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He Junhong memorized the materials on the list and then handed it to Sister Qian. "Dispatch your subordinates to go and find the materials as fast as possible. Forget about anything else and focus on fulfilling Captain Jiang's requests."

Undoubtedly, Sister Qian knew the importance of the task at hand, so she received the list quickly. She was still pretty shaken from fear.

"Well, that's all." Jiang Liushi stood up.

"I will inform my members to find you somewhere to stay," He Junhong said.

At this time, Jiang Liushi had already walked outside the room. "No need."

But then he came to a halt and said, "I changed my mind, please arrange several rooms." Jiang Liushi wanted those rooms for Wei Feifei and her team. He had noticed all her earlier actions and was satisfied with her behavior.

"No problem," Sister Qian replied immediately with a smile.

Wei Feifei and Peach were still standing where they were. After listening to the conversation, they both followed them out swiftly.

Lin Jie looked at all the bodies lying in the room and felt a little dizzy. Only now did she realize how terrifying the team she had brought was. However, she still felt happy when she saw that Yan Laoliu was dead. She also understood that Sister Qian and He Junhong were no different from ordinary people in the face of a mighty enemy. Although this event was none of her business, Lin Jie was delighted.

"Hey, you..." Sister Qian suddenly called Lin Jie, "Help Captain Jiang find rooms, arrange the best ones. If someone asks, you can tell them that you're following my orders…no… Brother Hong's orders."

"Yes, madam," Lin Jie answered and nodded.

After Lin Jie left the room, only He Junghong, Sister Qian and Tiger Wei remained in the room. Everyone else had succ.u.mbed to their wounds from Jiang Zhuying's devastating current. Some of them had died in their original postures and now looked like charred statues. 

Suddenly, Sister Qian's legs turned to jelly, and she collapsed on the sofa. He Junhong looked glum. Even though Jiang Liushi and the others had left the room, He Junhong had a vague feeling that they were observing his every move. 

"Oh, Brother Hong, Fan Yitong will come back tomorrow morning," Sister Qian suddenly remembered something and said to He Junhong hesitantly.

"Really?" He Junhong frowned, and then he added, "That's good. We can ask them for help to search for those metals."

"However, Fan Yitong doesn't get along well with us!" Sister Qian said worriedly. In fact, He Junhong only controlled 1/3 of the trading fair, while the other 2/3 were in control of two other teams, one of which belonged to Fan Yitong.

Fan Yitong was powerful and smart, so he had already pulled the other team over to his side. They wanted to slowly suppress and chip away He Junhong's power.

"So what? The one who wants the resources is not me, can he refuse to help?" He Junhong said coldly. "I will go and discuss with them about the acquisition early tomorrow morning." 

"Xiyu, you need to pay close attention to He Junhong. Don't let him play tricks." When they walked out of the room, Jiang Liushi said to Ran Xiyu. And she nodded.

As soon as they arrived at their minibus, Jiang Liushi smelled the aroma of barbecue.


A white shadow suddenly came out from the pocket of Jiang Liushi and then rushed to the kitchen with lightning speed. However, Ling caught it in the middle of its charge.

"Don't enter the kitchen," Ling said. And then she added while looking at Jiang Liushi, "You're reeking of blood."

Jiang Liushi smiled and said, "Something happened. Fortunately, we don't need to search for those materials. We have found a local thug to do that for us."

Jiang Liushi then turned to professor Su."Professor, we'll have to slightly change our plans. I'm afraid we'll postpone going to the military zone right away. We'll probably stay here for a few days."

If Su Guangqi and Su Tong wanted to go to the military region immediately, he would have to drive his minibus away. Although Shi Ying Squad's members, who would stay back with Wei Feifei and the others, could stand their ground against He Junhong easily, Jiang Liushi was still worried and didn't want to take any risks. As a result, he decided to discuss this matter with the two professors.

"Don't worry about us. As long as you don't consider us a burden, we don't mind," Su Tong said with a smile. Su Guangqi also nodded. He was basically reading books and researching in the minibus every day. From time to time he would also study Luoluo.

The next day, Jiang Liushi just got up, and a lean man was waiting respectfully outside the door. "Brother Jiang, I'm Little Yu. Brother Hong ordered me to invite Brother Jiang." He looked like an exceptional paranormal, but he was extremely respectful to Jiang Liushi.

Little Yu had already been informed of what had taken place in the VIP the previous day. His initial image of Jiang Liushi was that of a stone-hearted killer that would murder anyone in cold blood. But to his surprise, the fiend he had pictured was a young man with a quite unique temperament. However, Little Yu knew quite clearly that he can't provoke the young man.

"Invite me? Has he acquired some of the materials?" Jiang Liushi was surprised. If his guess was right, that would be amazing.

"Brother Jiang, please," Little Yu said.

Jiang Liushi nodded.

This time, he drove his minibus directly. Although rules of Hejiang Town prohibited people from driving their cars inside, those rules didn't apply to Jiang Liushi.

The meeting place was not the trade fair, but instead a restaurant. Naturally, that restaurant was an abandoned building, like many others after doomsday, but after Hejiang Town's establishment, it was renovated and re-opened. The only difference was that whoever pa.s.sed through its doors for food and drinks were all important guests. Ordinary survivors were not allowed to enter at all.

Before the restaurant's entrance were He Junhong, Sister Qian and several other men. One of them was a very short man with a pair of small eyes. His two legs were short and thick like radishes. At first glance, one would think that he looked like a dwarf. But if anyone thought that his character was as funny as his appearance, then they would be gravely mistaken. He was Fan Yitong, who had climbed to his current position step by step only through his own power.

"Hey, Brother Hong, is this group the guests you mentioned?" Fan Yitong said with a grin.

"Fan Yitong, don't play any trick in today's business," He Junhong interrupted him coldly.

"Oh, I am very curious. I don't know who can make our big brother bow his head for mercy," Fan Yitong said.

Hearing his words, He Junhong was annoyed. Helping Jiang Liushi to find the materials was a matter of life or death, his! As a result, He Junhong could only suppress his feelings.

Noticing He Junhong's reaction, Fan Yitong felt it was ridiculous.

"Fan Yitong, do you really have the materials I need?" He Junhong asked suddenly. Actually, Fan Yitong was very treacherous, and He Junhong had already suffered a lot of losses in the dark. He was worried that Fan Yitong would backstab him. He had gone to ask him about the materials, but he had not expected that Fan Yitong would have them. As a result, He Junhong sent his subordinate to invite Jiang Liushi as soon as possible. But now, he worried whether his decision was right or not. Once he was cheated by Fan Yitong, Jiang Liushi would be annoyed by him again.

"Oh, Brother Hong, what are you saying? I, Fan Yitong, have never cheated anyone," Fan Yitong said, and then he revealed something in his hand; a blood crystal. It was beating up and down like it was alive.

"Mutant blood nucleus! It's indeed a level-2!" He Junhong became excited when he saw this.

At this time, engine sounds came from far away, and then a minibus appeared on the other side of the street.

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