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Chapter 388: Do You Believe In Me? (18)Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There were all sorts of people in the entertainment industry and it was never easy to tell the real from the fake.

At the time Li Rui, as a veteran, saw that Shen Liangchuan was a versatile talent, so he privately took special care of him and helped him to very quickly make a name.

To Shen Liangchuan, Li Rui was more of a father than Shen Xiu had ever been.

For that reason, when the news report about Li Rui was published, Shen Liangchuan was livid and from then onwards, he hated the paparazzi.

There had been one time he was being stalked by a reporter and when he found out, Shen Liangchuan had initially wanted to let him go. However when he found out that he was from Daily Entertainment, he used an excuse to beat the guy up to avenge the damage caused to Li Rui.

But now…

He had discovered that the article’s informant had been none other than Qiao Lian.

It put him in a dilemma.

His own wife had turned out to be the paparazzi he had hated for so many years. It was a small world indeed.

He clenched his fists tightly, not wanting to hate Qiao Lian, but the betrayal and guilt that he felt for Li Rui’s sake…

He hung his head with confusion, not knowing how he could fix this with her.

However, seeing that she had wandered off into the dark by herself, he picked up his jacket and walked out after her.

He followed her, frowning as he noted how distracted and lost she seemed on the way back to the villa.

He stood in the shadows until he made sure that she was safely back at the villa. Then, he paused and stared at the doorway for a moment.Eventually, he decided not to enter the villa. He turned around and returned to Xia Yehua’s apartment.

For the next two days, Shen Liangchuan did not return home and stayed at Xia Yehua’s apartment instead.

Qiao Lian would go to work during the day and drop by Xia Yehua’s apartment after work, before returning to the seemingly empty villa by herself.

Shen Liangchuan had not looked for her, and neither was she able to bring herself to face him.

She had a heavy heart and found no respite.

It felt like they were caught in a stalemate situation and neither could find a way to resolve this conflict.

Today, Qiao Lian as usual visited Xia Yehua after work and chatted with her. Xia Yehua reached out and took her hands, asking, “I asked Liangchuan today and he wouldn’t talk. Tell me, is he making things difficult for you again? ”

As much as Shen Liangchuan may try to pretend that things were fine in front of Xia Yehua, as his mother, she had seen through at once that there was something wrong between the couple.

Qiao Lian looked at Xia Yehua, who had turned quite brittle from being ill.

She quickly denied, “Of course not. Shen Liangchuan has been worried about you. That’s why he’s been staying here. Why? Don’t you like him being here keeping you company?”

Seeing that she was not going to get the truth out of Qiao Lian either, she sighed. “You are both grown-ups, I won’t interfere. Neither can I force you in any way. But I will say something… In my youth I used to think that it didn’t matter that when we argued, no one would give in. However with the wisdom of hindsight, I can tell you that a couple’s cold wars are the most detrimental.

She gently patted Qiao Lian’s hands. “Lay things out on the table and talk through the issues. Having a big fight outweighs anything else! And if you really can’t fix it, hit him. I know my son. If you hit him, he won’t retaliate.”

“And this,” Qiao Lian thought with some amus.e.m.e.nt, “is what his own mother says?”

The following days, her gloom lessened as Xia Yehua’s words occupied her mind.

Seeing that she was smiling again, Xia Yehua decided it was time to tell her, “In this household, besides Auntie Li, I trust no one. Shen Liangchuan has found out that the person who leaked the photo is…”

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