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Chapter 1354: Nianyao and Mo Xicheng (27)

Shi Nianyao: …

Shi Nianyao laughed as she saw how impatient the man was getting.

She nodded and followed Mo Xicheng back to their room.

Thinking of what might happen next, Shi Nianyao felt a little nervous at once.

This was like the big theme of the day, they had been building up to this moment all day.

All the rooms in this villa hotel were premium suites, it was an extremely luxurious accommodation.

The two of them walked in silence.

They walked from the restaurant to the room hand-in-hand.

A cold breeze brushed past and Shi Nianyao moved a little closer to Mo Xicheng to stay warm.

Noticing her movement, he immediately slid his suit jacket off and draped it around her shoulders.

Having had dinner, both of them had somewhat calmed down. At this moment, they were staring into the night sky.

Even the weather had been good today. It had been a rare cloudless day and now the stars that filled the skies could be seen clearly.

Shi Nianyao looked up at the constellations and suddenly asked, “Mo Xicheng, did you know that’s my favorite star?”

He paused and lifted his gaze towards the sky.

“The Big Dipper?”




“Then what is it?”

“You- Idiot.”

Then she started laughing aloud after she had said that. She took two steps forward, turned back and looked at him, saying, “Don’t you know? You’re the brightest star in my opinion! In the past I always felt anxious about you, about the fact that after so many years in show business, you hadn’t made it big. But now I’m no longer so… because as long as you’re a star, you’re bound to shine. And I believe that one day you’ll become the most dazzling star in the sky!”

He was stunned by her words.

Looking steadily at her, he laughed involuntarily. He had never thought that Shi Nianyao was in fact so full of hopes for him.

The fact was that he had almost given up on himself.

He had always been cautious not to stand out too much in the entertainment circle, otherwise his real ident.i.ty and background could be exposed.

He had been suppressed at home. Every time there was so much as a scandal, Yao Lili would either berate or hit him.

So he had only hovered in that state perpetually, never getting to become a hot celebrity. He could just make some money and wouldn’t starve.

But now…

He wanted to give the best of the world to this woman before him.

He suddenly felt like he had a goal in life.

Looking intently at Shi Nianyao as he pondered these thoughts, he saw that she had suddenly turned around to face him and exclaimed, “Oh no! Is your movie Ambition debuting today?”

He paused and then immediately nodded.

It was today, which was why in a moment of impulse, he had registered their marriage yesterday.

Because today was a turning point in his life.

However the moment he nodded, Shi Nianyao jumped onto her feet and yelled, “Ahhhhh! You’re too much! Why didn’t you say so earlier?! I actually forgot to buy tickets! I wanted to watch the movie, I wanted to support it.”

Mo Xicheng replied, “I can arrange it if you want to watch it.”

“No, I want to watch it at the movies!”

Mo Xicheng protested, “But tonight—”

“It’s only 7 p.m. now. We will still have time for our wedding night after we catch the movie.”

Mo Xicheng wondered why he had even told her that the movie was premiering tonight.

He turned back and took one look at their room, which had been specially prepared for the evening, and sighed.

It looked like there were a few more hours to go before he could have her.

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