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Here’s the other half of chapter two. I had a lot of fun going nuts with the TL notes so please forgive me. Since the author, Kineko Shibai, went to the trouble of looking for these references, I just had to put in every single one I knew that I came across (this is going to be more prevalent in chapter three).

Also, do take note that I’m only splitting chapters into parts as they appear in the book. Since chapter three is a huge one with no splits, once I get that out, I might probably be delayed with the release of chapter four since I just finished with three. Don’t worry though, as chapter three is insanely long (I think it’s longer than chapter one and two combined). So if you take your time reading it, you could stave off that Netoge no Yome itch until I finish with four.

I’d also be really grateful if anyone could help do cleaning, redraw, and typesetting for the novel images. I’m not really fond of the idea of just writing text and pasting the image with it, making everyone guess which text goes where, so I’m just looking for help on that part. For the editing part, I’ve just been going through the whole chapters before I release them, since the editor is busy and has only been able to help with the prologue so far.

I think that’s enough babble for now. Please enjoy the second half of chapter two below.

Chapter 2 Part 2

Translation: Yamaking

No matter the circ.u.mstance, Ako just wouldn't let go of me. We're walking home clung together again today.

The club activities are actually there to fix this but I'm a bit relieved that I'm also a part of that.

"This is quite troublesome isn't it?"

"This is troublesome."

We both let out a sigh as we walked side by side.

You could say that we all get along as a group, but just a small incident occurs and this is what happens. Good grief, this is such a big problem— but, even if I say that, the solution to this is actually pretty simple.

"Frankly speaking, I think just honestly rejecting her would've been fine. But that sort of thing is just really not my forte."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. It's like how someone who is everybody's friend is just needlessly trying to be a virtuous person. I wouldn't really want to say anything that could elicit a feeling of dislike from a person I don't really know well yet, so I got used to just holding it in. Before I knew it, I was already fed up with how I acted ingame."

Even though it was just in the game, I was a complete mess of a good person. In reality, I just make it up as I go but, somehow, in the game, I always properly think of what I should be saying or doing next.

"If it's enough to make her want to quit the game then just reject her!"

"Are you going to be the one doing that?"


'Of course not, isn't that obvious!', was the manner that she replied.

Of course right. You're that kind of person after all.

"In the end, we all in the club have problems talking to other people, so when it comes to times like this, it's really troubling."

"That's right…"

Speaking of Ako's communication abilities, if we're not with her ingame, Ako would just clam up the whole time. Then there's Schew who's good at dealing with others in real life but has that bad self persona ingame. For Master, she might not look like it, but she's pretty anxious around strangers. That made her so reluctant to Sette's last request earlier that she'd rather play solo. And as for me, I'm just myself, still trying too much to be everyone's friend while actually being fed up with this act— Really, ours is just a mashup of people who lack interpersonal skills.

"I don't want to say this but…"

Ako started her sentence like that while looking at her feet.

"Isn't changing our hangout spot also an option?"

"…To avoid meeting Sette-san?"



A hangout spot in net games is quite an important thing.

Having a place where you can gather and laze around when you're free ingame is especially important in a pleasant fantasy game setting such as this as it affects your motivation to play.

If you're free and you go to this spot, there would be someone there. If you wait there, someone would definitely come. When you've finished with what you have to do, you come back here. It's the important base you have for yourself if you were to consider the game as another one of your worlds.

However, the moment an outsider barges in that place, it would be troublesome. The place you selfishly decided as your hangout spot ingame was a public area. If anyone decides to drop by, you have no right whatsoever to deny them that spot.

That's why if you would talk about hangout spots, then having it change often is not necessarily unheard of. There are a lot of guilds that keep moving from place to place that it looks like they're escaping from something.

"But you know, it's not like Sette-san is a bad person or anything."

"That may be so but…"

That's why disappearing like that to run away would leave us with feelings of guilt.

But then again, it's not like I'm saying she's welcome there either.

If you think about the future, when dealing with beginners in the most genuine sense of the word, you have to properly take care of them. But honestly, when you're the one involved in the matter with them, it's pretty bothersome.

"And you see, this is just my personal opinion you see."

"What's the matter?"

Ako was earnestly looking at me with a serious look on her face.

"I really don't like it when Rusian goes to look after other girls."

"Aren't you being too honest there!"

To put it simply, it's jealousy huh!

"But, but! Isn't it fine to just look after me forever! Feeling happy about having other girl characters be attached to you is not allowed!"

S, she's serious. She seriously said that.

You could not see any hint of joking around in Ako's expression.

"In the first place, whenever Rusian looks after other people, you get too energetic about it! You should just be directing all of that energy towards looking after me!"

"Is there just no alternative scenario where my looking after you is not needed?"

"Why are you saying such a sad thing! That's cruel. Are you saying you don't find it fun being with me?"

"I don't think it's right to equate being with you to actually looking after you."

"My favorite motto is 'Salvation by faith in others'."

This girl is trash!

She's trash, she might be trash but, she's still my wife.

At the very least, I shouldn't be causing her sadness ingame. I don't intend to deny that I love her ingame after all.

When she wants me to look after her when she's feeling down, of course I would want to do that as well.

"…Ah, that's right. I just came up with a good idea."


"How about tonight, we go look for a good convenient place we can gather at that doesn't stand out? If we happen to find a good spot, we can have everyone transfer there."

"It's a date then!"

"…Date, is it?"

"It's a date. A date. I'll go and dress up for the occasion okay?"

I just meant it as a fly-by-night where we would be searching for our next spot, but if Ako thinks that, then that's fine as well.

But she wouldn't be this happy if I ask her out on a real date, would she?


"…? What's the matter?"

"Ah no, it's nothing."

Well, this is just like Ako after all, so it's fine.

Schew and Master went off to farm. Me and Ako moved our characters away from there so as not to be found, and proceeded to meet up at the place we've designated earlier.

Ako: —And there you have it. I came all dressed up just like I said.

To Ako, who was smiling from ear to ear as she said that, I answered without hesitation.

Rusian: Take it off.

Ako: Eeh? Right here? In a place like this?

That's enough of that joke. I don't need it right now.

True to her words, Ako came all dressed up and her appearance right now was that she changed into an extravagant dress.

That's right, it was a pretty extravagant dress. Based on her appearance, you can't even tell what cla.s.s she is anymore. No matter how you see it, this is clearly that 'dress' whose aim is to transform your avatar.

Ako: It was really expensive you know—, this one-time use avatar transformation dress.

Rusian: But doesn't that greatly lower your movement speed? I told you we would be going around the map checking out places.

Ako: Uuu… Its effect is going to run out in just thirty more minutes so please wait until that time.

TL note: Probable reference to the item Sweet Memory of Marriage in Ragnarok Online that can be bought for 50K zeny. The effects of this item last for one hour and makes you walk really slow and be unable to partic.i.p.ate in combat. Also changes your appearance to a wedding dress.

She just went and bought some meaningless item at a high price again. It's because you keep wasting money like that your gear is still incomplete.

It can't be helped. I guess we'll have to look around somewhere close by for now.

Rusian: I'm a bit worried about getting found out if we check places near the usual cafe but… For today, how about we just go around town?

Ako: Okaaay.

With Ako daintily walking by my side in her dress, we leisurely strolled around town.

Come to think of it, we still haven't gone on something like a honeymoon. The four of us are always hanging out together after all, so having time to just the two of us is pretty rare.

"A date… huh."

'I wonder if this is also one of the perks of the family system', was the stupid thing that I thought about.

Rusian: To start, when we speak of hangout spots there's that. It's close to the resp.a.w.n point, and just in front of the player shops. In addition, the warp point for it should already be readily available to us. That place is very convenient and has a lot of people gathering near it that it just ends up being a natural hangout spot for many.

Ako: Oh I know that. There's always a lot of people near the resp.a.w.n point.

TL note: This most likely refers to the Inside South p.r.o.ntera save point. If you've played Ragnarok Online back in its hayday (or if you play RO JP, right now), then you should be quite familiar with the spectacle being described here.

Rusian: Right? So for now— we're not going to go there.

Ako: We're not?

I nodded in response to her question.

Rusian: We're just a small scale guild after all.

We're not looking for somewhere very convenient to stay at, nor are we aiming to be at the top of anything. Just like in real life, what we're looking for is a corner we can just gather to laze around where no one would come to bother us.

Rusian: And so, there you have it. Candidate number one is a place just right outside town.

Ako: So it's not inside town but a field map right?

Rusian: That's right. Because of that, there should be less people around. But since it's close to the entrance of the town, it's still plenty convenient. As a candidate, I'd say it's not half bad.

Ako: It's still close to town so the BGM is still relaxing too. It looks pretty s.p.a.cious here as well so isn't this already a good spot?

TL note: Basing from above, this could be just outside South p.r.o.ntera's exit which is also often used as a gathering hub for dailies in RO JP, even now. Also, Ako's shoutout was to one of Ragnarok Online's great BGMs, Streamside (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCUNruxThQU).

Rusian: Isn't it? But well—, there's just one problem you see—

Ako: Is anything wrong about it?

You see, Ako, it's that thing behind you.

Ako: W, what's this? Just right over there… That's a monster right? Eh? Ah, wait for me. I'm going to get attac

Ako just got bitten by the wolf that was running behind her.

It's fine, it's fine. That monster's just small fry after all.

Rusian: You see. It's a field map after all, so aggressive monsters could always come and attack you. And well, it's near town so no dangerous monsters should come out, but if you happen to fall asleep here you might wake up to your character being dead. It's not a bad place to meet up per se, but you can't just relax in it either.

This is more of a place where you would gather up before you head out. But if your goal is to just sit around for hours chatting away idly, then this was not suited for that. It was that kind of place.

Rusian: I was thinking of seeing how often the enemies actually appear around here, but I guess they do appear quite often. I guess it's safe to say that we should just give up on this one.

As I was saying that, the number of wolves attacking Ako has increased to two. Well of course this is no good.

Ako: Uhm, err, Rusian? Could you help me out a bit here?

Rusian: It's fine. Even one hit from you is going to kill them instantly.

Ako: Err it's not that… If I have this dress equipped, I can't attack.

Rusian: ……

Ako: Kyaaa

I mercilessly hit the wolves attacking Ako with my shield, which sent them flying.

Candidate number one, rejected. If I pick this place, Ako is going to die.

Argh, let's just go on the next one.

Rusian: And here you have it, candidate number two. There's really no quests or NPCs here either, but at least it's inside of a building near the middle of town.

Ako: This place looks beautiful doesn't it—

Ir was a two-story building erected at a waterside. Just looking at the display, you could see that it's intended to be an inn. But since this game has no such systems anyway, these buildings simply exist.

TL note: This sounds more like the one in Aldebaran but since they're still in town (Ako still has her dress on) this is probably just one of the two inns in p.r.o.ntera (mostly probably the one on the left side as the right one is the PVP hub). There's no waterside there though so it's probably just made up.

Rusian: As long as people don't come here, this would be a pretty good place as well. As long as they don't come, that is.

Ako: Do people come here often?

Rusian: Often, is not something I'd say… Well, how about we go inside first?

I quietly slipped into the building with Ako in hand. We looked around while moving forward, checking for any signs of human figures— Just then, inside a single room were the figures of someone else. It was a pair of a male and a female character.

Ako: It looks like someone is here.

Rusian: Looks like it… Yep, I guess we should just pa.s.s on this one too.

Ako: I guess it can't be helped if someone else was using it before us but… Why do you think those two people are on the bed facing each other?

Rusian: …Dunno. Come on, let's go.

I don't want to talk about the reason for that. I have to get out of here before Ako realizes it.

I quickly urged her to go, but it seems Ako was faster in thinking, as she stopped her movement.

Ako: Huh… I got it! Going in a building that looks like it would a good place to get in a good mood, the inn, and sitting on the bed together as male and female— This can only be that!

Rusian: It's okay if you don't get it.

Ako: Wait, please wait. I've thought about this before too. Rusian keeps saying that the game and reality is different, but if you think about it the other way around, doesn't that mean we're a full-fledged couple ingame?

Rusian: That's right. I love you Ako.

I said something embarra.s.sing in an attempt to throw her off.

However, Ako looked pretty happy as she kept nodding her head and continued what she was saying without interruption.

Ako: Me too! But see, what that means is, it's fine to do things a couple would do ingame. For example, just like that couple over there, we could also engage in some hot and steamy cybering.

She went and said it. The word cybering she just mentioned refers the act of engaging in perverted acts ingame just by using text.

Rusian: We won't do that!

Ako: I'll make sure to properly lead you! Rusian's fingers softly trace down my body, and with that luscious sensation, you send my spine into a feeling of complete ecstasy.

Rusian: If you say any more than that, I'm seriously going to break up with you.

I'm going to imagine it after all! I'll unintentionally keep thinking about it! Her long black hair spread out on the bed, as the figure of Ako lay there. The sensation of touching that body of hers, the expression that she's going to make from that, and her sweet fragrance… Even though I've never seen it once, I won't be able to stop fantasizing about it!

Ako: Uuuu…, I'm very sorry—

Rusian: If you're going to apologize then just don't do it in the first place!

Just who or what would go ahead and say something like that to their lonely cla.s.smate? Is this torture? A punishment game? Or maybe this was meant to finish me off?

Candidate number two, also rejected. If I pick this one, I'll get the urge to do it with Ako.

Rusian: There's only one place left I can think of. It's not too promising but I figured we might as well look.

Ako: Okaaay.

And so, we have arrived at the last spot. It was the graveyard behind the church on the outskirts of town.

TL note: This is, as it literally says, the graveyard behind the church northeast inside p.r.o.ntera.

Rusian: The ambience of the last candidate is definitely not that good, so I thought there would be no people around but…

Ako: There's a lot of them here, isn't there?

It looks like it was already being used as a gathering spot since there were a pretty decent amount of people gathered here.

This place is not completely out of the question, but it seems there's just no room for us here.

And here I thought it would be fine if it was this desolate graveyard.

Rusian: It's a shame but this place is also—

'…no good so let's go home', was what I was going to say before someone called out from center of that group.

Nekohime: What's this? Rusian? Ako-chan?

Rusian: Eh… Nekohime-san?

The one who snuck out from the middle of that group was a character I knew fairly well.

Oh, it was Nekohime-san, who I thought was too busy with her job to log in so I could rarely see her ingame.

Nekohime: What are the two of mew doing here?

Ako: We're currently on a date.

Ako unwaveringly declared that to Nekohime-san. Do you have no shame at all?

Rusian: We're just err, taking a little walk… or something like that. What about you Nekohime-san?

Nekohime: Ah, uhm, that's… Meow should I put it…

It seems she had a hard time answering as she mumbled. Would you even normally gather in a place like this?

As she was saying that, another one from that group snuck out and momentarily swung his huge sword around.

†Cloud†: And just who the heck are you, knave—!

Err… Just what was that. That strange person just yelled at me. But why?

†Cloud†: You've confounded Nekohime-sama! Just what did you say to her!

Voices shouting out 'That's right, that's right!' could be heard.

Just what is… this, err what? What's with this situation?

Rusian: Ah no, I didn't do anything but… Nekohime-san? Those people are?

Nekohime: Uhm, they're people from a guild that I was in bepurr. Though we were all split up, they would sometimes gather up like this and I was furtunate enough to get acquainted with them again so…

†Cloud†: We are of the guild Nekohime's Elite Guard! As long as we're here, we shan't let anyone lay a finger on Nekohime-sama!

Rusian: Ah, please excuse us. We'll be heading back now.

I understand the situation now. I've understood everything now.

I'm just going to pretend this never happened and leave. That's for the best.

A wise man strays not into danger. Leave no room for misinterpretation. The wise thing to do in a tight situation is to retreat.

Nekohime: Just a meowment, Rusian! Meow got it all wrong! Everyone is just purring around! They're really just guild members from before that gathered up to talk a bit about the past—

Rusian: Let's go Ako. Nekohime-san is already a being that has far surpa.s.sed us.

Ako: Ok. …Rusian, please stay with me forever, okay?

Rusian: Yeah, we'll be together forever.

Nekohime: Meow got it all wrooooooong!

Candidate number three, rejected. It was already the base of operations for the new religion, Nekohime-ism.

Rusian: With this, all of the candidates I had in mind were rejected. Unfortunate as that may be.

Ako: It can't be helped. Everywhere we went there were people all around.

I know right? People who wouldn't think of just leaving their character anywhere in town would generally look for their own place. If it's a popular spot, it would immediately be buried under a large crowd.

And so, me and Ako went back to the usual cafe.

Sette: You're late.

Rusian: Ah… Yeah…

Ako: Ehe, ehehe…

To the sight of Sette-san, who waited for us in the cafe as if it were a natural thing, we could only bow our heads in dejection.

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