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Chapter 1764: It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (4)

After the butler said that, he pushed the door and entered the room.

Qiao Yiyi stood outside, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

She had actually met Lu Qingtian before.

At the start, when she had just married Lu Nanze, they hadn’t held a wedding ceremony. Lu Qingtian had just rushed into the house and used an extremely picky eye to scrutinize her.

In the end, she had said things like, “Her b.u.t.t is too small, she’s kind of too skinny and short. It will affect the growth of the next generation.”

She grimaced and thought, “Are daughters-in-law now meant for giving birth?”

Besides that, the gaze Lu Qingtian used to stare at her absolutely didn’t feel like it was being directed at a person. It seemed as if she was scrutinizing an object, which made her extremely uncomfortable.

She stood outside the ward, looking at the door.

She was quite experienced with outer injuries—perhaps she could even treat it better than the doctors in the hospital. Thus she wanted to enter and take a look at the situation, but now…

Qiao Yiyi sighed helplessly. At that moment, she heard someone speak beside her. “Don’t be sad, they are just really angry now.”

Qiao Yiyi was shocked and turned her head. She found Liang Liang, but she had no idea when he had come beside her.

Qiao Yiyi: …

Why did she always feel that Liang Liang treated her differently?

She nodded to Liang Liang distantly. Then she took a step back and stared into the ward.

Now that Lu Nanze was here, she wouldn’t be able to leave. Or else, both the butler and Lu Qingtian would dislike her even more.

But her face was still hurting really badly.

Just at that moment, ice wrapped in a towel was handed to her.

Qiao Yiyi turned her head and saw Liang Liang standing in front of her with the towel in his hand.

Qiao Yiyi: …

Qiao Yiyi took the towel from him and placed it on her face. Then she thanked him.

After that, Liang Liang sat beside her and asked, “How did you escape?”

Was he trying to interrogate her now?

Qiao Yiyi lowered her eyes and sighed. “I don’t know myself either. After they kidnapped me, I was really afraid. Then they locked me in a room and left. I saw that there was a dog hole on the side, so I squeezed myself through it. Then I ran down the mountain. They threw away my phone, it’s not like I didn’t call home on purpose. I- I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

Qiao Yiyi made herself sound really pitiful. Liang Liang nodded and patted her shoulder. “It’s alright, don’t worry. Lu Nanze will wake up, he won’t blame you.”

Qiao Yiyi nodded.

Liang Liang stared at her for a while and suddenly spoke, “Do you know who that hero, that girl who saved him, that the butler was speaking about is?”

Qiao Yiyi instantly widened her eyes, turned her head and looked at Liang Liang. “Who?”

Seeing her clueless face, Liang Liang sighed and lowered his head. “That was Traceless.”

Qiao Yiyi’s heart skipped a beat.

He had really found out?

Just as she was thinking, Liang Liang asked, “Do you know how he knows Traceless? Why did they interact? Why would Traceless appear on that mountain?”

Qiao Yiyi continued shaking her head and replied, “I have no idea! When have I been able to ask about Mr. Lu’s matters?”

Since Lu Nanze had kept her from the public, then he should have an explanation for others. This matter should just be left to Lu Nanze.

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