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Feng Shang knew why Fu Jiu had this reaction. He embarra.s.sedly scratched his head, and even his ears were red from blushing. "You, you probably think that I am very different from how I am in games. You-you-you should get used to it, my-my-my brother put a lot of money into my account for games, but not in real life, so-so-so I can only eat at my own hot pot store. You-you-you are the first person who didn't laugh at my stutter, so-so-so I really want to be friends with you!"

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and her eyes shimmered. "Your brother? You brother is Feng Yi?" After all, there were not many people who had this surname in Jiang City.

The cutie nodded and asked, "What-what-what's your in-game name? We-we-we can play together later."

"Take me raiding dungeons and take me flying?" Fu Jiu teased him by saying this because it was his motto in games.

When Feng Shang heard that, he blushed from head-to-toe.

Fu Jiu felt bad about teasing him too much. He was no Almighty Qin, who could deal with any situation coldly and arrogantly.

She thought about it and put down her chopsticks. She looked at Feng Shang and said, "I didn't have time to tell you back at the club. I'm Spade Z."

Feng Shang was dumbstruck!

Then, he pointed at her with his left hand and stuttered even more, "You-you-you are Spade Z?!"

"Yeah, Z is my code name," Fu Jiu said something confusing.

Feng Shang didn't get that. But!

Spade Z!

He said he was Spade Z!

The...the idol he had always wanted to meet, Spade Z!

Feng Shang didn't know what to say. He raised his head up. "Idol, let me calm myself down for a few seconds."

Fu Jiu laughed. "You're not stuttering anymore?"

Feng Shang noticed that he wasn't stuttering either. He just said all that so fluently because he was too shocked, okay!

After that, he thought of something and said, "That-that-that phony manager, he must-must-must be regretting it now. I-I-I saw you play games with Young Master Qin. He-he-he was out of his mind to treat you like that. Young Master Qin-Qin-Qin won't let him get away with this!"

"No more about me. What about you, why didn't you tell that manager that Manager Feng is your older brother?" Fu Jiu's lips curled up lightly. "You don't need to do the tests to get signed."

Feng Shang paused and lowered his voice. "I-I-I'm not good enough to become a professional. I-I-I stutter, I don-don-don't wanna get in because of my brother; I-I-I wanna do it on my own."

"Then in that case, would you be interested in teaming up with me?" Fu Jiu put her finger on her chin and looked up at Feng Shang deviously. "And blow those people's minds?"

Feng Shang was astonished. He looked up close at that beautiful face, which could drive countless girls crazy. Swaths of lights lit up in his eyes. "What should I do to blow their minds?"

"The e-sports compet.i.tion is in ten days. The Qin Group's official team members will come from those that signed up today... How about we win first?" Fu Jiu put her hand on Feng Shang's shoulder with a very graceful gesture. Her fair skin was glowing, and there was a hint of evilness in the curve of her mouth.

Strands of silver hair drooped down and covered both her eyes, concealing her face slightly.

But even so, with that pose, she left one's blood boiling with pa.s.sion!

"Yes!" The cutie grabbed Fu Jiu's hand. They looked like they had started a blood bond like two heroes!

Qin Mo walked in and caught this scene.

Fu Jiu had her hand on Feng Shang's shoulder, and she was talking to him close to his ears, with a flirty smile on her mouth...

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