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Chapter 1577: Mo Xicheng Reinstated (50)

Mo Zhi was speechless at once.

Mo Hai was silent for a moment before he suddenly said, “Yao Lili and Mo Xicheng lived in the little apartment near our building for years. You can move into that s.p.a.ce now.”

Mo Zhi looked up at Mo Hai in disbelief when he heard that remark.

Mo Hai lowered his head in silence.

Narrowing his eyes, Mo Zhi said, “I understand, Dad. I have to experience the hardships that Mo Xicheng has experienced since childhood. If doing this will make Mom feel better…”

After saying this, he started to walk towards the door.

But when he reached the doorway, Li Shu suddenly yelled, “Hang on.”

Mo Zhi halted and turned around with antic.i.p.ation. He looked at Li Shu thinking that her heart must have softened. But unexpectedly, he was greeted with the remark, “From now on, don’t call me mom.”

Mo Zhi’s heart broke.

He lowered his head.

Then he nodded and walked out.

After Mo Zhi left, Mo Xicheng got on his feet. He looked at the two people, nodded formally and said, “I should go too.”

Li Shu was stunned. She opened her mouth to speak. “Mo Xicheng, you—”

He stood still and turned back to look at Li Shu. “Does Madam Mo wish to say something?”

Li Shu hesitated and looked troubled. “Mo Xicheng, you… will you move home?”

Mo Xicheng’s pupils shrank back and he replied immediately, “I’m used to living in my own villa, so it may not be as comfortable for me here.”

Li Shu was disappointed to hear this.

But she did not dare to show her emotions. She only nodded and replied, “Very well then, continue to live in your own villa. I will visit when I am free.”

Looking back at her, Mo Xicheng said after a brief pause, “There’s no need to do that.”

Her heart sank at those words.

An inexplicable sorrow welled up in her heart.

Did Mo Xicheng blame her? Was he unwilling to forgive her?

Just as this thought entered her mind, she heard the young man say, “I will come to see you often.”

Her spirits suddenly lifted and her eyes lit up. A wave of warmth washed over her as her eyes started to fill with tears.

Mo Xicheng smiled at her and then politely left.

The whole time, he had not spoken a single word to Mo Hai.

Mo Hai stared at the young man’s figure till it disappeared. Then he spoke, “Although he did not grow up with us by his side, he is your son nevertheless. He has the same unique temperament.”

He heard no reply from Li Shu.

He turned around and saw the woman staring at him with a distant coldness in her eyes.

Mo Hai panicked at once and asked, “What’s the matter, Li Shu?”

She lowered her gaze impa.s.sively and asked him, “You’ve relegated Mo Zhi to the servants’ quarters because you don’t intend to kick him out, is that right?”

Mo Hai found himself speechless for a moment and then stammered, “You’ve watched the child grow up yourself, and you’re aware of his lack of talent. In the office, I had to watch over him and protect him. This is why he’s still safe after clowning around for so many years. If we kick him out now, how is he going to survive?”

Upon hearing this, Li Shu laughed scornfully. She continued her way up the stairs without another word.

With her back to him, Mo Hai quickly followed her and kept talking, “Luckily, we found out about Yao Lili’s evil scheme early enough. Otherwise this would have continued and we would have ended up making a huge mistake.”

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