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Chapter 641: Fans Go Crazy As Long As He Dances! Trending Page Blows Up!

Only Shen Qianzi knew about Master Bi going to Capital University. She would also return to Capital University. The Shen family had sent a private jet over to pick her up.

“Teacher, you are going to the Capital?” When An An heard this, she turned to Gu Yin. “Yinyin, didn’t the medical organization give you 15 days leave? You said that you intended to return to Ming City. Maybe you can go with Teacher?”

When Master Bi heard this, he was delighted. He had intended to visit the medical organization and go to Ming City with Gu Yin.

He looked at Gu Yin and asked, “Yinyin, have you booked your flight tickets?”

Gu Yin answered, “I haven’t confirmed the return date.”

Master Bi asked for her opinion. “Would you like to return with me?”

Gu Yin bit her lip and smiled. “Alright, thank you, Teacher.”

An An looked at the two of them and pondered for two seconds before saying, “Teacher, you are all going to the Capital. I want to tag along as well. I have nothing going on myself.”

Gu Yin’s eyes glowed slightly. She remembered how Joston had slapped An An for her rudeness towards Gu Mang.

Gu Mang was in the Capital. If An An met Gu Mang, she probably wouldn’t let her off easily…

The instructor placed Gu Mang in charge of the program for the Welcome Night.

Gu Mang did not intend to perform. Shao Jin and the arts department of the medical school picked twelve people with dance backgrounds.

On Sat.u.r.day morning.

A group of people arrived in the dance studio at school.

Gu Mang handed them a thumbdrive. “This is the music that I have chosen. I will practice with all of you today. Senior, take a video and practice based on it afterwards.”

Shao Jin nodded. “Sure.”

They had all agreed upon this in the chat group the day before. Gu Mang did not have much time. She led them for a day, then they practiced on their own.

Among the twelve people, some were freshmen while some were soph.o.m.ores.

A girl asked, “Do we rent our costumes from outside of school?”

“There’s no need for that.” Gu Mang stuck one hand in her pocket and pressed her baseball cap down with the other. “I will take care of the costumes.”

Gu Mang’s personal information had spread around Capital University long ago. They all knew that she was Lan Ting’s designer.

The girl looked at Gu Mang in disbelief. “Big boss, you’re not going to use Lan Ting’s clothes, are you?”

It was too much of a luxury to use clothes from Lan Ting during Welcome Night.

Gu Mang raised her eyebrows. “Is that not allowed?”

The girl’s expression was really complicated. “No, Lan Ting doesn’t rent out their clothes. They only sell them. Also, they’re really expensive and we are only wearing them once. It is quite a waste if we buy them…”

Gu Mang kept a blank face. She answered simply, “Don’t worry, listen to the music once first.”

The others did not know Gu Mang well. She had the aura of a big boss and she was cold, so no one dared to speak much.

But they were really impressed with Gu Mang’s generosity.

Shao Jin walked to the front of the speakers and put in the thumb drive. Then, he put on the music.

The piano melody played throughout the dance studio. Just the first ten seconds of the melody made everyone’s expressions change. They looked amazed.

There were some drum elements added at the back and the piano seemed to be accented somehow. The music shot right through their hearts. It was pa.s.sionate yet cool. People couldn’t help but indulge in the intense combination.

“Is this what we will be dancing to? It’s so good and I actually haven’t heard it before,” someone said to himself.

The others nodded in agreement. Someone took out their phone and used an application to identify the song but no results came up.

“Why isn’t it coming up?” the person said in confusion. Such a good song had to be at least somewhat popular if not viral!

Gu Mang did not make a sound. Everyone didn’t care to press on. They just listened to the music in silence. They had all learned dance and they were also Sheng Ting’s fans.

They knew Sheng Ting’s dance style.

As long as Sheng Ting danced, the fans would go crazy and the trending page would blow up.

His dances had all been ch.o.r.eographed by Gu Mang.

Almost everyone had an image of Gu Mang dancing in their minds as they listened to the music. They could even imagine this piece going viral at Welcome Night.

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