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Seiji headed to the hospital that Natsuya was staying for a checkup. He didn’t go into the details about his injury.

The president didn’t ask him for details, either. She informed him that he had been registered on the "VIP special guest" list for this hospital. As long as he came to this hospital or called them, he would be able to receive the best available service, which even included magical-related treatment, without her having to arrange it.

Seiji was very thankful for all this. He didn’t know what would happen in the future. Having a good medical facility as a safeguard was always rea.s.suring.

And his injuries today were on the light side, just as he a.s.sumed. He was fine after some basic treatment.

Seiji and Shika took a taxi home.

"Shika-chan, about secretly following me… although I still think it isn’t a good thing… this time, thank you for protecting me."

After consideration, Seiji decided to express his grat.i.tude.

His adopted younger sister secretly followed him and ambushed Iroha. Even though there were some problems with her actions, what she did was for his sake, so he was quite grateful.

"Brother Seiji…"

"Rather than worrying about myself, I’m more concerned that something will happen to you, so please try not to do dangerous things on your own, alright?"

Shika looked at her adopted brother’s smiling face and nodded.

And so, this night came to a conclusion.

On the next, brand-new day, during the morning.

Seiji exited his apartment and walked to the Uehara residence.

When he knocked on the door, Mika greeted him!

"Good morning…"

"Good morning…"

The two of them exchanged glances.

Then, Seiji smiled.

"Let’s go," he said.


Mika didn’t smile as she averted her gaze, but she also nodded.

She hadn't recovered completely yet, but she was definitely feeling better.

‘This must be thanks to Juumonji-sensei.’ Just as Seiji was thinking this, the blonde teacher walked downstairs.

"Good morning, Haruta-kun."

"Good morning… eh?"

Seiji realized that she'd addressed him by his real name rather than his alias.

Kaede smiled. "Yesterday, I chatted with Uehara-san about many things, including Haruta-kun."

"Oh… I see." Seiji blinked in understanding as he glanced at Mika.

She had a calm expression.

The three of them started walking to school together.

Seiji was curious as to what they chatted about yesterday night, but it would be imprudent to pry.

Kaede acted just like normal. She started a conversation with the school festival as the topic, although she only talked to Mika.

Mika answered her normally.

The two of them acted just like an ordinary student and teacher who had a good relationship.

Seiji was left out of it.

He was happy that Mika could talk normally now, but… what was with this situation?

He didn’t believe that he was the center of the world or anything like that, but… this still seemed rather odd to him.

He had no clue what happened last night or what they'd talked about.

It was slightly uncomfortable for him.

However, Mika had indeed gotten better, and this was thanks to Kaede. Seiji decided to believe in that Kaede could help Mika recover fully from whatever was on her mind.

After a few minutes, the three of them arrived at school.

After separating from Kaede, Seiji and Mika headed for their cla.s.sroom.

On their way, they met Chiaki.

"Good morning, you two." The tomboy smiled just like usual.

"Good morning." 

"Good morning…"

Chiaki looked at Mika’s face. Mika averted her gaze.

"Why didn’t you answer my phone calls, Mika?" asked Chiaki.

The tomboy was smiling, but her tone of voice was serious.

Seiji felt that the situation could possibly turn bad.

"Let’s go to the cla.s.sroom first; we can discuss things later…" He tried defusing the situation.

Chiaki ignored him. Mika also didn’t move.

Seiji didn’t know what to say at this.

"Answer me, Mika." Chiaki’s smile faded as she narrowed her eyes. "I was really worried about you… but you wouldn't say even a word to me."

The atmosphere turned heavy.

Just as Seiji felt that things really would turn bad, Mika lowered her head.

"Sorry…" the double-pigtailed girl apologized in a tiny voice.

Although her voice was extremely faint, it was clear.

Chiaki’s eyes softened after hearing this.

"Instead of an apology, I would prefer to hear an explanation. No matter what you were thinking about, it’s foolish to simply be frustrated by yourself. Not long ago, wasn’t I similarly being foolish? Weren’t you also really worried about me back then? If I treated you like you treated me, what would you think?"

Mika didn’t respond to this.

"Perhaps your frustration currently and my frustration from back then are different, but at the very least you should explain things. Even if you don’t want me to interfere, you should tell that clearly to me, instead of ignoring my phone calls and saying absolutely nothing."

Chiaki’s eyes were filled with fury. "Shutting yourself in like that is difficult to see, idiot!" she scolded Mika angrily.

Mika trembled from Chiaki’s lecturing.

Seiji inwardly sighed. ‘Wow, she's pretty strict.’

"Can you hear what I’m saying? Are your ears still working properly!?"

"I heard you…" Mika muttered softly.

"Then answer me: why didn’t you answer my phone calls!?"

Mika’s expression changed to a soft and complex expression. "Because… I wanted to contemplate by myself… about my own things."

"You don’t want me to ask about it? You think that I can’t help you at all?"

"…That’s right."

Faced with Chiaki’s fierce interrogation, Mika was finally forced to take action. She took a deep breath, lifted her face upwards, and finally faced Chiaki directly.

"I… don’t want to be asked about this, nor do I want to answer anything about it. That’s because it’s entirely my personal problem, and I need to figure it out by myself. I need to make a choice without depending on anyone else… at all."

"I know that, perhaps this is rather foolish, rather stupid of me. But… if I don’t do it like this, I feel… that I’ll always be… just like this."

Yes, that was right.

When Mika said this, she came to a sudden realization.

No matter what choice she made, whether it was to stay "ordinary" or become "special," she needed to make the decision by herself and take responsibility for the consequence of her choice.

This was her one and only… unique life.

Frustrations, fear, thoughts, decisions, choices… Everything she experienced was similar to countless other ordinary people. But this was her life, not someone else’s life.

No matter what choice she made, or what the result would be, as long as she made her decision resolutely instead of in a state of confusion, then there would be meaning!

This was her story. This was Mika Uehara’s story.

‘I don’t want to forever remain like this. I want to… step forth with my own power! Without relying on others. Even if they’re my best friends, the person I like, or my mother…’

Mika realized all this. Her newfound will on her face was displayed on her face.

Chiaki's eyes widened in surprise.

Seiji also noticed the change in Mika.

In just this short moment, something in the girl before them seemed to have changed on a foundational level.

This was the term known as maturity. Seiji was the first to realize what he had witnessed, and he smiled.

Even though he still didn’t know what Mika had been pondering all this time, he felt that it no longer mattered.

She was fine.

Since she possessed such an independent spirit and willpower, no matter what difficulties she faced, she wouldn’t need others to worry about her too much.

"Good answer, Mika," Seiji praised as he smiled. "This answer is just fine… right, Chiaki?"

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