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Gilbert and Nigel went on a date (or did they)

The evening of that day, my lil’ sis came home from cram school.

Everything was the same as usual. We ate and watched TV, there wasn’t a surprise birthday party until the time when he went to bed, both my lil’ sis and I quietly crawled out from the room and sprinted to the house three blocks away from us.

“This will be the greatest surprise and revenge!”, my psychotic fujoshi lil’ sis laughed evilly. “Big bro will be surprised by this 18+ cake!”

The cake was decorated with a picture of two guys doing it but in their chibi forms. I think she most likely did this because elder brother had just trashed more of her BL novels out, making her take revenge on his cake. Luckily, this neighbour of ours is also a fujoshi or else we probably wouldn’t be able to look each other in the eye after this.

There’s one thing that elder brother doesn’t know…

…he was born at 11 at night.

Why should we celebrate it when it’s not actually his birthday yet? It’s just the time when he still hasn’t opened his eyes. The time that we should be celebrating is the time when he’s actually been born. We wanted to express our grat.i.tude to him, who was born as our elder brother, even if he may not be a good elder brother to us at all.

We ran back home. I looked at my lil’ sis who’s currently placing the most outrageous and graphic BL novel covers she has around the cake. If we’re going to knock him out, we have to go all out! As for me, my duty is to drag him out of bed so he can witness all of this.

I haven’t done a surprise birthday party where I first pretend that I didn’t care about the person before. This event that’s too similar to a plot in an anime is not exciting at all! 

From what he’d told us, he’s going back in 2 days meaning we’re totally sure that nothing will go wrong!

What face would he make?

Since we’re not together that often, apart from his smiles and pained expression, I haven’t seen him making any other expressions.

Would he cry? Would he be filled with joy? Would he…would he…

Would he be happy?

…Just like we were on his birthday…

“Elder brother!”, I swung the door open in confidence.

“Happy Birthday!“

There was no one in the room…

…the only thing that was left was a crudely torn piece of paper…

‘An urgent business just came in.’

…that was utterly worthless.

“…That’s a shame. Big bro went before we were able to surprise him…”, my lil’ sis’ voice pulled me back to reality. She looked dejectedly at the pile of BL doujinshi that was intended to be the finishing blow for my elder brother .


The word that you frequently used when you wanted to give up on something.

“It’s fine…as long as we have each other…we don’t need anyone else.”

That day, I was able to learn to use that word in order to give up and stop caring about anything…

…because I knew, no matter how hopeful I may be…

…my wishes will never come true.




What do you think the hardest piece of a.s.signment your teachers will ever give you is?

The answer is…

…group work.

It’s even worse if the teacher chooses your groups for you!

“Why do I have to be with you…”, muscles Duncan Kay said in irritation.

“Come on, the professor grouped us into our factions so we won’t have problems later.”, the beautiful Helenus Percival said. “Also, we’re just side characters, the real ones are Gawain’s group and Lancelot’s group.”

“But I want to win.”, Duncan’s face had an ugly expression on it but Helenus only clicked his tongue as if saying the other is incredibly stupid.

“Do you think our group has the ability to? One of us had already been thrown into the hospital because he was too ill and the other, he’s healthy but is such a burden to our group.”, Helenus shook his head. “I think it’s best if we just focus on surviving.”

The ill person was Duke Lamorak who a fragile and sickly character. He’s been thrown into the hospital by Duncan because he had heatstroke.

Today’s lesson is a group battle – the group that can eliminate all the other groups will win. Groups are divided accordingly to factions within the round table: Lancelot’s group, Gawain’s group and the neutral group.

There haven’t been any signals signalling us to start because we are still in the preparation stage of today’s cla.s.s. the thing is, I’ve already been excluded from the group’s strategy meeting. I looked around. Nigel’s group are discussing with each other and when I looked at Laneclot’s group…ah, is that a whip in Arian’s hand?

So that’s his weapon of choice…

As for Haref…candle? He probably needs it to light a fire in the woods…

Ropes…that’s also needed for survival….they’re all needed for survival!!

So, I wouldn’t be even more intimidated than this, I turned back to my group, at the same time, an idea popped into Helenus’ mind. “Now that I think about it, Gilbert, didn’t you say that you have a shadow? Why don’t you go and get him here.”

“You want me to go and get him now? That would be embarra.s.sing.” Right now, the commoner’s cla.s.ses are having lessons. If I went in now, I would only attract unwanted attention but thinking about it, there are girls in the commoner’s cla.s.ses. “Hm, yeah, I think I can go and get him now but give me half an hour to go get dressed.”

Helenus looked at me in disdain as if knowing my true motives. “What good are girls? They aren’t even as beautiful as me!”

Helenus, don’t be such a narcissist or else your life will end up like Calis.

“Girls are so annoying and weak!”, Duncan had a complicated expression…mate, you’re saying this because you don’t know them well enough. Even if they may be physically weaker than us, but their murderous aura and sharp tongues will even be able to beat Salsaal’s remarks!

So, we wouldn’t waste anymore time, Helenus resumed the conservation. “From what I’ve seen, I think our group will be the first group to be eliminated.”

“What makes you think so, Helenus?”, Duncan asked while I raised my eyebrow.

“I don’t think they’ll let our group roam around and eliminate us last, both Nigel and Haref are vigilant. It’s true that we are lacking in abilities but it’s not definite that we will lose.”, the pretty guy was silent for a second. “…For example, a common tactic: making the other two groups fight each other to death then we just go and finish both groups off when they are wounded. So, what we have to do is, to try and survive as long as possible…even though, it’s unacceptable to do this but if we were eliminated too early…it would makes us look terrible.”

Survive for as long as possible is the same as saying…run away for as long as possible.

It’s true that they are both prideful but if we fight them and lose immediately, that would be even more embarra.s.sing than running away. I know that they might feel like this is humiliating but in fact, it isn’t. They could even call this a smart move.

If you can lay traps while running away, mess with their head, destroy their consciousness, their patience and cautiousness will eventually wane.

As long as a person becomes reckless, it wouldn’t matter how powerful or talented they are, they would only be reduced to an idiot.

But that’s none of my business.

After we finished our discussions, we decided that we’ll split when we’re in the forest. After agreeing to this, we went to prepare ourselves.

A while pa.s.sed before the professor appeared. There weren’t any introductions, a transportation circle appeared below our feet, changing our scenery into a forest.

Without any signals…

Without any words…

But we all knew…

…that the hunt has begun!




Not far away…

“I-I’m tired…huff…cough, cough.”

A sound of someone breathing rapidly sounded before their entire body fell down onto the roots of a tree. Their pure white hands took out a jewel which was taken from their house and placed it on their chest in order to dispel their tiredness.

The numerous magic jewel that he possessed are all extremely expensive because they contain high level spells. These jewel are difficult to use and there aren’t may spells available but, they were someone who was intelligent, using a magic jewel doesn’t prove to be challenging for them at all…

Even if they themselves do not possess any magic…

A loud sigh sounded. When his tiredness faded away, a boy stood up from under the tree.

That’s correct, ‘a boy’.

Rays of sunlight was reflected on his curly golden hair revealing a beautiful face and golden eyes which were glittering. He seemed like a tiny angel: innocent and adorable.

“…Elder brother…”

It’s not far from here…

I won’t let…

He closed his eyes and walked towards his destination. He wasn’t riding on an extravagant carriage, no servants or followers with him. There aren’t even anyone searching for him.

Ca.s.s Bedivere, at the age of 8, has ran away from home in order to meet his elder brother…

…but what he didn’t know was that, he was now in the forest that is used to examine the 12 to-be Dukes…

…or could it be that fate has been fast forwarded.

The meeting of all the main characters of the game Ushinawareta Hoshi!

[Tea time behind the curtains -a story of a certain father and his eldest son-]

Gilbert: “Father! Father! How dare you let little Ca.s.s out all alone into the vast world!”

Duke Bedivere: “…I didn’t know about it. When I came back to the mansion, Ca.s.s wasn’t here anymore!”

Gilbert: “Is there anyone searching for him?!”

Duke Bedivere: “Ca.s.s left a letter saying he would go find you. Judging from his route, there isn’t anything dangerous and it’s not far away either, I could even treat it as a test of endurance.”

Gilbert: “What if he was kidnapped and sold to the black market? How are you even a father?! Why aren’t you worries about your own son at all?!!”

Duke Bedivere: “Because he’s smarter than you.”

Gilbert: “…”

Duke Bedivere: “Have your grades come out yet?”

Gilbert: “I’m sorry father, I’ll go and study right now!”

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