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Chapter 1576: Mo Xicheng Reinstated! (49)

Yao Lili’s heart froze at once when she saw his expression.

All her life, she had focused her complete attention and energy on Mo Zhi. Even when she had felt very guilty facing Mo Xicheng, she had still suppressed him.

But in the end?

After having done so much for Mo Zhi, he gave her nothing back.

On the other hand, even though she had suppressed Mo Xicheng, in the years after they had left the Mo family home, she had lived a life of comfort and had never had to suffer. Mo Xicheng had worked to provide her with money she could spend.

In her life, she had not felt so much remorse as she did at this point.

But it was too late.

When the policemen held her securely by her arms and led her to the door, she could not help but turn around to glance and take in everything in the house.

She asked herself if she would do the same if she could start all over again.

The answer was yes.

Because Mo Zhi was her son. Mo Xicheng wasn’t.

Every parent would treat their child like that, asking for nothing in return, but hoping the best for them.

The room fell silent after the police officers had taken Yao Lili away.

Mo Zhi, Mo Xicheng, Li Shu and Mo Hai each sat in one side of the room in silence, making no move to disrupt the awkwardness of the situation.

Mo Zhi looked at Li Shu and Mo Hai anxiously, as though afraid that he would be abandoned—it was a pain to watch.

After ten minutes, Mo Hai finally spoke.

He looked at Mo Zhi and asked, “When did you find out about this?”

The young man’s eyes reddened at once.

His voice choked slightly as he said, “Dad, I- I found out about half a year ago. When I was a child, she’d do strange things, but she never overstepped her boundaries. Until half a year ago, when she- she cornered me and told me about this. At first I did not believe her, but then later I secretly ordered a DNA test. Dad, I didn’t want to lose you and Mom, so I didn’t speak up. I didn’t do this on purpose.” The man started to sob.

He cried like a child, so innocently that it was painful to watch.

Mo Hai stared at him as he continued, “So when I found the both of you in the room a few days ago, you weren’t-”

Mo Zhi choked as he said, “She was only concerned that I had been beaten and was taking a look at my injuries.”

Immediately, Mo Hai fell silent. He looked at Li Shu and tested the waters, “Li Shu, look at the boy—”

Before he could finish speaking, Mo Zhi dropped to his knees with a thud.

With his head lowered, he wailed. “Dad, Mom, I made a mistake, I was wrong! But I’ve been the Young Master of the Mo family since I was a child. I didn’t know all this. And now I’m told all of a sudden that Mo Xicheng is the true heir. I didn’t want to lose the life that I had been living, this was why I was so foolish. I really didn’t want to do this. I didn’t…”

Li Shu cast her gaze down and said, “So you were recently acting exceptionally poorly to make things difficult for Mo Xicheng, and it’s because you knew the truth?”

Mo Zhi nodded and replied, “I was afraid that you’d find out his true ident.i.ty. I was wrong, Mom, please forgive me. Please forgive me.”

No matter what, this was the child she had raised. Her heart softened when she looked at him. “No, you did nothing wrong. The person who made the mistake was me! I failed to look after my own child, what sort of mother am I?! I allowed my son to go through much trouble for so many years. Mo Zhi, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, all these years, how have I treated you and how has Yao Lili treated Mo Xicheng?! How do I forgive you?”

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