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927. Poison Master (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Ten days later.

“That guy Gu Yan has really worked out the antidote!” Qian Ye said folding his arms.

Su Rong shrugged his shoulders and said disapprovingly, “It’s just a suppressant at present.”

“The suppressant is out, the antidote is probably not far off. My plan of looting using this poisonous potion does not seem to work.” Qian Ye shook his head, full of regret.

Su Rong looked serious, “We should figure out how to improve ourselves. No one can predict what would happen in the future.”

Qian Ye, full of regret, said, “Happy days are always so short…”

“Is Mo Fei refining the potions now?” Su Rong asked.

Qian Ye nodded and said, “Yes!”

“I don’t know how is the situation there now. Senior Cang said, this Bone-breaking potion is a high level potion, very difficult to refine.” Su Rong said.

Qian Ye smiled, “Mo Fei is not like those guys in name only from the Pharmacists’ a.s.sociation. This wouldn’t be a problem for him.”

Su Rong nodded, “Yeah, you are right.”

Mo Fei caused the anomalies again in Stone Tablet Woods, so his strength rose a lot, so he should also have made breakthrough on potions, said Su Rong to himself.

“Elder brother, I know you can do it. Unexpectedly, you are incredibly so fast to work out the antidote.” Gu Ling was full of joy.

Gu Yan faintly smiled, “Just the suppressant, still way to go before removing the poison in human body.”

Gu Ling smiled and said, “Even if it is a suppressant, it is already good enough, I heard that it has Mo Fei a long time to develop the suppressant for the Soul-killing potion. You are way more powerful than him.”

Gu Yan smiled, “Am I?”

“Yes!” Gu Ling said reasonably.

Gu Yan’s face turned a bit dim. Although they announced to the outside saying that it was he who worked out the suppressant, he himself was clear that without the help of the elders in the family, he couldn’t work it out so soon. And, those elders studied it out on the basis of Mo Fei’s antidote of the Soul-killing potion.

This guy is really powerful!

“Where has Mo Fei been?” Asked Gu Yan.

Gu Ling shrugged her shoulders and said, “He went to the fire continent, with Cang Qian.”

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, “Mo Fei really has no self-respect. Staying with that old guy for so long, isn’t he afraid of turning into a mummy?”

Gu Ling sneered and said, “This guy is short-sighted. He should not know the true face of Cang Qian.”

“Yeah, a secret ten thousand years ago. How would they know?” said Gu Yan with disdain.


Cang Qian was also a pharmacist. However, he belonged to a poison pharmacist, general pharmacists used potions to save people.

While a poison pharmacist, on the other hand, focused on how to make toxic potions to kill people.

Poison pharmacists were not recognized by the orthodox pharmacists, and they were few in number, many of whom have ludicrously died from the poisons they worked on.

Cang Qian’s attainments on poison potions were quite deep, he had developed a lot of poisonous potions.

He was born with a poisonous body, immune to all poisonous potions. The more deadly, the better for him.

“Gu Feng, is there any news on Mo Fei’s side?” Seeing that Gu Feng who went out to get the scoop came back, Gu Ling asked.

“Everything is temporarily quiet, but there is a strange thing, someone saw w.a.n.g Weixing’s broken arm grows back.” Gu Feng muttered.

Gu Ling’s eyes widened in surprise. “It grows out again? How is it possible? Wasn’t his arm cut off?”

Gu Feng nodded, “Yeah, and it’s confirmed by people of Mo family that it can’t get s.n.a.t.c.hed back. But, it’s true that w.a.n.g Weixing did it.”

“The broken-bone regeneration potion can grow the bones.” Gu Ling said.

Gu Feng nodded and said, “I think so.”

Cang Qian was a poison pharmacist, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t know about common potions. He got a lot of formulas at hand, and the broken-bone regeneration potion was one of them.

“Broken-bone regeneration potion is a top grade heavenly cla.s.s potion.” Gu Feng muttered.

Gu Yan’s face changed. The potion he refined was only low grade.

“Was this potion worked out by Cang Qian or Mo Fei?” Gu Ling bit her lip.

Gu Feng frowned, “Should be Mo Fei. Rumor has it that whatever kind of potions Cang Qian worked out, it’d turn into a poisonous one at last.”

In the eyes of Gu Yan flashed a faint haze.

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