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928. Poison Master (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei was staying in the laboratory, studying potions, while Cang Qian sat on the side while eating sunflower seeds, with Boss Lou in his arms companying him eating sunflower seeds.

Mo Fei raised his head, looked at Cang Qian and said, “Senior Cang, could you please stay away for a while?”

Cang Qian blinked his eyes and said innocently, “What’s wrong? Did I bother you?”

Mo Fei nodded and said earnestly, “A little, indeed.”

“Tut, tut, young man, you need toughening. You know, an outstanding pharmacist must have the ability to do his work without distractions at all times.” Cang Qian said earnestly.

Mo Fei closed his eyes, took a deep breath and then said, “Senior, the sh.e.l.ls nearly got into my tubes!”

Cang Qian blinked, full of innocence, “Really? I’m so sorry.”

Mo Fei, “…” If you feel sorry, just get out.

Cang Qian c.o.c.ked his head and said, “Mo Fei, you are so careless. Why didn’t you try to avoid it?”

Mo Fei, “…”

“What kind of potion are you studying?” Asked Cang Qian.

Mo Fei took out a potion formula, “This one.”

Cang Qian looked at the formula, rubbed his nose while saying, “Heaven-connecting potion! It’s said that this could help a heavenly cla.s.s master improve a level!”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yes!”

Cang Qian twitched his mouth, “Unfortunately, a few auxiliary herbs have disappeared.”

The higher the grade of a potion, the more demanding for the ingredients. With one kind of herb missing, the difference was huge. Top grade heavenly cla.s.s potions like Heaven-connecting potion was worked out by the forefathers over thousands of years. The change of any herb would change its property. Now, a few kinds were missing, it was nearly impossible to make it.

Mo Fei nodded. “I know. I was wondering if I could use some star herbs to replace them.”

Cang Qian made a twitch of his mouth, “Mo Fei, you should know, even the auxiliary ingredients are very precious. It’s not that easy to find the alternative formula. With the time, why don’t you try to develop something else?”

Mo Fei nodded. “I know, but I’d like to try.”

If he could work it out, Cheng Mobai, w.a.n.g Weixing and others could instantly get promoted to the middle stage of heavenly cla.s.s. To them, it would be of great help.

Ever since the seventy-two stone tablets took root in his mind, he found himself endowed with some power he himself didn’t understand..

For example, he had a mysterious simulation s.p.a.ce in his mind, and he didn’t need to actually do it, he just needed to experiment in his mind, to determine the feasibility of a potion formula.

He was quite sure that the seventy-two stone tablets were definitely not ordinary things. They should indeed come from the upper world.

Cang Qian skimped his mouth, “If you have that time, why don’t you directly work on the poisonous potions?”

Mo Fei looked suspiciously at Cang Qian, “Senior, you seem to be particularly interested in that. Aren’t you afraid of being poisoned to death?”

Cang Qian rolled his eyes and said, “What are you talking about? How could I get killed by some poison? Do you think I’m weak enough to die at a touch of some poison like you little brats?”

“I always feel that poisonous potions are not something decent, and the smell always makes people feel uncomfortable.” Said Mo Fei, frowning.

Cang Qian stamped with fury, “What did you say? You are such an idiot who has no taste! What’s bad about poisonous potions? With a common potion, you can save on person at most. But with a poisonous potion, I can kill a lot of them. Seen from any aspect, poisonous potions are better. And its smell is always so fascinating.”

Mo Fei gave a hollow laugh, “senior, take it easy. I was just saying it.”

Cang Qian stared at Mo Fei indignantly, “You should be responsible for what you said. Disaster emanates from careless talk, you know?”

Mo Fei nodded quickly. “I know, I know.”

Cang Qian gave a cold hum, “As long as you know it.”

Mo Fei looked at Cang Qian, in the eyes flashed a bit of suspicion.

Qian Ye told him that before he went to the herb capital, all the poisonous potions he left behind were stolen, and the thief did not leave any trace.

Qian Qian suspected that it should be Cang Qian, because the thief was too able. Not only Qian Ye, even those poisonous potions Zheng Xuan and others used for self-defense were also missing. None of them found how they were stolen. Besides, after things were stolen, the thief took no other action.

Mo Fei thought Qian Ye was talking bullsh*t, after all Cang Qian had no motivation.

Cang Qian thought that Cang Qian just stole them for eating. After all he hadn’t eaten anything for over ten thousand years. When people were hungry, they would eat anything. So those poisonous potions were already like top-quality wine to him.

Mo Fei originally thought the reason he gave was totally unreliable, but now, he found it kind of quite right. Judging from Cang Qian’s appearance, he might really couldn’t resist it and stole their poisonous potions to eat.

Cang Qian looked at Mo Fei and said, “What are you thinking about?”

Mo Fei shook his head. “Nothing, nothing.”

Cang Qian grunted and said, “Nothing?”

Mo Fei nodded quickly and said, “No, nothing, I really didn’t think that you stole things to eat.”

Cang Qian darkened his face and grabbed Mo Fei’s neck. “I never steal food. I always take it fair and square, you know?”

Mo Fei nodded. “Yes, yes.”

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