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"I really can't say it." Boss Li shook his head. "His taste is far worse than yours, Second Young Master. Even his mother comes from the countryside. She is illiterate but wants to set up a company. Yet, she never considers her own abilities. In the end, she was hurt by your father. Don't you think her son is a joke? Let alone his mother. Aren't they simply letting themselves be a laughing stock for people?"

"That's just the way it is," Boss Zhang added, "I heard that the older one has a special addiction. It's no wonder Boss Fu banished him from the Fu family. If I had a son like this, I would be annoyed, too. Thankfully, Boss Fu still has you, Second Young Master."

Secretary Liang believed that everything was over after hearing what those two just said.

It was really over. Although their CEO didn't say any words from beginning to end, the faint smile on the corner of his mouth and his action of flicking the ash from his cigarette showed that he was unhappy.

It was necessary to know that since the CEO had regarded Fu Jiu as his little brother, he treated him as one of his own.

CEO always sided with his own people... It was really hard to say what would happen next...

With her left hand holding her chin, Fu Jiu looked completely evil. "It seems that both Boss Li and Boss Zhang haven't seen that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who was raised outside. Otherwise, you wouldn't have mistaken me for him. It is a real pity that I am the disinherited Young Master Fu who has a special addiction you were just talking about."

All of a sudden, Boss Li's and Boss Zhang's faces changed.

The smiles on the corner of their mouths froze abruptly!

This might be the most embarra.s.sing situation they had ever faced since they had started doing business.

Their faces burned so badly that they wished to find a hole to hide in. However, CEO Qin was sitting across them. No emotion could be gleaned from his distinguished and handsome face.

Did this mean that they still had a chance to reconcile the matter?

Boss Li thought of this and patted his forehead. "Look at these eyes of mine which have unknowingly entertained angels! I penalize myself with a cup!"

"It must be the result of listening to all the gossip that resulted in our prejudice against Young Master Fu. This wine must be drunk!" Boss Zhang tipped his head as he raised the cup as well.

Both of them felt bitter as they drank the wine.

Never would they have thought that Young Master Qin would be connected to this infamous nouveau riche, so they had mistaken Fu Jiu as the junior young master of the Fu family.

Well, now they knew how painful it was to be slapped in the face by others.

But Fu Jiu wasn't going to forgive them. There was something wrong with her, but her mother He Honghua was not a joke. Yet, she was laughed at in this way, and she as Lord Jiu was not willing to bear it. With some coldness in her eyes, she stood up. Her mouth was still half-curled in a smile. What she said was extremely cold: "Brother Mo, you eat first. Just like the two bosses said, I'm lacking in taste. So faced with someone I don't like, I can't eat or drink!"

Having just raised their cups, Boss Li's and Boss Zhang paused. They were wondering if they had to give him face or not with such a temper.

If not for Young Master Qin's presence, who would propose a toast to him?

What he had said had not only shamed himself, but also Young Master Qin.

Even though Young Master Qin recognized him as his younger brother, did he really think he was a blood brother?

How naive! They didn't need to do anything, and Young Master Qin would also not care where he was going!

But to their great surprise, Young Master Qin grabbed onto his wrist firmly. With his voice low, they did not know how he felt. "Didn't you agree that I would send you home?"

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