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Chapter 575: Kind Junior Brother Is Present…

The atmosphere in the mountaintop array formation was inexplicably oppressive.

In the Shang Nation’s capital, the grand celebration ceremony was still ongoing. Fortunately, the Primordial World did not have the custom of “I’ll say a few casual words”. Mortals sang and danced, and they resolved the marriage problem of the young men.

The young men and women looked at each other, knocked a dragon unconscious, and carried it away. It was an old tradition of the human race.

If a handsome young man like Bian Zhuang did not have Dharma powers to protect himself, he would easily die in such an occasion.

However, at that moment, Bian Zhuang did not have the leisure to look at that. His Dao heart trembled a little, so much so that he forgot to admire the beautiful figure wrapped in the light. Instead, he stared at his backer in shock.

The Heavenly Courts’ authoritative G.o.d, Taibai Jinxing.

What do you mean by bluffing?

That was deception!

He could twist facts around and deceive everyone!

With that standard, he would definitely be famous in the Primordial World. It would be easy for him to distinguish the past and present!

Bian Zhuang suddenly understood.

Why did the Western Sect repeatedly suffer losses when facing the Venus Sovereign? Why did the ancient figures fall? Why could the Heavenly Courts have such a good situation?

Wasn’t that all because of Taibai Jinxing’s persuasion?


This outcome was difficult to accept.

The otherworldly Heavenly Fiend, who was supposed to be the nemesis of the living beings of the Primordial World, were actually transformed into a kind female immortal who was recognized by the Heavenly Dao when Lord Taibai Jinxing spoke. She instantly changed her living form.

In fact, she seemed to be grateful to Lord Taibai Jinxing who had guided her out of the maze.

That was a little… a little…


That made Bian Zhuang subconsciously recall if he had been fooled by the Lord Star Lord’s mystical abilities and Dharma spells during the years he had followed him. Why was he so loyal and did not dare to disobey the Lord Star Lord’s orders?

After thinking for half a day, Bian Zhuang finally confirmed it.

He was really afraid of Taibai Jinxing. It had nothing to do with Taibai Jinxing’s bluffing technique.

Simply put, he was not qualified.

In the array formation, Bian Zhuang looked at Jiu Jiu, who was standing in another corner. He hid behind Ao Yi silently and waited for the four big shots to speak.

At that moment, Li Changshou’s paper effigy, the Jade Emperor’s incarnation, the Great Daoist Master’s admirer, Kong Xuan, and the reincarnation of the Lady of Earth’s Seven Emotions were standing beside the Mutated Heavenly Demon.

Quan Dong, Kong Xuan, and the Seven Emotions girls were checking the Heavenly Fiend Girl’s condition.

Clearly, they had discovered something unusual about this matter.

The four of them exchanged glances and retreated to the side. Their expressions were complicated, but Li Changshou was the calmest.

After all, although the outcome of this matter was beyond his expectations, the process was all controlled by him. It was not complicated to understand.

For example, in the Primordial World, regardless of whether it was Connate lifeforms or Postnatal lifeforms, they would easily develop mental demons because of their own seven emotions and six desires, or because of their Dao heart obsessions, or because their essence souls were damaged.

What was a mental demon?

Li Changshou had mentioned to Ling’e before that the creation of mental demons could be understood as a Qi Refinement cultivator’s self-doubting.

Li Changshou had once a.s.serted that a fairy like Youqin Xuanya would never be fated to have a mental demon.

Although he was proven wrong later on, it was indeed because of her relationship problems back then that she developed self-doubts and caused her mental demons to be born.

What was a Heavenly Fiend?

The otherworldly Heavenly Fiends referred to all kinds of Chaos living beings who harbored ill intentions towards the Primordial World and kept trying to invade the Primordial World. Most of them were created by the Connate G.o.dfiends who had escaped the Great Tribulation.

For example, the previous Du Shuren and the current Mei Wenhua were Chaos living beings who could invade the Dao hearts of immortals and trigger them to fuse with the mental demons of the living beings of the Primordial World.

They were born from the Heavenly Fiend Supremacy and seemed to have been separated from him.

During Li Changshou’s research on Du Shuren, he had already confirmed a fact.

Each and every Heavenly Fiend was formed by a single True Spirit.

It was known that the Connate G.o.dfiends of the Chaos Sea were the same as the Great G.o.d Pangu. They were powerful living beings born from countless True Spirits gathered on the incomplete Great Dao.

The Heavenly Fiend Supremacy should have a mystical ability that could split the True Spirit that const.i.tuted his body again and transform it into these otherworldly demons of different forms. There was a high chance that he could absorb the True Spirit in the Chaos Sea again and continuously produce new otherworldly demons.

Would killing the Heavenly Fiend Supremacy solve the problem of the otherworldly demons?

Li Changshou had such an idea, but the final conclusion was actually uncertain.

The most fundamental move to deal with the otherworldly demons was to melt the Great Dao of the Heavenly Fiend Supremacy. Otherwise, another Heavenly Fiend Supremacy would still be born.

On the basis of understanding that, it was actually reasonable to look at the “mutation” produced by Mei Wenhua.

The living beings of the Primordial World were born from the resonance of the True Spirit and the Great Dao of the Primordial World. Their essence of life was the same as the Heavenly Demons. Most of the mental demons of the living beings of the Primordial World were born in the depths of their essence souls. They could affect the nature of living beings and amplify their negative emotions.

Heavenly Fiends had the possibility of developing mental demons.

Under the effect of the power of the seven emotions, Mei Wenhua had been fooled by Li Changshou into completely denying herself. She had developed a “holy will” that was similar to mental demons. All kinds of conditions had been cleverly achieved.

Due to the unstable “structure” of Mei Wenhua, it was directly a.s.similated by the Dao laws of the Primordial World when the True Spirit and the originally incomplete Great Dao fluctuated and split. It became a spiritual body that was close to the Primordial World…

Although Li Changshou still had some doubts, he understood the situation.


From the looks of it, my story would probably spread again.

Yes, just don’t let Daoist Jingkou of Kunlun Mountain know.

Quan Dong muttered softly, “Changgeng, this matter is too mysterious. Although I sensed the power of the Heavenly Dao and understood the cause and effect of this matter. However, in the end… it’s too unbelievable. ”

However, Kong Xuan said, “What a pure good will. This spirit body seems to have received the protection of the Heavenly Dao.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “The Heavenly Dao should be interested in her. I never thought that planting a mental demon in the Heavenly Demon’s heart would have such an effect.”

Quan Dong praised, “If that’s the case, the danger of the otherworldly demons can be resolved.”

“Let me say this first.” The Seven Emotions girl raised a finger and slowly shook it. “I can’t attack casually. Once the balance of the Seven Emotions is broken, the problem will be even more troublesome than the otherworldly demons.”

Li Changshou smiled and asked, “Can you let Little Grief out?”

“Then I’ll test you.” The Seven Emotions girl blinked at Li Changshou and smiled innocently. “Guess who I am now?”


“Uh, how did you know?”

Li Changshou pursed his lips and said calmly, “When G.o.ddess Nuwa created this body for you, I was always there. I naturally observed something.”

The incarnation of desire deliberately bit her lips when she heard that. Her eyes were filled with panic and her face was filled with shyness. She subconsciously pinched the collar of her dress and whispered, “Then, doesn’t that mean that you know everything about me?”

Li Changshou looked helpless. Quan Dong frowned slightly.

The incarnation of desire rolled its eyes and snorted softly. It closed its eyes, and the world seemed to darken.

“Ah.” Little Grief sighed softly. “It’s too difficult for me. I still have to be teased by them. They even said that they will let me deal with them in front of you in the future. Clearly, I have nothing to do with you.”

He sighed.

Li Changshou felt a little awkward. He did not know how to explain to Little Grief.

After all, it was his fault. He was worried that it was not safe outside. He would not go out if he could. After all, as long as he moved, he would easily provoke karma.

When Kong Xuan saw that, she took the initiative to help Li Changshou out of the predicament and said,

“Don’t think that way. Changgeng is really busy. According to my understanding, he rarely takes the initiative to go to Fairy Yun Xiao’s Three-Immortal Island.”

Quan Dong nodded. “That’s right. I can testify.”

Little Grief sighed dejectedly. “Friends are indeed not important.”

“Well…” Li Changshou hurriedly said, interrupting Little Grief’s increasingly intense sorrow.

That was how she was. If he did not change the topic in time, she would fall into a strange cycle of becoming more and more sorrowful. No matter what she said, she would be pessimistic.

Li Changshou said, “Little Grief, can you attack again? I want to confirm if this Heavenly Fiend really has a mental demon and is not trying to deceive us.”

Little Grief agreed softly. She turned around and walked to the side of the young girl who was curled up in mid-air. She sighed leisurely.

A light gray wave mark wrapped around the young girl and did not affect the others.

Kong Xuan asked, “Do you want to use this method to resolve the troubles of the otherworldly demons?”

“That’s right.” Li Changshou smiled and said, “If we can resolve this matter, Senior Brother can be more carefree and not be trapped in Xuandu City anymore. Senior Brother’s kindness to me is as great as a mountain. I can only repay you with these things.”

The Jade Emperor smiled and said, “When the Heavenly Courts become stronger, we can send troops to guard it. The Heavenly Generals will take turns to guard the Xuandu City.”

Kong Xuan frowned slightly and pondered.

She seemed to be hesitating.

She was originally decisive in killing and never did anything sloppily. However, she rarely spoke.

Li Changshou seemed to be able to see through her thoughts. He smiled and said, “Now that the Shang Dynasty has been established and the destiny of the Human Emperor has been formed, not everyone can move freely. Why don’t we do this? The Heavenly Courts will send troops to guard the border between the Middle Continent and the South Continent. Then, they will set up an envoy to patrol the mortal world and eliminate the Demon Heavenly Masters. The Heavenly Dao will protect the Shang Nation. In that case, Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to guard this place. You can also go to Xuandu City to help my Senior Brother.”

Quan Dong said seriously, “Is the situation in Xuandu City urgent again?”

“That’s right. The situation is not optimistic.”

Li Changshou secretly praised the Jade Emperor. As expected of the best partner of the Heavenly Courts. They had a tacit understanding.

“Especially since the Heavenly Fiend mutation this time might anger the Heavenly Venerate. When the Xuandu City was in an emergency 80 years ago, the Kun Peng and four or five Connate G.o.dfiends suppressed the Xuandu City. My senior brother guarded the entrance of the Primordial World. His long hair was disheveled, and his Dharma powers were almost exhausted. He relied on the Taiji Painting to support himself and did not take half a step back. Senior Brother’s back was so determined… We went to help. Senior Brother was also worried that we had fallen into the Heavenly Demon’s Dao. He took the Cosmic Ruler and repelled the Kun Peng and the other living beings of the Chaos. That battle. It’s a long story.”

“Can I go there?”

Kong Xuan took a step forward. Her phoenix eyes were filled with urgency. “Can the Grand Pure One allow me to help him? My Five-colored Divine Light can transform the Chaos aura into the five-element spiritual power in the Chaos Sea. Not only will I not be affected in the Chaos Sea, but I can also obtain endless Dharma powers!”

Li Changshou’s eyes lit up. Kong Xuan’s eyes were filled with urgency. She could not wait to fly over.

However, Li Changshou was not in a hurry. Instead, he wanted to settle the matter between his senior brother and Kong Xuan today.

“This… the Xuandu City is very important.”

Li Changshou hesitated. When Quan Dong saw that, he immediately knew what his beloved Changgeng was plotting.

He, who should have cooperated with the performance, was doing his best to perform. His eyes were filled with worry, and he kept muttering to himself to create background sounds.

“I’ll ask Teacher,” Li Changshou said. “After all, the Xuandu City is the Holy Land of the Dao Sect. It’s also outside the world. It’s safer to ask Teacher.”

Quan Dong said, “Are we going outside the Nine Heavens now?”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

Li Changshou waved his sleeve and a blank scroll quickly spread out in front of him. Then, he picked up his brush and drew. His long hair and arms danced up and down as he drew the worship version of the Grand Pure One riding the ox.

Then, Li Changshou used his immortal power to place the painting in front of him. He took out a meditation cushion and an incense burner and lit three incense sticks. He knelt on the meditation cushion and said loudly,

“Teacher, I’m Changgeng! In order to prevent the previous predicament in the Xuandu City from happening again, I would like to invite Fellow Daoist Kong Xuan to help Senior Brother in the Outer World. If Teacher allows, please give me a token or two. That way, Senior Brother can understand this matter!”

As soon as Li Changshou finished speaking, a corner of the Saint portrait floated up. There were wisps of mysterious and obscure Saint Dao runes inside, causing the immortals present to be shocked.

Long Ji hurriedly walked forward and knelt behind Li Changshou. Ao Yi and Bian Zhuang immediately bowed. Quan Dong also bowed to the portrait.

At that moment, the universe did not fluctuate. However, a small vortex appeared in front of Kong Xuan. Two Spirit Pills that emitted seven-colored streams of light landed in front of Kong Xuan and she raised her hand to catch them.

Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill!

It was different from the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill refined by the Grand Supreme Elder. It was different from the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill that could revive the dead. The two Spirit Pills contained pure Taiji Infinite Dao and emitted the intent of perfection.

One pill could allow mortals to ascend and become Heaven Immortals!

Only the Grand Pure One, who could withstand the pressure of the Heavenly Dao, could refine such a pure and simple Spirit Pill that could increase one’s comprehension of the Great Dao and provide enlightenment.

As for these two pills, they were from the ancient times and limited in number.

Under the restrictions of the Heavenly Dao, everything was balanced. The pill was the same.

If a mortal used such a pill, the Heavenly Dao would lock down the path of his cultivation. In the present world, such a pill was actually a disguised poison to Qi Refinement cultivators who were Golden Immortals.

However, if he were to use it on the phoenix race, coupled with the Primordial Phoenix True Blood in Kong Xuan’s hands, he would be able to nurture two Golden Immortal phoenix clansmen!

The Grand Pure One had not just given him a token. He had probably given half of the betrothal gifts.

Kong Xuan did not hesitate to put the two pills into her sleeve. Then, she folded her hands in front of her waist and bowed to the portrait…

“Huh? Achoo!”

On the city wall of Xuandu City, the Eldest Senior Brother of the Dao Sect, who was lying on a soft and comfortable meditation cushion, rubbed his nose in a daze.

With the composite array formation that Changshou had designed, the Great Daoist Master’s waist and legs no longer hurt. The otherworldly demons outside did not dare to gather. They finally slept soundly.

However, what the Great Daoist Master did not know was that at the same time, on the peak of the mountain outside the capital city of the South Continent’s Shang Nation, Li Changshou was handing a jade token, a pearl, and some trinkets to Kong Xuan.

The jade token recorded a mystical ability.

Although it was called a mystical ability, it was actually the first half of an entire set of Dharmic formulations. Li Changshou had just used it previously. He used the essence Sea Serpent Qi to build an illusion and then invade it.

That mystical ability was used to invade the illusion in the other party’s heart. It could also be used to enter the other party’s dream. Li Changshou gave it a very romantic name.

Dream Connection.

The trinkets were nothing else. They were just various chess cards that the two of them could play with.

Apart from that, Li Changshou did not dare to do too much. He was afraid that Kong Xuan would see through him.

After all, he was only a junior brother. There was only so much he could do for his senior brother… He was ashamed that it was a small job.

Kong Xuan still had to hand over the defense of the Shang Nation to the Heavenly Courts before she could rush to Xuandu City without worry.

In fact, as the Shang Tribe rose, the luck of the phoenix race, which was the totem of the Shang Tribe, had already recovered to the extent that the world could allow the phoenix race to have a future.

Kong Xuan’s mission was only to delay the phoenix race.

She had to use the Primordial Phoenix’s true blood to transform the birds.

Kong Xuan was filled with grat.i.tude towards Li Changshou. Although Kong Xuan had never expressed that, she would definitely respond every time Li Changshou invited her.

The matter of Kong Xuan going to Xuandu City to guard the place was decided. Their attention was still on the mutated Skyfiend.

Little Grief released the power of the seven emotions for half a day. The Mutant Skyfiend’s Dao heart was completely broken and revealed in front of them.

What surprised Li Changshou was that the mutated Heavenly Demon cut open was really white.

At that moment, Mei Wenhua no longer cared if she was a living being that had been abducted previously. She only felt pity and sympathy for the otherworldly demons that had encountered her.

At that moment, his only belief was to save his fellow race members and let them escape the shackles and the fate of being enslaved.

Their lives were given by their mother. They could be taken back by their mother at will. However, they were also born from their True Spirits and had their own dignity.

He had to give the otherworldly demons the Flower of Hope and the Fruit of Freedom!

He wanted the otherworldly demons to stand up and grasp his destiny.

After all, they did not want to enter the Primordial World at all. What they loved the most was to stretch their bodies happily in the Chaos Sea…

After seeing that, the immortals present fell silent.

Quan Dong pondered for a while. “What did the Lord of Heaven do? This is completely… completely…”

Bian Zhuang whispered, “It’s just like how the mental demons of us Qi Refinement cultivators are mostly evil. The mental demons of the Heavenly Fiends are actually good thoughts?”

Kong Xuan asked, “Are you bringing her to the Xuandu City?”

Li Changshou did not answer. He closed his eyes and focused. Soon, he said, “We can’t let her go to the outer s.p.a.ce for now. I want to bring her to a place first.”

Quan Dong was puzzled. “Where are we going?”

“Fire Cloud Cave,” Li Changshou said. “Let the ancestors of the human race think about this matter and see if there’s a way to deal with the otherworldly demons once and for all.”

Quan Dong looked enlightened. Jiu Jiu, who was in the corner, blinked.

Why did she feel that Changshou seemed to have lied just now…

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