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The moment she noticed the girl, Dark Phoenix felt a chill.

Suddenly, her flying carpet came to a standstill, as if time had stopped.

The girl's eyes felt like vortexes, able to draw people in and make them lose themselves!


"It's you!"

Dark Phoenix broke free from her stupor as she recognized that person.

But the panic in her heart was even more intense.

This was a G.o.d's instinct. Even though this girl looked somewhat young, she was definitely Hathaway.

Dark Phoenix had stolen a drop of Hathaway's blood and mixed it with her Divine Source to create a Fake Hathaway.

Thus, she had some understanding of Hathaway.

Back when Hathaway's ashes had been taken by the twelve Anzed Witches of the legends, Dark Phoenix felt very uneasy, but she had too many things to handle and could only temporarily put it aside.

She hadn't expected that Hathaway would shockingly appear to block her escape path.

While glaring at Dark Phoenix, Hathaway parted her red lips and calmly said, "[Witchcraft - Locust]!"

In an instant, countless locusts appeared in the sky.

Dark Phoenix felt a bit dizzy when seeing this swarm of locusts.

These locusts were actually [Ghost Locusts] from the Astral Plane!

Not only was the amount of locusts humongous, but the individual strength of each one was also extremely fierce. The most frightening part for her was that they were good at absorbing Divine Power!

The current Dark Phoenix's Divine Source had reached its limits and she could only muster a very limited amount of Divine Power!

Seeing the army of locusts rushing to overwhelm her, Dark Phoenix discarded her flying carpet and crazily flew toward the east!

Another Witchcraft had hit Dark Phoenix just as she started escaping, and although it didn't really affect her, the flying carpet lost its spirituality and fell down.

The Ghost Locusts surged after her and soon formed a storm tailing Dark Phoenix before finally engulfing her.

A faint Divine Power Armor flickered on Dark Phoenix's body. She was at her worst and truly didn't want to fight Hathaway.

She clenched her teeth and used a few of her last-resort Divine Spells.

She instantly appeared hundreds of kilometers away.

But just as she managed to break away from the Ghost Locusts, Hathaway's cold silhouette appeared on a peak ahead of her, leaving her in despair.

"You can't escape."

Hathaway's smile was quite strange.

Dark Phoenix suddenly felt something wrong. She instinctively reached out and pulled off a paper with a smiling face that was attached to her back!

'Ancient Witchcraft of the Anzed Witches?'

Dark Phoenix knew about this.

The power attached to this white paper had the [Pursuit] property. As long as it remained attached to Dark Phoenix, no matter where she escaped, Hathaway would be able to find her.


Dark Phoenix immediately tore the paper apart.

She calmed down.

She had already escaped so far away, so the others shouldn't be able to catch up.

Even if she only had one life remaining, she should be able to easily handle a newly advanced Witch.

She didn't necessarily need to escape.

It wouldn't be too late to look for a hiding place after quickly getting rid of Hathaway.

Having made her decision, she suddenly smiled. "You sure are confident."

"Tell me, how many Witchcrafts do you have left?"

Hathaway's smile suddenly contorted a bit, as if an important secret had been revealed.

Seeing this reaction, the look on Dark Phoenix's face became even more brilliant.

"Or have you already run out of them?"

Hathaway snorted coldly, her eyes flickering.

The Anzed Witches' casting system was completely different from that of ordinary Wizards.

They resorted to a method called [Witchcraft] to cast and it needed a lot of mediums.

However, each was unique and could only be used once a day.

In general, the older the Witch, the more Witchcrafts they could use and the more flexible her attacking methods would be.

As for young Witches, they normally wouldn't walk in this world because of the casting system. The girls were very powerful, yet also very fragile.

Witches less than 20 years old mastered about six to seven Witchcrafts.

Once their Witchcrafts were used up, they would be like an ordinary person and could get trampled on.

Since they met each other, Dark Phoenix estimated that Hathaway had used four Witchcrafts.

The first one was Intimidation.

When she first saw Hathaway, the fear that struck her heart was induced by a Witchcraft.

The second was similar to an ensnaring spell. But Dark Phoenix had high resistance toward that kind of spell and Hathaway didn't succeed, only affecting her flying carpet.

The following two Witchcrafts were [Locust] and [Pursuit].

As such, she had already used four Witchcrafts and had at most three more remaining.

Three Witchcrafts; could that pose a huge threat to Dark Phoenix?

Dark Phoenix didn't believe so.

The next second, she pointed at Hathaway and used a powerful Divine Spell to counterattack.

Hathaway opened her mouth and said, "[Witchcraft - Ashes]!"

It suddenly felt as if heaven and earth darkened. Dark Phoenix felt an immense power severing the connection between her and her followers.

Her Divine Power was draining as a formless storm rushed forth from the darkness.

She was drawn into the storm and the armor formed from her Divine Power crumbled!

Soon, a mournful howl came from the storm.

Dark Phoenix's skin slowly peeled off. The b.l.o.o.d.y mess below her skin could be seen!

Her skin was torn apart, and her bones were also forced out!

Hathaway's complexion was a bit unsightly.

With her current strength, forcibly using the Ashes Witchcraft was still a bit difficult.

But under its frightening power, Dark Phoenix's life was in imminent danger.

Only a tiny amount of Divine Source was left protecting the most important parts of her body, her head and her chest.

Barely hanging on, she looked like a ghost.

Though she was disintegrating in the storm, she managed to push her way to the edge of the storm and used that final drop of Divine Source to escape the storm's area of effect.

She awkwardly fell on a tree's branch, only her head and chest remaining.

Blood was leaking out of her mouth. She suddenly laughed maliciously.

Because at that time, Hathaway was extremely pale.

It was due to using a Witchcraft that was beyond her abilities. She was temporarily unable to move.

This state was similar to Dark Phoenix, as both had temporarily lost their fighting strength.

But Dark Phoenix estimated that her own abilities clearly surpa.s.sed Hathaway's.

Because Hathaway was just a Human.

And Dark Phoenix was a G.o.d!

The scene of her losing the war and fleeing was seen by countless people, but there were still some pious followers supplying her with Faith.

Although that Faith was a pitiful amount and Dark Phoenix normally would have never paid attention to it, this power was now extremely crucial.

As long as she recovered an instant earlier, she could throw a random spell and end Hathaway.

The two were caught in a stalemate.

The seconds ticked by.

Dark Phoenix's Divine Source was slowly recovering and began to heal her destroyed body. As long as G.o.ds didn't die, their Divine Source would be able to restore their bodies, unless the Divine Source was completely exhausted.

And the Faith Power of those followers was slowly recovering her Divine Source.

Dark Phoenix couldn't wait; she only needed one Divine Spell to kill that Anzed Witch Seer.

Even the Divine Spell that would use up the smallest amount of Divine Power could take Hathaway's life!

But her thoughts were bound to remain as thoughts.

A shadow appeared out of nowhere!

His face was also quite pale. He had been continuously jumping through Shadow Vortexes, using their gravitational forces to propel him as he chased Dark Phoenix. This took quite a toll on his body, as the Shadow Vortexes were harmful to human bodies, especially when used like this.

But Marvin still rejoiced because he managed to catch up.

And Dark Phoenix's appearance was very miserable.

Marvin didn't hesitate. He didn't care about the reason for this sudden change in her state.

There was only one thing on his mind.

Kill Dark Phoenix!


In a flash, Night Beheading successfully landed.


Her head fell down from the branch, her eyes wide open!

Her Divine Source struggled before ultimately disappearing.

All the people throughout the continent who believed in Dark Phoenix suddenly felt something.

They saw the scene of Dark Phoenix's miserable body hanging on a branch as Marvin ruthlessly slashed down, ending her life.

The Divinity was shattered, the Divine Fire stopped burning, and the ascension ritual was truly terminated.

Many pious followers spat a mouthful of blood, while some fell to madness.

As for the remaining Divine Servants, they directly died.

The first person to try to ascend since the start of the 4th Era had fallen.

A storm raged through the hearts of Feinan's inhabitants!

But at the scene of the battle, Marvin felt like a viper was looking at him.

He was startled and quickly turned around.

Then he saw the girl on the peak.


Marvin was dumbstruck.

Although her age was different, that feeling couldn't be mistaken.

He almost immediately rushed up.

But what shocked him was that Hathaway was looking at him with a gaze full of enmity. "You stole my prey!"

Marvin froze for a moment and then smiled at her. "Is that important?"

Hathaway gave him a strange look before nodding heavily and saying in a bad mood, "My enemies can only be killed by me. You killed her, so your life will be the replacement."

Facing such a murderous gaze, Marvin chose to ignore it. Instead, he grinned and playfully asked, "What's up with your body?"

"Why can't you move?"

Hathaway's face turned green.

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