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Chapter 574: The Heavenly Demon… Is Crippled

It was the Heavenly Demon Clan that had gone deep into the Primordial World, Mei Wenhua…

It had been captured.

As its mother’s favorite child, from the perspective of the Primordial World, it was equivalent to the princess of the Heavenly Fiend Clan and the most satisfied follower of the Saint!

Just as he was about to invade the Dao heart of the Qi Refinement cultivators of the Primordial World, he was grabbed by someone!

Mei Wenhua admitted that it was indeed impulsive at that time. As it had discovered a wonderful host body, it felt that victory was already in its grasp. It did not sense it carefully and took advantage of the other party’s Dao heart fluctuations to charge forward…

However, Mei Wenhua really did not expect that there would be a living being who could casually capture its main body and pull it out of the Void Shadow!

That exceeded Mei Wenhua’s understanding of herself and the living beings of the Primordial World.


“Thank you for your help this time.”


Who was interacting near me and whose conversation did I overhear?

A female Qi Refinement Warrior said, “Is this an otherworldly demon? It looks quite good after transforming into a human.”

Another man replied, “According to my understanding of the Heavenly Demon, this should be a variant of the Heavenly Demon. Moreover, its grade is not low. This external appearance is just a creation of someone… Can I ask you to try and see if you can trigger her sealed emotions? I want to do some in-depth research.”

“Ah, there’s no need to be so polite with us, Lord Taibai Jinxing! Although you abandoned us here, we can’t blame you. After all, it’s all thanks to you that we can stroll around outside.”

“The Heavenly Courts are busy. The Heavenly Courts are busy. Don’t blame them, don’t blame them…”

Is this the living being that captured me?

When Mei Wenhua had such a thought, its perception had recovered slightly. It began to sense her surroundings with all her might.

The power of the Heavenly Dao that disgusted it flowed around it.

It seemed to have been sealed. According to the restrictions set by its mother, its body would automatically transform into the Connate Dao Body that the Primordial World living beings pursued.

Of course, Mei Wenhua’s main body did not look like that.

It was most comfortable in the form of a gray fog. It could extend its body in the Chaos Sea at will, as if it was opening a net. It allowed the fragments of the Dao laws to sc.r.a.pe through every wisp of fog in its body, producing an unimaginable joy.

That would not do.

This kind of vulgar pursuit that was like self-destruction should not appear on him.

It was a servant chosen by the Saint. Originally, there was no such thing as a t.i.tle. There were no seven emotions and six desires of the Primordial World.

It would only follow orders and follow its mother’s will. After being sealed by its mother, it would follow the Saint.

However, in order to make it convenient for it to enter the Primordial World, the Saint gave it a name.

Mei Wenhua was a beautiful name.

After being stunned countless times, Mei Wenhua and its three companions were summoned by their Saint and received their missions.

As expected, it was related to the living beings of the Primordial World.

This time, the Saint wanted them to infiltrate the Primordial World and possess some beautiful female Qi Refinement cultivators. They were also told to approach Taibai Jinxing of the Heavenly Courts and become his followers. Then, they would wait for the subsequent orders.

The progress of Mei Wenhua was much smoother than that of her companions. After possessing the Dao heart of a female Qi Refinement cultivator, she arrived at the five continents of the Primordial World.

In order to avoid being searched by the Heavenly Dao, Mei Wenhua began to change her host body.

Most Skyfiends were proud of winning the Dao hearts of the Qi Refinement cultivators. However, Mei Wenhua was not picky about that.

Any living being with some spirituality could choose to reside on it.

There were also spies from the Heavenly Fiend Clan in the Primordial World. Although some of them had been aborted by the d.a.m.ned divine beast, Truth Listener, they still had remnant troops operating.

Mei Wenhua had received news that the immortals of the Heavenly Courts might appear in the place where the mortals gathered today.

As expected, it, who had come to hide a few days ago, sensed the aura of a group of fairies from the Heavenly Courts.

Everything seemed to be extremely smooth. The Heavenly Dao did not seem to have noticed his tracks.

Hehe, the Primordial Heavenly Dao is just so-so.

Just as Mei Wenhua was trying to find a suitable fairy’s Dao heart to hide in, she was suffering in the vicinity of those fairies. The power of the Heavenly Dao was too rich, so she could not do anything…

Suddenly, Mei Wenhua sensed a huge fluctuation in the Dao heart of a Heaven Immortal realm cultivator beside her.

According to the nature of their race, they naturally could not let such a situation go.

He entered the Dao hearts of the Primordial Qi Refinement Warriors and slowly ate their wills. In the end, he treated their essence souls as delicious food…

Nothing was more loved by the Heavenly Demon.

Oh, apart from the fact that he had to unleash his main body in the Chaos Sea and accept the fact that the Dao Law fragments would cause the demons to fall.

Without the power of the Heavenly Dao, the array formation posed no threat to Mei Wenhua. Soon, it found that target.

The moment it saw the person with the Dao heart, even the unintentional Skyfiend, Mei Wenhua, trembled violently.

Is this the creation of the living beings of the Primordial World?!

Mei Wenhua could be considered an “expert of the Primordial World”. She had received the countless pieces of information that her mother, the Heavenly Fiend Supremacy, had shared with her.

It understood the general principles of the Primordial World, but why…

I’ve decided. It’s her!

The Dao Body that he had to use to seduce Taibai Jinxing was her!

No one could reject her initiative!

At that time, Mei Wenhua was extremely excited.

For some reason, Mei Wenhua, who should not have any emotions, was inexplicably excited at that time. As a result, it risked its life and could not wait to enter the female Qi Refinement cultivator’s Dao heart.

Shadow Fiend was a commonly used method for the possession of Skyfiends.

It almost… almost succeeded.

At the moment when Mei Wenhua’s joy was infinitely magnified and optimistic to the point of being completely blind, a small hand grabbed it from the side…

Why was it captured?

Why would there be an emotional fluctuation that the Heavenly Demon should not have?


“You’re awake?”

A gentle voice sounded. Mei Wenhua felt that the restrictions around her had been unlocked, allowing her to regain her senses.

Then, Mei Wenhua immediately made a judgment and imitated the “body” of the Primordial World living beings. She deliberately revealed a hint of weakness and slowly “opened” her eyes.

The otherworldly demons observed the surroundings with their senses.

However, in order to survive and continue the mission given by the Saint, Mei Wenhua would do whatever it took to make use of all her advantages!

There was an old man with white eyebrows and white hair.

The other party was dressed in a plain white Daoist robe. He sat behind a short table and seemed to be writing something with a pen in his hand.


This aura!

Dao runes!?!

It’s not inferior to the aura Dao runes that the Saint had imprinted on me!

Is this the Taibai Jinxing that I’m looking for?

The surroundings were array formations formed by rich Heavenly Dao power. Mei Wenhua felt as if it was locked in a cage set up by the Heavenly Dao.

It was indeed Taibai Jinxing…

The old man said slowly without looking up, “Kun Peng’s subordinate?”

Mei Wenhua was stunned and forgot to answer.

The old man, who seemed to be his target, muttered again, “It’s really rare for a Heavenly Fiend to look like a living being of the Primordial World. The specimen has a certain collection value.”

“Are you Taibai Jinxing?”

Mei Wenhua asked softly. Her voice was unexpectedly weak.

Coupled with its current image, it was enough to make most Qi Refinement cultivators palpitate…

However, Li Changshou frowned and began to think about a deep question.

Demon Master Kun Peng…

Is he an old pervert?

Did he get together with Senior Lang because of this hobby?

Otherwise, why would the Kun Peng nurture a Heavenly Fiend and create such a… seductive image?

The otherworldly demon maintained his human form. There was no sense of danger from his body. His body seemed to be corporeal. Li Changshou had even poked her arm just now. It was very obvious.

She had a tall nose bridge, narrow phoenix eyes, and sapphire-like eyes. Her exquisite facial features complemented her natural charm and even had a hint of holiness.

It was completely different from the black Heavenly Fiends’ main bodies.

The only thing that was lacking was that her skin was really snow-white. It was so snow-white that it was a little eye-catching. It was less crystalline.

Is this the combination of a demon-type Skyfiend and a demon-type creature?

Especially since she is only wearing a thin dress…

The Kun Peng and Senior Lang would not let the otherworldly demons off, right?

This is too…

Naturally, Li Changshou’s Dao heart did not waver in the face of such an external demon. He even had the urge to slice and study it.

He had to interrogate the other party about the cause and effect of the matter. This matter was extremely serious.

The otherworldly demons actually attacked Aunt-Master Jiu. Could it be that the Kun Peng’s intelligence system had already gone deep into the Heaven Ascension Hall and was in the trump card that he had been hiding?

The otherworldly demons could corrode the Dao hearts of Qi Refinement cultivators. The Kun Peng indeed had the ability to do that.

Therefore, Li Changshou appeared calm on the surface, but he was frantically thinking about how to pry open the Heavenly Fiend’s mouth.

That was rare. Li Changshou felt that he had been suppressed in his “intelligence work”.

His chances of winning against the Kun Peng dropped drastically.

“What’s your name?”

Li Changshou asked warmly, “Don’t be afraid. I suspect that you are a living being of the Primordial World. However, your Dao heart has been corroded by the mental demons and your memories have been modified by the great mystical ability. I’m Taibai Jinxing of the Heavenly Courts. I believe you already know that.”

Second step: “Deliberately setting up a deceptive array and attacking the heart.”

The beautiful Heavenly Demon was clearly stunned.

The living beings of the Primordial World had their Dao hearts corroded by the mental demons, and their memories were modified by the great mystical ability?

Mei Wenhua almost laughed out loud.

He was formed by his mother’s origin power and was born for today. There was no doubt about that!

However, Mei Wenhua said with a trembling voice, “Really? However, why would Mother lie to me? The Saint would not lie to me like that.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

His acting was touching.

“Look.” Li Changshou’s immortal power condensed into a dagger in his hand. He waved his fingers gently and brushed past the Heavenly Fiend’s arm. A wisp of red quietly slid out.

This time, the Heavenly Fiend was really stunned.

Mei Wenhua looked at the wound on her arm, as well as the drops of blood that seeped out. There was also a slight pain…

Why do I have these?

Li Changshou continued to write and draw on the scroll in front of him. He sighed softly in his heart. Without waiting for the Heavenly Fiend to identify it carefully, he raised his hand and slashed again, healing the wound on the Heavenly Fiend’s arm.

“You should not be a Heavenly Fiend.”

Li Changshou’s voice was filled with uncertainty. “I can tell you clearly that I’m against the Kun Peng and the Saint you speak of. There’s no possibility of you escaping if you land in my hands. However, I’m very interested in your state. I want to do some research on the essence of living beings. I won’t make you say anything about your plan. That’s meaningless to me. I can roughly guess that the Kun Peng has sent you into the Primordial World to try and approach me, right?”

The Heavenly Demon’s eyes were listless, but Li Changshou could sense that it was looking at him with a complicated gaze.

He took the second step steadily.

The Skyfiend agreed with what they said. In other words, there were other companions.

Third step: “A reasonable deduction, confusing.”

“Tell me.”

Li Changshou put down the brush in his hand. “I want to see if I can help you find some clues regarding yourself. If you were originally a living being of the Primordial World, I could have spared your life and only sealed you.”

The Heavenly Demon was speechless.

In the cage-like array formation, Li Changshou began to ask a special question.

Just as he had said just now, he did not ask about the Kun Peng at all, nor did he ask about their purpose and plan.

All the topics revolved around the Heavenly Demon itself. Every time the Heavenly Demon began to firmly believe that he was an otherworldly demon, Li Changshou would give a new hint.

For example, if he cut his arm, he would bleed and feel pain.

He should not have any emotions, but at that moment, he felt a sense of sorrow.

Moreover, it actually felt a sense of joy after being understood and satisfaction when receiving attention…

Those characteristics of the Primordial World living beings that it could use were realized step by step.

Why was that so?

It was actually very simple.

If his vision was gradually pulled away, he would enter the pitch-black cage where Li Changshou and the beautiful Heavenly Demon were.

If he pulled his vision further out, he would fly out of the chest of the “Skyfiend” who had a Connate Dao Body.

On the mountaintop, in the array formation that Kong Xuan had set up previously, Li Changshou was sitting cross-legged. He held a pearl in his left hand and raised his sword fingers with his right hand. He aimed at the young girl, who was sealed in front of him.

There was a wisp of essence Sea Serpent Qi that Li Changshou had collected in the Asura Ancient City.

The Seven Emotions reincarnation stood quietly beside Li Changshou and Mei Wenhua. She cooperated with Li Changshou’s voice transmission and changed her emotions from time to time.

That was the first step to fooling the Heavenly Demon.

“Seven Emotions Illusion, Demon Heart Seed Demon!”

Even the conversation that he deliberately let the Heavenly Demon hear at the beginning was cleverly designed and he made a lot of preparations for it.

Outside the array formation that Li Changshou, the Seven Emotions girl, and the Heavenly Fiend, “Mei Wenhua” were in, dozens of Heavenly Soldiers used their immortal powers to create an isolation barrier and hid the strange phenomenon on the mountain. The Jade Emperor’s incarnation was hiding in the sky and did not appear. Ao Yi, Bian Zhuang, and Princess Long Ji were guarding outside the illusion array.

At that moment, Jiu Jiu was standing in the corner of the outer array formation with her hands behind her back.

She was not familiar with the famous people of the Heavenly Courts. She had also received Li Changshou’s voice transmission just now. She could not expose her ident.i.ty as the Saintess of the Heaven Ascension Hall. Now, she was standing there as a good friend of the Seven Emotions and an immortal of the Immortal Du Sect.

They were panicking.

When she heard Li Changshou’s voice transmission, Jiu Jiu felt her Dao heart buzz. It was as if it had exploded. She was dizzy and could not understand what was going on.

Fortunately, after his incarnation rushed over, he was busy dealing with the otherworldly Heavenly Fiend.

Come to think of it…

His Dao heart was unstable. He could actually attract the otherworldly demons. It was really a little… a little…


Jiu Jiu raised her hand to support her forehead. She gritted her teeth and stomped her feet!

Hmph, at most, I’ll just say that I came back because I lacked wine. I’ll regroup and fight again next time!

Then, Jiu Jiu sized up Long Ji, who was dressed up and going out today. She knew that Long Ji was Li Changshou’s disciple and wanted to befriend her, but she felt embarra.s.sed.

What should I say?

I can’t say that I’m Changshou’s Aunt-Master. Quick, call me Aunt-Master.

Forget it. I’ll come again when I’m more prepared.

At the very least, she had to change into her beautiful clothes. That way, she could threaten her Disciple-Nephew to submit.

Jiu Jiu was attracted by the commotion not far away. She looked up.

However, Ao Yi, whom she had met a few times, raised his hand and wrapped it around the neck of another Heavenly General of the Heavenly Courts. Then, he smashed him hard on the ground…

What’s wrong?

Are the Heavenly Generals still fighting?

At that moment, Ao Yi was scolding, “Who dares to look at him! This is Brother Sect Master’s Little Aunt-Master!”

Bian Zhuang patted the ground and begged for mercy. “I understand, I understand. I really don’t have any crooked thoughts. I’m just shocked and surprised!”


Ao Yi stood up with an unfriendly expression. Bian Zhuang sighed softly and got up. He wanted to cry, but he did not dare to release any immortal senses towards Jiu Jiu.

Long Ji frowned slightly and said softly, “Generals, although you are in the array now, please pay attention to the prestige of the Heavenly Courts.”


Ao Yi and Bian Zhuang cupped their fists and agreed. At the same time, they quietened down.

At that moment, the array formation light wall in front of the three of them slowly dissolved. Li Changshou and the Seven Emotions girl walked out together.

Long Ji hurriedly called him Master. Ao Yi and Bian Zhuang called him Star Lord.

The Seven Emotions girl pouted and sighed softly. “I’m exhausted.”

Li Changshou turned around and looked at the Heavenly Fiend, who was still immersed in the illusion and maintained his Connate Dao Body. He hesitated.

Just now, he seemed to have used too much strength to deceive her. The power of the seven emotions was too strong…

There should not be any problems. After all, this was an otherworldly Heavenly Fiend. It was a life form that was closer to the True Spirit and Dao laws than the living beings of the Primordial World.

After observing for a while, the results should be out soon.

Li Changshou smiled and nodded at them before walking towards Jiu Jiu.

Jiu Jiu was inexplicably nervous. She subconsciously stood up and showed Li Changshou the dignity of an Aunt-Master.

No matter what, she was still his Aunt-Master!

“How did you…”

“Lord Taibai Jinxing, how is it?”

A shout suddenly sounded above his head. Li Changshou looked up and saw the Jade Emperor’s incarnation, Quan Dong, riding a cloud.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “I’ve already investigated clearly. It’s the Demon Master Kun Peng’s scheme. He wants to use such a Heavenly Demon to lure me into the Chaos Sea. He thinks I’m a lecherous person.

He really felt that he had been underestimated.

The Heavenly Fiend’s name is rather interesting. It was given by Kun Peng. It’s called Mei Wenhua.”

“Mei Wenhua? What’s wrong with this name?”

“Uh, it’s fine.”

Quan Dong frowned. After landing at the top of the mountain, he approached Li Changshou and sent a voice transmission. “What’s the situation with this fairy?”

Li Changshou hurriedly replied via voice transmission, “Your Majesty, she’s the Saintess of the Heaven Ascension Hall. She is my Little Aunt-Master in the Immortal Du Sect. She contributed greatly to the rapid development of the Heaven Ascension Hall.”


Quan Dong sent a voice transmission and smiled. “I thought that you had many marriages… General Youqin is not bad. It wouldn’t be nice either if you have too many Dao companions, right?”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

He felt that the Jade Emperor was playing with his emotions.

He was about to introduce Jiu Jiu when some unusual fluctuations suddenly appeared in the illusion array behind him.

Waves of pure spiritual energy rippled out. Like waves, pure white light broke through the inner layer of the illusion array and scattered around.

Pure and rid of any impurities, it represented the Great Dao of Good and True. It was resonating with the light!


Everyone looked inside the array formation and saw that the Heavenly Fiend, who was still sealed by the restrictions, was interlacing her fingers and floating.

A wisp of white light bloomed from its forehead. Wisps of black aura surged out from its body, and the black aura was instantly purified by the white light.

As its black hair danced in the wind, its body seemed to be ignited with white flames. The flames burned in an instant and changed its clothing into a white dress. Its originally pale skin actually emitted a faint glow…

A beam of light descended from the sky. It shone on her body with rich Heavenly Dao power, as if it had stabilized her body.

Two drops of tears streaked across the corners of his narrow eyes. A circle of gentle white light appeared behind him.

Build an immortal spirit body?

She muttered, “I have to save them. I can’t let them be deceived again…”

Li Changshou was stunned.

How could there be such a small surprise when a Heavenly Fiend develops a mental demon?

At the side, a few gazes slowly shifted to his face. The entire mountaintop was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. The immortals turned into stone sculptures, and only the holy light shone…

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