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Due to the effect of the Slow Halo, Marvin's Perception was decreased quite a bit.

But that didn't necessarily mean that he had no way to feel this s.p.a.ce.

Earth Perception, imparted to him by Blade Master Kangen would be the most effective method at this time.

This skill was based on the user's mind's understanding and connexion to the world, not on cold hard data.

Marvin's understanding was pretty good, he had received this ability after mastering Desperation.

Under the effect of Earth Perception, he began to comprehend this s.p.a.ce's peculiarities.

The entire underground temple seemed to be composed of a paste-like substance, thus it felt especially damp.

Some data appeared on his interface as a result of his Perception.

And Marvin's mind reacted to the corresponding data.

He entered a fantastic realm, it was the first time he didn't need to be looking at his interface but could directly feel the data received.

The underground temple's bricks were brownish white.

The texture wasn't clear.

But in a place not far, there was a floor tile that turned black.

It seemed to have been burnt.

And Marvin knew that this wasn't caused by a Dragon Breath or a Dragon's spell.

That floor tile wasn't black before.

Because he clearly remembered that a moment ago, b.u.t.terfly was standing on that same floor tile.

He began thinking hard to remember that floor tile's original color before his mind jumped up again!

'Reddish brown!'

'Yes, it was reddish brown!'

Marvin didn't really care about the color of the temple, but under the effect of Earth Perception, he could feel a few clues.

Clearly, b.u.t.terfly didn't disappear without a reason.

She had previously been standing on that floor tile.

And now, that floor tile turned black.

The rest of the floor hadn't changed and was completely white.

The exploding sounds were still echoing in the distance.

'Could it be that the red floor tile was the pa.s.sage to the 2nd floor?' This thought flashed in Marvin's mind.

This was a very likely idea.

Although b.u.t.terfly was unreliable, she still wouldn't decamp without leaving a word or clue.

She most likely triggered a mechanism unintentionally and left involuntarily.

And this was the Dragon G.o.d's temple, if there was such mechanism, it was most likely leading to the next floor.

Marvin recovered from his immersion in Earth Perception and experimented with the black floor tile for a bit, with no results.

After some time, the black floor tile turned white and blended with the other bricks, visually no different from them.

'Was it a one time use kind of thing?' Marvin looked at it pensively.

But in any case, this path was clearly blocked.

He hesitated for a bit before quickly rushing toward the explosions!

He already knew that something happened, he might have a better chance by going over to try his luck.

Marvin's footsteps were completely silent in the dark temple.

He carefully observed the floor on his way.

But although this long corridor was filled with floor tiles, they were all completely white.

He didn't glance upon a single reddish brown floor tile.

This annoyed Marvin a bit.

After pa.s.sing through this dull corridor, a light blue glow shined ahead of him.

There was a ruthlessly dazzling light, and the exploding sounds came from there.

In fact, rather than an explosion, it would be more accurate to say that it was some repressed Dragon's roars.

Marvin's footsteps stopped outside the blue light, looking at its center with apparent pity.

Seemingly sensing someone approaching, that light shrinked, before angrily moving forward, showing the appearance it had held before its death.

But Dragon Souls were mostly incorporeal, the form it appeared at was also very vague.

Marvin clearly understood that this was a Dragon Soul, but anything further, he didn't know.

This pitiful Dragon Soul wouldn't be able to injure Marvin.

It was trapped.

Marvin cautiously sized up the Dragon Soul's state. Despite the outward violence, it was severely weakened.

In the middle of the blue light, a total of six huge Dragon teeth seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and nailed the Dragon Soul to the ground.

These Dragon teeth were light yellow, marked with runes carrying a great amount of Divine Power.

They were absorbing the Dragon Soul's power.

It was a fierce power.

Marvin frowned.

Who could be so evil that they wouldn't even let a Dragon Soul go?

These Dragon Teeth were extremely frightening things, refined by Alchemy along with Divine Power. Even if they seemed rough, they were actually very sharp and were filled with small barbed tips.

An instant of carelessness, and one's strength might be absorbed in an instant.

From what Marvin sensed, these Dragon Teeth seemed like corrupt Monsters longing for life.

But they were apparently lenient toward that Dragon Soul, otherwise it wouldn't have been able to keep up for this long.

'It's a pity, if only there was a Master Alchemist.'

'A knowledgeable Legend Wizard would have been good too. Who knows how useful a Dragon Soul like this could be?'

Marvin looked at the weak and angry Dragon Soul and inwardly shook his head.

He had no way to subdue that thing, this wasn't within his specialties.

However, when he wanted to walk away, he noticed a darker spot within the blue light!

Because of the blue light, the surroundings were blue, apart from that floor tile.

'Reddish Brown floor tile!'

Marvin was overjoyed.

But there was a problem.

That floor tile was at the center of the blue light, in the center of the Dragon Teeth encirclement.

If he wanted to step on that floor tile and activate the mechanism, he would have to get within the Dragon Soul's boundaries.

That truly wasn't something easy.

Although the Dragon Soul was injured and couldn't harm Marvin, as a particular type of force field, it might not necessarily let Marvin get in.

He tried to walk a step nearer to the blue light, but how could he have imagined that a Dragon Head would form and try to bite him right away!

Marvin dodged with Shadow Step and the Dragon Head only pounced at empty air.

But that floor tile was still far from Marvin.

This was quite troublesome.

The blue Dragon Soul bellowed, seemingly saying something.

Marvin's heart moved, he knew that there were many Dragons who kept the wisdom they had during their life. For this guy to be able to live till now, he might be able to communicate.

The problem was that he didn't speak Draconic.

Thus he could only probe, "Hey, do you speak Common? If you do, we might be able to have a discussion."

Then, the Dragon Soul turned silent.

The blue light pulled back before a small Dragon Head appeared.

He said in a deep voice, "Release… Release me…"

Marvin clapped his hands, there was a good show!

Braziers, mural, and a faint burnt smell.

b.u.t.terfly was standing in front of a mural in a daze. There was a faint layer of mist in front of the mural, so she couldn't see clearly.

A wise older man stood by her side, the two were standing shoulder to shoulder and the man let out a long sigh.

"This is the 2nd floor of the underground temple."

"There is some stuff written on the mural… If you are curious you might as well take a look. But you might regret it afterwards."

"In fact, ever since you had been attracted to the Lumber Woods by that Green Dragon, some things were already bound to happen."

b.u.t.terfly looked at Professor in a daze, "Such as?"

"You are bound to regret." Professor answered naturally.

b.u.t.terfly frowned, "Why?"

"Because you'll definitely end up looking at that mural." Professor said confidently, "You are that kind of person."

Soon after, he turned toward the darkness.

Next second, the mist surrounding the mural disappeared and the images became clear.

"Hmpf! You say that as if you know me."

b.u.t.terfly rolled her eyes, not caring about the difference in strength between them.

It's just that… She was hesitating due to Professor's words.

Her curiosity prompted her to look, but Professor wouldn't say such words without a good reason.

Moreover, there seemed to be a voice in her heart shouting, 'Don't look, don't look.'

It was only a mural, what could possibly happen?

b.u.t.terfly mumbled before taking out a white flower. She started tearing the petals off one by one, "Look, don't look, look…"

Underground temple, 1st floor.

The communication between Marvin and the Dragon Head was very strenuous.

Although that guy kept his wisdom, his intelligence was clearly on the verge of death.

He could speak Common, but not very fluently and it was somewhat strange.

He kept asking Marvin to release him.

And the most annoying part was that he hadn't told Marvin how to take care of those Dragon Teeth.

With just Marvin, it would be impossible to get rid of the Dragon Teeth.

This didn't mean that Marvin couldn't do anything to those Dragon Teeth.

In fact, as long as he used Weeping Sky, these Dragon Teeth would turn to dust in an instant.

The problem was that the Dragon Soul would also be destroyed in the process.

Marvin felt that the Dragon Teeth were somehow linked to something in the underground temple. If he forcibly destroyed them, it might create a disaster.

Thus he still tried his best to communicate with the Dragon Soul.

After chatting for a bit, although it still wasn't completely foolproof, Marvin more or less figured what the Dragon Soul meant.

There was something on the 2nd floor of the underground temple that could settle these Dragon Teeth.

The Dragon Soul hoped Marvin could help release him and was willing to give him some benefits.

Hearing about the benefits, Marvin was suddenly exhilarated.

After a brief hesitation, since both sides had an issue with proper communication, he took out the Book of Nalu.

-Serve as a temporary translator-

-Can you understand Draconic?-

Marvin inquired.

Quickly, the Book of Nalu answered:

-One Divinity, translator for an hour-

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