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"Captain Jiang! Over here!" When Jiang Liushi's minibus stopped, He Junhong and Sister Qian walked toward them immediately. As soon as Jiang Liushi went down, he noticed a short man looking at him.

"Since you invited me to come here does it mean that you've found what I need?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"We've found one level-2 mutant blood nucleus."

"Good." Jiang Liushi was very pleased with He Junhong's efficiency. He already possed one, and with the second one, half of the upgrade's conditions would be met.

"Captain Jiang-" He Junhong wanted to discuss with Jiang Liuushi, but Fan Yitong interrupted him.

"Nice to meet you, Captain Jiang." Fan Yitong smiled and glanced at He Junhong with a meaningful look. At first, Fan Yitong was under the impression that He Junhong's enemy should be extremely powerful, but in reality, it was just an ordinary young survivor. Fan Yitong started to think and treat He Junhong as a poor struggling individual, who needed lots of things from others to protect himself. 

Jiang Liushi guessed who the short man was from He Junhong's ugly expression.

"I heard that Captain Jiang wants to acquire one level-2 blood nucleus. It's such a coincidence. I have one," Fan Yitong said. And then he turned over his hand, and one mutant blood nucleus appeared in his palm.

Jiang Liushi gazed at the mutant blood nucleus, and Sta.r.s.eed sent a notification, 'Detection of level-2 mutant energy.'

Jiang Liushi remained composed. Since the most difficult nucleus had been found, he was willing to start talking business with them.

"Captain Jiang, do you want to come in and talk?" Fan Yitong asked.

"Captain Jiang, please this way." He Junhong took the initiative to lead the way. He had already arranged for a table and ordered for tea to be prepared.

After pa.s.sing the hall of the restaurant, they arrived in its backyard. In the yard, water was flowing beneath a little bridge. One pavilion was located in the middle with tables and chairs inside. A few girls dressed in neat and clean clothes stood next to each other. As soon as they saw Jiang Liushi and company, they immediately walked up to pull the chairs for them. After they sat down, the girls brought the tea set and started tending to them.

Jiang Liushi took a warm cup and looked at the clear tea. "What's the price?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Haha, Captain Jiang is really a straightforward person!" Fan Yitong smiled.

He was sitting on the chair, but his legs were hanging in the air, but soon, a girl took the initiative to support them with her thin back. She turned her head down expressionlessly.

Fan Yitong stepped on the girl's back, tapped on the table with his hand, and said, "You should know that it isn't easy to obtain such a thing. Five of my members gave their lives, and one of my cars was destroyed in the process to get this. Captain Jiang, you must also be aware that no team is willing to go and kill level-2 mutant zombies. Even though you got Brother Hong's help to you spread the news, without sufficient remuneration, no team will accept this task. Not to mention…"

"I am not bragging here. In the whole area of Jiangning, only a few teams have the ability to hunt level-2 mutant zombies. However, my team has no problem dealing with them," Fan Yitong said very leisurely.

"Oh, in other words, the level-2 mutant blood nucleus should be useless for you. Since it's useless, you can give us a reasonable price directly. Do you want to spike the price?" Jiang Zhuying frowned and said. Actually, Fan Yitong's words made her very unhappy.

"Beauty, what you're saying is not right. Demand for a particular product represents how much people are willing to purchase at various prices. That's an ironclad rule for any buyer or seller. As for the high price you mentioned, I can honestly tell you that this thing is indeed not cheap. If you're not interested in my goods, you are free to post this task and see if any team is willing to accept it," Fan Yitong said nonchalantly.


Suddenly, Jiang Liushi slammed something on the table.

"What?"Fan Yitong suddenly became nervous. He stared at Jiang Liushi, and then he glanced at the thing on the table. It was a mutant blood nucleus.

The moment he saw it, he instinctively reached for his pocket. Fortunately, his nucleus was still inside. At the same time, to his surprise, he felt that Jiang Liushi's was more powerful than his own.

"This is the blood nucleus of a level-2 mutant zombie that I happened to kill yesterday," Jiang Liushi said indifferently. It sounded as if he was just mentioning what he had eaten the previous day.

He Junhong was flabbergasted. Had he known that Jiang Liushi's team possessed such mind-numbing strength, he would have rushed upstairs to apologize to them the previous day.

Fan Yitong was also stunned. He never expected that Jiang Liushi would already possess one.

Fan Yitong looked at Jiang Liushi as he reevaluated the unknown team's strength.

"It's actually not that difficult to obtain a mutant blood nucleus," Jiang Liushi added and pulled his nucleus back.

Fan Yitong stayed silent, but he soon started laughing. "Captain Jiang, your reputation is well-deserved. However, both sides should come to mutual agreement about buying and selling. In fact, another buyer also contacted me this morning. He wanted this nucleus too. I think he should be coming soon."

"Another buyer?" Jiang Liushi frowned. He wondered who was also interested in the mutant blood nucleus.

Jiang Liushi looked at He Junhong, who originally thought that Fan Yitong should have been shocked by Jiang Liushi's action. "Captain Jiang, I didn't know about this matter at all," He Junhong explained as soon as possible.

Fan Yitong was indeed a treacherous man, and he sure had annoyed Jiang Liushi. He could guess that Fan Yitong was waiting for the highest bid.

At this time, a rumbling engine sound came outside the gate. By the sound, Jiang Liushi estimated that there were three cars in total. One of the three was a small car, but the other two were heavy ones.

"Oh, that's good. Captain Jiang, just wait for a bit." Fan Yitong stood up and walked out happily.

Soon, powerful footsteps sounded approaching from outside.

Jiang Liushi looked up, and he was stunned. The group of people that had arrived was armed to the teeth, dressed in camouflage uniforms, with ramrod straight backs and cold eyes. They looked different from those survivors inside and outside the pavilion. This was the difference between the army and an army of amateurs. The head officer was in his 40s.

"It turned out to be the army." Jiang Liushi understood. Apart from him, only the military could be interested in the blood nucleus. He guessed that those officers should belong to Jiangning safe area. Jiang Liushi originally thought that it would take a few days to go to the safe area. He did not expect to face the members of the Jiangning Military Region so soon. Moreover, to meet each other in such a way...

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