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Chapter 1273: Youth 1

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Reyman did not waste any breath and charged ahead. He swiped his tail and clawed at Garen's waist.

However, Garen's claw had already blocked in front of him.

With a parry, the two claws smashed onto each other.

Garen did not move while Reyman flew away from the impact. He fluttered more than ten times to counter the force.

He hung in midair and started to chant incantations.

“This guy actually cultivated spellcrafting as well?” Garen was stunned as he saw a green bracelet on Reyman's wrist beamed in a dim light. He charged forward to elbow him.


It was blocked, but Garen's tail managed to whip at Reyman's mouth.


The whelps beneath saw that Reyman took a hit on his mouth and couldn't help but yelp. This was equivalent of having a human stomped on the mouth by a foot, an utter disgrace!

Reyman's incantation was cut short as he was blown away by the lash.

He knocked onto an ice wall with a bam and the impact left a mark resembling a spider web.

Such a powerful display of strength had the instructor's eyes twitching.

Garen stood on the ring, swiping his tail as he casually looked at Reyman who was attacked far away.

Another speedy kill…

“You're too weak.

“You should return and train for a longer period,” He threw these words and then stared at the instructor.

“Can I get down the stage now?”

The instructor looked at him three times before slowly nodding.


This fellow's strength was similar to a young dragon. How ferocious! He was considered a genius amongst the dragon race.

However, it was mainly his fighting instinct that allowed him to strategize appropriate attacks at the right time. He was naturally born to be a fighter.

“Wait! I wish to challenge you!” Suddenly, a dragon whelp flew high and landed on stage.

It was a young whelp that followed Reyman from behind. He garnered no attention in the beginning but now that he suddenly made his appearance, he attracted everyone's attention. After Reyman was killed so quickly, he dared to challenge. He must have something up his sleeve.

Garen carefully looked at this dragon whelp. He was smaller than Reyman. Although he wasn't as tough-looking as him, he was still bigger than any regular whelps.

“Who are you?” He asked directly.

“Cuboshaw, brother of Reyman.” The dragon whelp's ears were special, being long like an elf. His eyes were bright as they gleamed in unknown confidence.

“Then, come.” Garen didn't mind who would come at him. They were all a bunch of little children anyway.

He had just said these words when Cuboshaw swooshed to his right, clawing at his waist. His speed was faster than Reyman more than a tad. He was similar to Garen's speed.

Garen was struck by this. The growth of his body wasn't extraordinary. If it weren't for the nourishment of the Soul Power and the increase on his attributes, he would be a regular little White Dragon and Cuboshaw's speed could have caught up to his agility at 26 points. It seemed that there was no lack of innate and acquired training, he must have gone through some brutal training.

“So it seems I can't underestimate the dragon race training in this world…” He pushed his elbow to block his opponent's claw. At the same time, he tilted his head to spew a mouth of white dragon breath that formed into a white sword stabbing at Cuboshaw's face.

“Roar!” Cuboshaw released a compressed vigorious pressure. It was the Draconic Aura!

This Draconic Aura was explosive and had Garen's speed and reaction slowed down by half a beat. This gave him a chance.

He didn't care that his face that was frozen with a dragon breath. He lowered his head to ram into Garen's back.

Bam! Cuboshaw's tail lashed onto the back of Garen's right limb, causing a dull collision. The area at which he was whipped seemed to bring about an attributable attack as Garen's white scales was dyed to pale blue. It seemed to be some sort of poison as Garen's back leg grew stiff.

Stomp stomp stomp!

After the attack, Cuboshaw retreated three steps and landed on the other side of the ring.

A cloud of green poisonous gas spurted from a ring he wore on his right claw, engulfing Garen within.

“Garen! How sneaky you are to use tools!” Leona, who was beneath, couldn't bear to watch any longer as she yelled out with concern.

“That's right! It's not fair to use spellcrafting tools on the ring!” Boris and the rest hollered.

“What's not fair? Whether it's winning, losing, life or death, the human will not give you any fairness on the battlefield! They have always bullied others with numbers!” Cuboshaw smiled coldly. “If I were to kill him here, then it can only be blamed that on his lack of skill and no one else.”

“Instructor!” Leona looked at the instructor with disdain.

The instructor who was the only one who could stop this did not make a move. He stared coldly at all the dragons.

“What he said is true. We should stop at nothing to win. This is the practice taught to us by the humans. Many dragons die in the hands of the humans for standing firm with the old stance.”

Cuboshaw continued to smile coldly. He disregarded the dragon whelps that were stirring below.

“So you're saying that I can also carry with me a spellcrafting tool in a compet.i.tion!?” Boris coldly reb.u.t.ted. He could tell that the poisonous gas was a Level Five spellcraft. No matter how strong a dragon whelp, they would sustain a major injury. Although Garen's body seemed tougher than any regular whelps, he was still worried that he would be unable to bear it. Looking at the section where the green fog enveloped, he started to grow anxious.

“If you dare, you can come up on stage to try it out,” Cuboshaw was confident.

“What's there to be scared!?” Boris was agitated as he fluttered his wing to fly up there. However, quickly he was pulled back by Saszt from behind.

“Boss, no! Cuboshaw has at least three enchanted equipment and he himself is a genius in spellcrafting. He could blast at least five times the spellcraft. There's no point for you to go up there!”

“Then tell me, what can we do?!” Boris was enraged.

“I'll go!” Leona charged forward and got up the ring.

“Isn't this Great Elder's seventh granddaughter?” Cuboshaw recognized Leona. “What? You're up here to avenge your little boyfriend?”

“Shut your mouth!” A white glow overcame Leona and gathered into a white light blade before her. She shot it at Cuboshaw with a swoosh.

However, the light blade contorted by an unknown force when flying midway that it exploded into a spark of light.

“It's Counter Current Disturbance!” Leona recognized the spell craft. It turned out to be one of the

With a swoosh, Cuboshaw's figure appeared in front of Leona. His claw mercilessly struck at Leona's face.

“A lesson for you to know that with impulsiveness, comes punishment…”

Cuboshaw flashed a malignant smile. With this move, Leona's face would surely suffer a large scar that would permanently disfigure her.

“Interesting,” out of the blue, Garen's voice was heard from the poisonous gas.

Immediately, a white figure blazed out and knocked to the side of Cuboshaw.


A weight similar to a mad elephant rammed onto Cuboshaw. He wailed out loud as he was knocked away.


It was not known when Garen dashed out of the poisonous gas. He was unscathed. He followed up with a vicious claw on Cuboshaw's waist.


Another loud crash was heard as Cuboshaw crashed onto the ground being seized by the waist. The pain almost had him unconscious. He must have broken a few bones around his waist.

“Cuboshaw!” Reyman watched with anxiousness. It was really a fight to the death for Garen! If this were to continue with another two strikes, Cuboshaw would lose his life!

The instructor beside was watching with eyes twitching. He was gasping in awe within on the viciousness of Garen.

The last claw that Garen raised was aimed at Cuboshaw's head.

“Help!” Cuboshaw finally lost his cool as he screamed out.

“It's over,” Garen violently whipped his claw downwards.


His claw could not make it all the down. The instructor had somehow made his way before him with his claw locked against Garen's.

“Instructor, what is the meaning of this?” Garen curled his lips into a smile as he looked at the instructor was who was no more than half a meter away from him. This adult White Dragon body as similar to an elephant and taller than him by a tad. His physique was much tougher.

“Do not overdo it. It is not allowed to stir trouble in the Nurturing Center,” The instructor coldly answered.

“But earlier, he intended to bully my friend.” Garen smiled.

“I said, do not overdo it.” The instructor frowned.

“I said, earlier he intended to bully my friend.” Garen returned with the same words. The smile on his face was slowly fading away.

“I don't care. This is a ring and whatever I say, goes!” The instructor grew impatient.

“Whatever you say, goes? Then go to h.e.l.l! Roar!” Garen howled and knocked onto the instructor. His claws repeatedly struck over ten times like lightning. His tail was a stake stabbing at the instructor's face. He exploded with a full blown cold killing intent.

The instructor felt chills as he immediately camouflaged in full body ice armor. He lowered his head and drew in Dragon Breath while at the same time, clawing both claws at Garen.


Two White Dragons, big and small, collided with each other, exploding a white layer of ice fog.

A white figure flew out and landed with his claw on the ground. It pulled a long hissing scratch before stopping.

The white figure was Garen. He bent over with his head down without moving. The muscles on his body were in baling knots that it gave off a unified solid feeling. A stretch of slight white chill lingered around his body and faded. Drops of dragon blood slowly dripped onto the ring from his right claw.

And on the other end, the instructor's figure emerged from the white fog. He was clenching onto his abdomen. It looked as though he was suddenly startled and suffered no wounds.

He stared at Garen coldly for long before uttering one sentence.

“No exceptions the next time!”

“Thank you for your understanding.” Garen smiled and got up as a human would with two back limbs erected. His white tail was gently swiping behind him like a python.

The instructor howled before turning and fluttering his wings to fly out of the valley. It wasn't long when he disappeared out of sight.

“Cla.s.s dismissed,” A voice was heard from afar.


The dragon whelps below burst into an uproar. Garen dared defy an instructor! And an adult White Dragon, too!

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