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Chapter 956: Best Actor Shen Is Here (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When her ident.i.ty as Forget Chuan and Mrs. Shen had been exposed, Qiao Lian’s name had also been made public.

But even then, no one had thought that the junior reporter Qiao Lian in this group was Best Actor Shen’s wife herself.

There were too many people who had the same names in this world.

Some time ago, when Qiao Lian got in contact with Chuanliu Buxi, she had told Chuanliu Buxi that she was in Suzhou. Hence, the latter was now asking her.

Qiao Lian was stumped for a while when she read the message.

Did she want to go?

In all honesty, it was too great a temptation.

She took a deep breath and gulped.

Yet another message came from Chuanliu Buxi:

[Do come along. Best Actor Shen seldom has any activities in Suzhou, so it’s a rare chance! A few of us have been fans for a long time, I’ve saved seats for us.]

Qiao Lian paused and tightened her fists.

But suddenly, she realized something and it woke her up. She replied:

[I may be busy tomorrow.]

Chuanliu Buxi’s reply came quickly:

[I think now that Best Actor Shen has taken over the Shen Family Corporation, he’ll be acting less and less. And there will be less fanmeetings. So I still think this is a rare chance!! Think about it and let me know by tonight.]

Qiao Lian paused for a moment and typed her reply: [It’s ok, thanks.]

Then she turned off her cell phone, looked up and gave her forehead a light ma.s.sage.

She stood up, stretched on the sides and headed into the kitchen to cook.

Ever since she had discovered that she was pregnant, she had stopped eating out or eating instant noodles.

She only knew how to cook noodles with meat floss and vegetables on top. Although it wasn’t tasty, ultimately it was more nutritious and healthier.

However, looking at the food on the table, she couldn’t help but recall the images of Shen Liangchuan cooking in the kitchen of the Shen villa.

With the ap.r.o.n tied around him, he never appeared to be very busy with something but in no time, a bowl of piping hot noodles would appear.

The fresh vegetables would be green and plump, the meat tender and moist and the noodles inevitably chewy.

It was always appetizing.

But returning to reality, she sighed as she looked at the lifeless limp vegetables and meat floss noodles that she had prepared. She picked up her chopsticks and took a big bite. Patting her belly, she said, “Little darling, you’re not as lucky as I was! I had the privilege to eat Best Actor Shen’s gold-star meat floss noodles cooked by himself. But you can only have your Mom’s unbranded meat-floss noodles.”

After she had eaten, she washed the dishes. As she was doing so, a bowl slipped from her hands and fell on the ground with a clash. It shattered into pieces.

Qiao Lian looked at the broken bowl and sighed deeply.

She bent down, lowered her body and cleaned up the mess.

She knew that she was distracted and restless about something.

She wanted to see him.

Looking at a picture was certainly different from seeing a person in real life. She couldn’t be sure he was doing well and she couldn’t stop worrying.

He was a stubborn man and, even if he was still insomniac, he could hide it easily from Xia Yehua and she would never realize.

So was he now really able to sleep well?

After she made a decision, she picked up the cell phone and typed her message to Chuanliu Buxi:

[I’ll come tomorrow!]

Once the message was sent, that heavy feeling in her heart immediately went away.

She took a deep breath, did evening exercises and then turned on the computer to deliver her casting livestream.

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