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Chapter 901: It Wasn’t Her (20)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The thing that he feared the most was that she would ignore him.

He had never known what love was.

When he saw how some others made love out to be something so full of sound and fury, he found it too tedious.

But now, he had discovered that perhaps love wasn’t something dramatic, but found in the normal ups and downs of daily life.

Just like the love that had grown and developed between him and Xia Nuannuan recently.

With one swift motion, Shen Zihao pushed open the door, got out of the car and took Xia Nuannuan into his embrace.

Xia Nuannuan was taken by surprise.

She was speechless for a moment, as she sensed Shen Zihao’s inner restlessness.

Finally, she asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Nuannuan had asked herself what sort of man she would fall for.

She had always thought that she would fall in love with someone mild and tender, very much like her.

Never had she imagined that one day, she would find herself liking someone like Shen Zihao.

He was like a big child with many shortcomings.

Impulsive, obstinate, self-opinionated, and childish in many ways.

But in reality, he was kind and had a sense of justice, and even had a great understanding of right and wrong.

Xia Nuannuan sighed, felling like she was forgiving him too easily.

But the next moment, she heard him say, “Nuannuan, I’m sorry.”

She was surprised.

He said blankly, “I’m not sure why Aunty Mei became like this all of a sudden. Or perhaps she’s always been like this… But this matter was all her doing. I’ve never suspected her and I’ve always trusted her. I treated her like my mother.”

Slowly, he poured out his grievances.

Xia Nuannuan’s heart softened as she forgave him for the things that had happened.

Embracing him, she comforted him, “Don’t be sad. It’s not too late to see her true colors. Zihao, perhaps you may have to reconsider certain things with the new insight you now have. You discovered the truth about this particular matter. But what about the things that happened before this? She’s had many conflicts with Mom, and there was no closures about many matters. You’ve always believed in Aunty Mei, but what about now?”

What about now?

He thought of the photo leak, and the time Song Yuanxi appeared during their dinner and the things she had said.

For the first time, Shen Zihao realized that he did not really know Mei Feng.

He finally contemplated whether there had been a misunderstanding all of these problems.

As he thought about these things, Xia Nuannuan asked, “What time were you here yesterday?”

He stopped his train of thoughts. Still embracing her, he paused a moment and said, “I came here right after you left.”

Xia Nuannuan counted the number of hours and inquired, “You’ve been out here for more than ten hours?”

Good grief!

She asked anxiously, “Are you cold?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

Then he continued pitifully, “And hungry too. I haven’t had anything to eat.”

She got even more anxious upon hearing this. “I’ve got some noodles upstairs, come up with me and have some food.”


When he heard this, Shen Zihao broke into a crafty grin.

He knew it. His Nuannuan was gentle and kind, and she would not stay angry at him for long.

From now on, he would trust her.

After having some food, his body warmed up.

He asked Xia Nuannuan, “Where were you just going?”

She replied, “Your big brother is still in hospital, so I was going to visit him. I’m wondering how Mom is holding up.”

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