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Chapter 1578: Mo Xicheng Reinstated (51)

“All’s good now. Mo Xicheng has been reinstated and he will inherit the company, of course! He is capable and will be a good business manager, so I can retire without having to worry.”

He hoped that his intentions of entirely giving the business to Mo Xicheng would placate Li Shu.

Li Shu halted suddenly and Mo Hai ran into her after the unexpected pause. The woman almost fell back.

Quickly, Mo Hai reached out to steady her.

She looked at the man and started, “Do you really think that Yao Lili’s evil scheme has failed?”

Mo Hai paused for a moment and replied, “Well, isn’t the truth out now?”

Li Shu laughed scornfully and said, “Mo Zhi is Yao Lili’s son, but you worry about his future. And what about Mo Xicheng? In the past, when you suppressed Mo Xicheng, did you ever think about his future?”

The remark stumped Mo Hai.

He fumbled for words.

It had been because of his guilt that he had painstakingly brought Mo Zhi up for Li Shu’s sake.

A man’s affections for his son were often developed from the contact and time he spent with the child. The love that Mo Hai felt for Mo Zhi came naturally, however Mo Xicheng was like a stranger to him.

Li Shu was right.

He had just relegated the boy to the servants’ quarter and had not spoken so far about the 20 percent of the company shares that Mo Zhi had and ought to give to Mo Xicheng.

Deep in his heart, he wanted to help Mo Zhi.

Li Shu smirked at his silence and shook off his grip on her arm. She went into the bedroom.

Mo Hai stood there in a daze and finally sighed deeply.

He could not bring himself to give Mo Zhi the same cold treatment that he had always given Mo Xicheng.

He really couldn’t.

He lowered his head and stood at the doorway to Li Shu’s room.

After some time, Li Shu’s door was thrown open. When Mo Hai saw that she was holding a suitcase in her hand, he was taken aback. Then he finally reacted. “Are you going on holiday? Indeed, it’s a good time to relax, given that so many troubling things have happened at home. Don’t worry, by the time you come back, everything at home will be sorted out.”

The only reaction he had was a cold stare from her as she said, “Mo Hai, let’s get a divorce.”

Mo Hai was stunned.

Li Shu cast her gaze down and walked around him, walking to the front door with her suitcase in tow.

Mo Hai reacted after a moment and grabbed her arm, asking, “Li Shu, why?”

She turned around and stared at the man. “Don’t you know why?”

Mo Hai was instantly at a loss for words.

Pushing her suitcase behind her, Li Shu continued her way out of the house.

Mo Hai ran after her and caught her again, just before she stepped out of the front door. He said, “Li Shu, I know what you mean. Don’t worry, I will ask Mo Zhi to leave, alright? Please don’t go, I won’t agree to a divorce!”

When Li Shu heard these words, she turned around and looked steadily at the man. Her expression was cold and her tone was icy in an unfamiliar way. “And what about the company shares?”

Li Shu had lost all hope by now.

Her only wish now was to help Mo Xicheng take back what was rightfully his.

She would not soften her heart again where her enemy and her enemy’s son were concerned.

Because being kind with them would mean being cruel to her son.

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