if she should sympathize with her. She was the one who introduced her childhood friend to her boyfriend.

When she refused to be intimate with her boyfriend on that particular day, it turned out that her childhood friend ended up being intimate with him.

It meant as soon as she left, her childhood friend showed up and laid on the bed that she just laid on, being with the man that she was about to be intimate with.

The ridiculous thing was that after the childhood friend’s family discovered that she was intimate with Xu Shengnan’s boyfriend and was pregnant with his child, the childhood friend scolded her for being shameless and bringing harm to her on purpose.

At that moment, Xu Shengnan felt as if her world had shattered. She did not understand what she had done to encounter such people and for such things to happen to her.

“…” Qiao Nan was speechless. “True enough, there are sc.u.ms everywhere in the world.” Senior Xu’s childhood friend got intimate with Senior Xu’s boyfriend and ended up pregnant, yet she blamed the senior for introducing such a bad man to her. It was so ridiculous.

Qiao Nan could not help but be reminded that it was due to her that Qiao Zijin and Chen Jun came to know each other.

Although it was her sister who s.n.a.t.c.hed her boyfriend, after she was pregnant with Chen Jun’s child, Qiao Zijin got her mother to stand on her side and made Qiao Nan give up the relationship. In the end, her wish came true and she married Chen Jun. Luckily, Qiao Zijin did not scold her for being shameless or blame her for introducing a sc.u.mbag like Chen Jun to her. She did not complain that the boyfriend that she had s.n.a.t.c.hed from Qiao Nan was not good enough for her.

Qiao Nan placed one arm on Xu Shengnan’s shoulder. “Senior Xu, one couldn’t tell that you have been through so much. You are better off without the sc.u.m. It is better to be rid of such sc.u.m as early as possible. You are clear-minded, so you did not fall for his trick. As for your childhood friend, I have no wish to say anything more. Close pal is indeed…” The term ‘close pal’ was still used to describe close friends now. It was only ten years later when it was used to express some other meaning.

Although they could no longer be close pals, she did not wish to see her childhood friend be cheated by the man.

“You’re not at fault.” Perhaps the senior’s friend had taken a fancy to that man since a long time ago. Otherwise, she would not have known that Senior Xu went to a hotel with the sc.u.m and appeared as soon as Senior Xu left the place.

The childhood friend must have schemed to stalk the couple. When she saw that Senior Xu left in a puff, she knocked on the door and went in right away.

Perhaps the childhood friend had no idea what she was going to do when she knocked on the door.

Since the sc.u.m requested to be intimate with her, she agreed to it without thinking clearly. It was without a doubt that the woman was interested in the man since long ago. She liked the man despite the fact that he was Senior Xu’s boyfriend and ended up being intimate with him.

It was impossible to harbor such intentions on the spur of the moment.

“That’s right. I am not at fault.” Xu Shengnan nodded in agreement. “They had to face the consequences nevertheless. My friend was only muddleheaded for that single time. Both of them had yet to graduate from college and had to depend on their families. They had no means to keep the child. After the child was aborted, the man broke up with her. Her reputation was tarnished and she did not graduate from college. Since she was of legal age to marry, her mother married her off to a thirty-year-old man…”

One was a thirty-year-old man, while the other had just reached the legal age to marry.

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