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MW Chapter 24: Feeling wronged, ZhouDu replied, "But I want to."

Translated by MengHu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

XiaYao's tears were like highly concentrated sulfuric acid that dripped through ZhouDu's neck, and that burning sensation sent shivers down ZhouDu spine. He didn't dare to release his grip on XiaYao, nor did he have the guts to look at his crying face. All he could do was keep XiaYao tightly in his embrace and never let go.

"ZhouDu," XiaYao said in his trembling voice, "Can you say it again?"

"Say what?" ZhouDu replied vaguely.

XiaYao paled. He opened his mouth, and it took a while before he could find his voice.

"Say-say you like me, can you say it again?"

ZhouDu tightened his grip around XiaYao, and spoke with his deep voice into XiaYao's ear, "XiaYao, I like you."

"I like you, I really like you."

"I love you, XiaYao."

These were the words XiaYao had been awaiting two lives. He couldn't believe what he heard, and struggled to free himself from ZhouDu, his glance fixated on the male before him, as if he were trying to make sure that the ZhouDu standing before him was real.

ZhouDu started feeling embarra.s.sed from being stared at too much, so he turned his head so the side awkwardly. He quickly undid the action when he saw a tinge of disappointment flash through XiaYao's eyes.

And so, the two in the room remained standing there staring each other. A light breeze blew in from the window that was never closed and brushed past XiaYao's cheeks.

ZhouDu's cheeks were burning from XiaYao's pa.s.sionate stare. He looked at XiaYao with antic.i.p.ation, "Your turn."

"What?" XiaYao was confused.

"Your turn to say it."

"Say what?"

"Say you like me!" ZhouDu immediately felt anxious. "I already told you that I like you. It's your turn now, say it quickly."

XiaYao's gaze softened. His hands reached out to grab onto ZhouDu's shoulders while he pressed his lips onto ZhouDu's without any warning.

ZhouDu's eyes widened. The thought of XiaYao initiating a kiss had never pa.s.sed through his mind.

XiaYao, who was only a few centimeters away, had his eyes closed, lashes swaying slightly, and plastered on his good-looking face was a layer of bright red.

The kiss was like a piece of feather that swept through ZhouDu's heart, the sensation struck through him like a bolt of lightning, leaving his whole body limp and numb.

The kiss didn't last longer than a simple peck. Before ZhouDu could react, XiaYao already released his grip on his neck.

"I-," XiaYao was embarra.s.sed after the kiss as well, "I like you too, ZhouDu."

ZhouDu's heartbeat shot its way up to 180 beats per minute. The way he looked at XiaYao was like a little puppy looking at meat bones, and he said excitedly, "So you won't get angry if I kiss you now?"

XiaYao lowered his head hurriedly and said, "We should head back to the field."

ZhouDu grabbed onto XiaYao's hand and prevented him from leaving, "No, you kissed me just now, I need to return the kiss." And he crashed into XiaYao before the latter could react.

XiaYao took a step back out of reflex, but that was stopped by a firm grip over his waist.

"You kissed me, so it's only fair that I kiss you back as well." As he said that, he placed his lips onto XiaYao's.

XiaYao was overtaken by both the sweetness and sourness of the kiss. ZhouDu's kisses were not foreign. When they were in bed, no matter if it was before or after the action, ZhouDu always liked to kiss him. His eyes, nose, ears, chin, everywhere on his body had been kissed by ZhouDu.

XiaYao closed his eyes, picturing how ZhouDu used to kiss him in the past. As a result, his mouth opened itself unconsciously.

Our little ZhouDu here had always thought that kissing was just a peck on the lips. He never knew you could still open your mouth. Out of agitation, he sucked on XiaYao's bottom lip.

This act of ZhouDu's sent electric shocks through both of them. ZhouDu felt as though his heart could explode from beating too quickly, and XiaYao felt the same. When they finally separated from each other, both of them were gasping for air.

"Le-Let's go," XiaYao stumbled over his own words. ZhouDu did not say anything, as he kept his gaze firmly on XiaYao.

ZhouDu's stare was eventually heating XiaYao up, so the latter could only escape by pretending to retrieve the mineral water.

ZhouDu acted like an extra large-sized pet. Wherever XiaYao went, he tagged along, and repeated the same questions again and again relentlessly, "Can we kiss again tomorrow?"

"Can we kiss again the day after as well?"

"Can we…"

"Stop," XiaYao cut ZhouDu off embarra.s.sedly, "Let's bring the water back first, everyone's waiting."

"Okay," ZhouDu replied half-heartedly in discontent. He made use of the time they took to walk back to the field and continued asking, "We really can't tomorrow?"

XiaYao almost started burning from his questions. He replied with a vague, "Yeah."

Feeling wronged, ZhouDu replied, "But I want to."

XiaYao almost wanted to bury himself into the ground, "Stop asking."

ZhouDu started feeling unhappy. He grabbed XiaYao's hand, which was holding onto the mineral bottles, and said, "Why can't I ask? I like you, so I want to kiss you tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. I want to kiss XiaYao everyday."

Fl.u.s.tered from ZhouDu's persistency, XiaYao replied, "That's okay, but make sure there's no one else around…"

XiaYao couldn't even finish his sentence before ZhouDu pecked him on the lips again. Then, grinning as if he won something, ZhouDu said, "There's no one here now."

"ZhouDu, stop fooling around," XiaYao blushed as he held a few mineral bottles to his chest. "We've been here for too long, let's head back to the field."

ZhouDu gave a reply in satisfaction and tagged along behind XiaYao, so proud that his tail could extend up to the sky.

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