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Chapter 441: Song Yuanxi, Who Exactly Are You? (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qiao Lian hailed a cab and headed straight to Song Yuanxi’s filming location.

It was a blunder to not have clarified things the last time she had gone to look for Song Yuanxi.

Now she wanted to ask Song Yuanxi why she was doing these things against her.

And she wanted to ask Shen Liangchuan as well why he was hiding things from her!

Why he was shielding Song Yuanxi.

Feeling frustrated and lost, the uncertainties in her heart turned into tears that welled up in her eyes. She clenched her hands into tight fists and her body trembled.

She bit her lip roughly.

If this had happened before, at a time when she and Shen Liangchuan had kept each other at arm’s length, she would not be doing this for sure.

But now…

Weren’t they in love with each other?

The pain bore deep into the core of her heart and it hurt like h.e.l.l.

She breathed deeply, but it gave her no respite.

She wound down the car window and the icy wind found its way in. All of a sudden, the warmth in her body slipped away. From the tips of her fingers to the ends of her toes, all she felt was a numbing chill.

But this was nothing compared to the coldness she felt in her heart.

For a moment, she didn’t want to confront her guesses and find out the truth, because if the worst scenario turned out to be real…

How was she going to face Shen Liangchuan?

In her turmoil, the cab very soon arrived at the hotel where the filming crew stayed.

She got off the cab and paid her fare, then walked towards the lobby.

The hotel security was tight, as the filming crew was staying there.

Just as she was about to enter through the main door, the security officer stopped her. “Miss, may I know if you’re staying here or looking for someone?”

Qiao Lian frowned and answered, “I’m looking for someone.”

“In that case, please get the person you’re looking for to register you. We can’t let you in otherwise.”

Get the person to register her?

She cast her gaze downwards.

“Give me a moment,” she said to the security officer as she picked up her cell phone.

Scrolling through her contact list, she found Song Yuanxi’s number and was about to call her when she heard a voice calling her from the distance, “Qiao Lian?”

Turning around, she saw Sun Linan, the fool, rushing towards her full of excitement. “What brings you here?”

His eyes lit up. “Are you here to look for me? How did you know I’m staying here?”

Upon seeing Sun Linan, the security officer’s att.i.tude was immediately respectful and polite.

Qiao Lian wanted to talk back at Sun Linan, but seeing the change in the security officer’s att.i.tude, she looked at Sun Linan and said instead, “Yes, could you register me? I’d like to go in.”

With a wave of his hand, Sun Linan dismissed the idea. “What’s there to register? Why would my guest need to register?”

The security officer immediately shook his head and said, “Of course, Mr. Sun’s guests don’t need to register. Miss, this way please.”

As Sun Linan walked in with Qiao Lian, he asked, “Qiao Lian, why are you looking for me?”

“Why do you look so pale? Is something the matter? What’s wrong?”

Qiao Lian halted as Sun Linan spoke these words. She turned around to face him. “I have business to attend to here. Please, don’t get in my way!”

Her words were decisive and determined. The expression on her face was so serious that Sun Linan immediately shut his mouth.

Since a young age, the one thing he was most afraid of was this serious look on Qiao Lian’s face.

Sun Linan nodded his head obediently.

Without another word, Qiao Lian got into the elevator and headed to the 12th floor.

Sun Linan stood there looking at the elevator indicator that had stopped on level 12. He then got on the other elevator and went to the 12th floor.

As the elevator moved upwards, Qiao Lian clenched and unclenched her fists nervously.

If she recalled correctly, Song Yuanxi should be in Room 1218.

“Ding.” The elevator chimed when it reached its destination.

She walked out of the elevator and marched towards Song Yuanxi’s room. As she approached it, she saw that the room door was open, and from inside came the voices of Shen Liangchuan and Song Yuanxi, involved in a heated discussion.

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