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Chapter 1651: Epilogue (24)

Shi Nianyao thought at once of the person who had sent her the private message and had almost gotten her into trouble.

Her ID was something like… Yi Yi.

She typed immediately: [Yi Yi?]

Pu Yun answered: [That’s right, it’s her. She came looking for me too, to ask if I could let her have the place but I said no. Eventually, she found someone else. I heard she spent tens of thousands to buy herself an invitation.]

Shi Nianyao: …

For the sake of meeting her idol, fans were going crazy.

But again, the person who had actually sold the invitation… Sigh!

Oh well, it took all kinds to make a world.

Shi Nianyao was feeling uncomfortable about this when Pu Yun sent another message: [Actually, Yi Yi did us all a great favor once.]

Surprised, Shi Nianyao asked: [What?]

[Do you remember when some people said Mo Xicheng was a kept man, and I suggested putting together a video or something?]


[It was Yi Yi’s idea.]

Shi Nianyao was stunned.

She had thought initially that Yi Yi was weird for trying to get an invitation, she had been sure she was involved in illegal business. But she hadn’t expected that this person had actually helped Mo Xicheng in the past.

She frowned and was curious all of a sudden. [What is Yi Yi like exactly?]

Pu Yun started explaining. [Actually, Yi Yi is quite nice. She doesn’t say much in the group chat, but she always lends a hand when something happens. Although I’m the fandom leader, honestly, all these years, she’s helped me make decisions whenever something happened. Do you remember that when the older fans left the chat group, I sent a long message? Actually, it was hard for me to get past it. She was the one who changed my mind and counseled me. Just that, she’s always been there to offer verbal support, but never really did anything tangible for our idol. And to be honest, I have the gut feeling that she’s not really a fan of our idol, because she hasn’t watched most of his films, just like a… I don’t know how to put it. It’s like someone above us, with a hidden ident.i.ty. That was why I didn’t include her among the ten places.]

Shi Nianyao understood Pu Yun’s decision.

Yi Yi was almost invisible among the group members.

If Pu Yun had included her, it would have made the rest angry.

Besides, given Yi Yi’s aloof behavior, Pu Yun hadn’t thought that she wanted an invitation. So it had come as a great surprise that she was willing to pay a high price to purchase it.

The more Pu Yun explained, the more curious Shi Nianyao got about this person.

She didn’t think it was too strange to have someone who wasn’t a fan among them, because in every fan group, there was bound to be a handful of people who weren’t exactly loyal fans.

However, she found it strange that Yi Yi would help Mo Xicheng every time help was needed.

Even though Shi Nianyao was curious, she very quickly relegated this matter to the back of her mind.

Because while she didn’t have to do much for the wedding, she was nevertheless quite nervous.

The wedding was just a day away. All night, Shi Nianyao couldn’t get sleep.

She was in her bedroom when her cell phone rang.

She picked up the cell phone and saw it was Mo Xicheng. Quickly, she raised the phone to her ear.

Then she heard his voice. “Yao Yao, you’re not asleep yet?”

Shi Nianyao made an affirmative sound and said, “You’re awake too, aren’t you?”

“I’m just taking a last look at tomorrow’s program. Don’t worry, things will go smoothly.”

Shi Nianyao nodded and said, “Yes, I know.”

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