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Fidel becoming mad wasn’t because he turned into a lich, but rather because Sasha’s first reaction when she saw him was surprise and the urge to flee!

Even though she quickly reacted and controlled her behavior, this still made Fidel extremely upset.

People said that liches don’t have feelings, but Fidel had just completed the ceremony. His soulfire was seriously upset, making his mind act strange.

From then on, he wandered the northern part of the despair hills, turning into the infamous [Mad Lich].

After Marvin heard the story, he had felt a bit sympathetic. But when the character of the story was in front of him, it was quite difficult to control his feelings.

Fidel was definitely a different kind of Necromancer, as he had a good heart.

Marvin decided that he would help him the best he could.


Marvin thought and asked, "Wouldn’t naturally grown roses wilt when in contact with negative energy?"

Fidel suddenly realized, "No wonder!"

"Sasha’s body carries heavy negative energy. The roses I sent didn’t even reach her before they turned into ashes!"

"Turns out the reason she rejected me was this."

Marvin forced a smile. ‘Definitely not because of this.’

But it would stop Fidel from turning into a lich for some time, so this was good.

In this kind of situation that required him to do his utmost, Marvin wouldn’t decline to help. After fleeing together and hearing his constant chatter, Marvin had a slightly good opinion of him.

This kind of person was born with this sort of charisma. Even if they just met, they felt like old friends.

"‘It’s probably like this," Marvin mumbled. "You don’t need to worry about proposing."

"Maybe not wanting to see you is for a different reason."

Fidel nodded, then said, stunned, "How do you know she doesn’t want to see me?"

Marvin shrugged. " If she wanted to, she wouldn’t use those skeletal warhorses to see you out, right?"

Fidel sighed.

"What can I do…"

"Well, forget about it, let’s take a break. I don’t believe I won’t be able to move her!"

"At worst, I’ll also turn into a lich!" He loudly said.

Marvin wanted to facepalm, this guy had such a foolish idea this time too.

"Have you ever heard of a pair of liches going out?" Marvin kindly reminded him.

"Maybe you should think of another way? Like helping her regain her body?"

"This… This is a lot harder than turning myself into a lich."

Fidel scratched his head.

Indeed, lich’s body revival was a legend spell. Yet even legend level liches wouldn’t necessarily be able to collect all the materials for the spell.

"I know of one flower in the elven kingdom’s forest, north of the three ring towers. It is unaffected by negative energy and is forever blooming, never withering."

Marvin looked to one side and said, "I just happen to be on a trip to the three ring towers. I can bring you a flower on the way back."

"Really? Are you talking about the [Eternal Flower]?"

Fidel was quite surprised. He grabbed Marvin’s hands, abnormally excited. "I already heard about the eternal flower before. Unfortunately I cannot leave despair hills for the time being. This is a necromancer rule."

"If you are willing to help, I’ll be very grateful!"

"Ah… Haven’t met someone kind like you in quite a while. I’ll look for something to gift you."

He then began searching, and all kinds of weird stuff was thrown aside by him.

"No need…"

Marvin suddenly swallowed the words he was about to say!

Because he noticed the jade colored leaf in Fidel’s hands!

That leaf was completely emerald green and was still full of life even in the despair hills filled with negative energy.

Nature’s Leaf!

Even if he wasn’t a ranger in the past, he was still familiar with this thing. This was the most cherished treasure of ranger players!

If it was something else, he might refuse, but he wouldn’t be able to refuse something like a nature’s leaf.

"Looking at your appearance, you should be a ranger, so this nature’s leaf will be the advance payment. When you bring back the eternal leaf, I’ll give you a few rewards."

Fidel excitedly rubbed his hands, "How long will you need?"

"Hard to say."

Marvin couldn’t help but receive that nature’s leaf. He really couldn’t reject this thing.

He muttered. "At most, I’ll be back in a month."

"Good, I’ll wait for you for a month!" Fidel waved his hands. He seemed to have recovered.

Truly a simple-minded guy.

For the sake of his beloved, he was ready to do anything. Perhaps because of this, when he saw his beloved’s frightened appearance upon meeting again, his simple mind couldn’t take it and he went mad.

Marvin thought so.

If possible, he really wanted to change this guy’s fate.

‘Let’s give it a try.’ He grasped that nature’s leaf, thinking.

He knew that his arrival in this world would change the fate of a lot of people. Sometimes he had to be vicious and merciless. And sometimes, he wouldn’t mind doing a good deed.

The two spent the rest of the time happily chatting.

In reality, Marvin was listening and Fidel was talking. This chatterbox talked about his life’s experiences.

He kept going until the skeletal warhorses and ghosts left and Marvin took his leave.

He had already been delayed for a while. He had to hurry to the exit in the northern part of the despair hills, Skull Valley.

Rangers used nature’s leaf to learn some magic.

In fact, the ranger cla.s.s was originally unable to learn magic. They could only learn divine spells by following a G.o.d.

Among these G.o.ds, the most typical one was the old nature G.o.d.

But after the 2nd Era, the old nature G.o.d went into seclusion. Before he left, he delegated the privilege to grant divine spells.

He let the World Tree control all nature magic. Thus, leaves grew on the world tree; nature’s leaves containing pieces of of divine spell privileges.

The nature G.o.d was very magnanimous. Even if you didn’t believe in him, you could learn magic through nature’s leaf.

The prerequisite was to be a ranger or a druid.

Nature’s leaves were very rare and were firmly controlled by the Migratory Bird Council. How this nature’s leaf ended up in Fidel’s hands was a mystery, but it was definitely very precious.

Marvin placed it on his palm and whispered a simple incantation.

This incantation was a job incantation shared after one became a ranger. Marvin only needed to search for the ranger cla.s.s introduction to get it.

After whispering the incantation, the nature’s leaf merged with Marvin’s body.

And his first spell appeared on his skill window!

[Vine Metamorphosis]: You can turn a part of your body into a barbed vine. Usable three times per day.

‘It’s unexpectedly this spell…’

‘A very fierce nature spell. But this description… Seems a bit wicked…’

Marvin felt a bit ashamed.

A part of the body... What part?

The nature G.o.d was just like the myths said, bold and unrestrained!

After learning his first spell, Marvin hurried north with a cheerful mood.

The atmosphere was quiet on the way and he didn’t meet another unusual ghost uprising.

But when he was about to arrive at the Skull Valley, he met another necromancer.

More precisely, a necromancer apprentice.

When Marvin pa.s.sed by, he suddenly appeared from the cemetery to the side with a small army of twelve skeletons .

It seemed he was training his skeleton group control.

When he saw Marvin, he didn’t even say anything and directly ordered that group of skeletons to throw themselves at Marvin!

This was normal for necromancers!

They were extremely hostile to humans, and weren’t like that freak Fidel who entered the despair hills to chase after his girl.

Marvin wasn’t afraid and unsheathed his daggers!

It might have been troublesome if it was a 2nd rank necromancer.

But a necromancer apprentice was daring to be arrogant in front of him?

He was asking for death!

Marvin took a step forward and kicked a skeleton, the curved dagger in his hand flashing with a cold light!

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