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Translator: Jawbrie

A pleasant humming escapes my lips.
Charles had now left and it was time for us sisters to have our usual time alone together. I was very high-spirited and the melody that my voice made was proof of it.
This tune that had popped into my mind was a song that had played at a ball I had once attended. It was that day where we danced to the barely audible music and then fell in a most grandiose fashion.
The song was played in a continuous, slow temp and I hummed along to the fragments that remained in my memories.


For some reason Mishuli was now looking at me with a rather dissatisfied expression.

"Sister, you look happy."
"Fufufu, indeed I do."

I admit and laugh at Mishuli's a.s.sertion. Though, it was not as if I were trying to hide it. In fact, I was feeling very, very fine right now.
I pat Mishuli on the head good-naturedly.

"Ehehe. Mishuli, it is all thanks to you."
"…What happened with you and Charles?"

Mishuli was a sharp little one. Her words had hit the nail on the head and I smile giddily.

"Fufufu, Mishuli, you told me did you not? That it may be a good idea to reconsider my distance with Charles. And so I did just that, with great results."

I don't know, but it seemed to me that in just one day, I and Charles had become much closer all of a sudden. And this was somehow making me very happy. I am sure it was because we had deepened our friendship, but there was also this sensation, as if my heart was floating. It was most exciting.
And all of this was because Mishuli had been kind enough to make the suggestion. I pat her on the head for being so good, enjoying the feel of her hair which was soft like melted honey.


While I was in a good mood, Mishuli's eyes were a little annoyed.

"I don't care anymore."

Care about what? It was embarra.s.sing for me, as her older sister, but I could not understand what she meant by it.

"Uh…about what?"
"It's nothing. It's not like I regret saying something unnecessary or anything."

She said bluntly as if not allowing further questioning. Mishuli's lips were now pouting as if she were sulking.
Then she came to sit on my lap.
From on top of my lap, she slowly leaned backward, entrusting me with all of her weight. I was at a loss by this affectionate behavior as she pressed into me, which was so different than the rebellious words she had just spoken.
I just could not grasp what her words and actions meant. What was this? Was this perhaps her rebellious phase? But if her rebellious phase was going to be this adorable, then I was rather looking forward to it.
Well, it didn't really matter now.
Mishuli had come to sit on my lap. I pushed aside any questions that roamed in my head and embraced her as I felt her weight.

"Fufufu. You are so adorable."
"…Ehehe. You are so cool, sister!"

This back and forth was like our secret pa.s.sword. And at those words, Mishuli finally broke into a smile, and I feel complete happiness.
In 'Labyrinth Destiny.' Mishuli had been put in an unhappy environment. It was in fact, one of the concepts of the story: an oppressed and downtrodden girl who finds the road to success.
But, what about us now?

"Mishuli. Are you happy?"

She rejoiced with a short but gentle answer as I held her.
If we were both happy, then there was no reason for us to be taken up by whatever fate had in store. Here, there was no sad orphaned girl being oppressed in the duke's house. No duke's daughter who bullied her.
In that case, the fate who had once showed its face could not come here.
I hugged Mishuli even tighter as she bounced with a nod.

"I am too! We sisters really are the strongest together!"
"We are! …Ah. But, sister…"

Mishuli suddenly added as we confirmed the strength of our sisterly bond.

"I'll do my best too."

What was she going to do her best in? I let go of her and looked into her face. Her blue eyes were burning ferociously.

"I won't ever lose. After all, we sisters are the strongest!"

My personal doubts aside, Mishuli had apparently made a decision with the most unshakable resolve.
What could possibly have stirred her like this? It was a little strange to me, but if Mishuli was going to give something her all, then I would do the same in order to root for her.

"Do your best! Mishuli!"
"Yes, I will!"

I chuckle as I see that she had clenched her fists, and I am once again convinced of something.
We sisters could easily defeat this rebellious phase or adolescence. We were so happy together, there was no room for any sadness to enter.
It would be the same for this fate thing.
It had been two years since fate had shown its face to me. And since then, I have not once felt its strong presence. 'Labyrinth Destiny' was only knowledge I had from a past life, it showed the trajectory of a fate that had nothing to do with ours. These hint-like recollections were nothing more than tricks of the imagination.

I was able to think that this was so; then the next day came.
It had come to pay our mansion a visit, as if it had been called by fate itself.

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