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954. Late Stage of Heavenly Cla.s.s (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Cang Qian, holding Boss Lou, walked over. And wherever he walked through, the poison fog consciously scattered. “Do you think it’s that easy? Do you think immortal cla.s.s masters are like celery cabbages? So cheap?”

“Senior, why are you here?” Asked Mo Fei, looking at him surprisingly.

Cang Qian sneered, “You seem very disappointed to see me.”

Mo Fei gave a hollow laugh, “How come? Senior, you come all the way to see us, I feel very excited…”

Cang Qian coldly snorted, “Such a duplicity guy, quickly take away your garbage.”

Then he handed Boss Lou over to him, Mo Fei stretched out his hands and picked Boss Lou from him.

“Thank you very much for taking care of him all this time.” Mo Fei said affably.

Mo Fei weighed his son in his hands, thinking in the heart: as expected, heavier again, this little thing has really lived a very moist life in Cang Qian’s hand!

Cang Qian gave a cold snort, “Your son really needs a spanking. You got to discipline him, otherwise, some day, he’d get stuffed into a garbage can!”

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly and said, “Yes, yes, yes. What you said is reasonable.”

Cang Qian sized Lou Yu up and down while making tsk sound, “Late stage of heavenly cla.s.s, not bad, not bad.”

Lou Yu smiled, “My weak power could never compare with you, senior.”

Cang Qian scoffed and said, “Although you have a little ability, to catch up with me, I’m afraid you’d have to wait till the next life.”

Lou Yu, “…”

Eyes squinting, Cang Qian looked at Lou Yu and said unfriendly, “You are indeed a talent, but as the saying goes, only the good die young. The more talented, one would die earlier. Pray for yourself.”

Lou Yu, “Thank you for your heads-up, senior…”

Mo Fei looked at Cang Qian, secretly thinking in the heart: Why are Cang Qian’s words so sour?

Cang Qian threw Lou Yu an eye and said to himself: Lou Yu, a two-leg monster, has so low bloodline, but it’s just those average people who owns excellent cultivation apt.i.tude, even better than them the spiritual species of heaven and earth.

Mo Fei looked at Cang Qian and said, “Senior, since Lou Yu has gone this far, next, how would he keep cultivating to become an immortal?”

Cang Qian lightly sniffed, “Don’t think that after having absorbed the five source thunderbolts, he could become an immortal. The next step would only be the key part.”

“Senior, please give some advice.” Lou Yu reverently cupped his hands.

“There are three steps to turn the source thunderbolts into your own. The first step is absorption, the second is refining, and the third is integration.” Cang Qian narrowed his eyes while saying so.

“Integration?” Mo Fei was confused.

Cang Qian nodded and said, “Yes! You know what? The difference between the source thunderbolts is huge, their attributes are completely different, a little carelessness, bang~ The host would get exploded.”

“Isn’t that very dangerous?” Mo Fei exclaimed.

Cang Qian nodded and said, “That’s right! It is very dangerous! The chances of survival are about one hundredth.”

Mo Fei took a deep breath and said, “So low?”

Cang Qian nodded. “Of course. Do you think it’s that easy to become an immortal? Stay chilled. Kids, don’t get c.o.c.ky after getting a little achievement. You have a long way to go.”

Mo Fei nodded quickly and said, “Yes, yes, thank you for your lessoning, senior.”

Cang Qian said, with his hands held behind, “I’m hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

Mo Fei, “…”

“Senior, didn’t you bring food?” Asked Lou Yu.

Cang Qian roared, “Your son ate it all!”

Mo Fei looked at Cang Qian’s manic appearance, and thought in the heart: Boss Lou just grabbed some food from you. Do you have to be so peevish?

Lou Yu narrowed his eyes, “It seems a lot of people are approaching from all directions.”

Mo Fei nodded. “Yeah.”

Cang Qian crossed his arms, “They should be aiming at you two. I guess they mean to kill you. A two-leg monsters. You humans are so strange, you always like doing things like killing each other. Fortunately you are good at giving birth, otherwise, you kill me, I kill you, soon , you’d die out.”

Mo Fei, “…”

“Let’s go.” Gu Chi looked at the distance.

“Grandpa, are we just leaving like this?”Gu Feng still couldn’t give up like this.

“The promotion is over and we can’t do anything it if we go there.” Gu Chi squinted.

Gu Ling bit her lips, “Is that really Lou Yu? What if it’s not him?”

“A thunder star master, and by his side is someone who is expert on using poisonous potions. It could only be Mo Fei and Lou Yu.”

Gu Yan’s face changed, “This guy is so lucky!”

Gu Chi gnashed his teeth, “Yeah, he should have absorbed the five source thunderbolts.”

“Grandpa, it is said that after a thunder star magician absorbs the five source thunderbolts, he could become an immortal. Is it true?” asked Gu Yan.

“Still early!” Gu Chi sneered.

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