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The AMR-2 sniper's gun barrel and the precise marksmanship made Lu Changfei recall Jiang Liushi's name immediately. They had engaged each other at Snecked Way, so Jiang Liushi's marksmanship and his AMR-2 sniper rifle were fresh in Lu Changfei's memory.


The sharp crack of the rifle shot reverberated again as if it was to confirm Lu Changfei's conjecture. The soft nose of a mutant buffalo was shot through by Jiang Liushi's bullet. That mutant buffalo was originally carrying a Black Water member's body with its horn. Its steel-solid skull had been penetrated by that powerful bullet, and it fell to the ground after several shaky steps.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi aimed at Lu Changfei from his minibus.

Lu Changfei's eyes flashed like lightning, and he smiled slightly.

Jiang Liushi and Lu Changfei looked straight at each other at this moment, but then Jiang Liushi shifted his muzzle. A few moments of confrontation, convinced Jiang Liushi that if he were to pull the trigger, Lu Changfei would react immediately. At the same time, Lu Changfei also had the same feeling.

After that mutant buffalo was killed, Jiang Liushi's rushing minibus was stopped perfectly at the left gra.s.s area of the Black Water Organization. And then nearly a dozen heavy trucks and three military armored vehicles also arrived.

"F*ckers, how did the people of the Doom Walker come? Shi Ying Squad also came!"Lu Changyang saw everything clearly from his heavy truck. The flag with a black sun was striking, and that minibus was also quite unusual.

"Clearly, they want to compete with us!" Lu Changyang snarled. To him, that mission was like a fat sheep in grasp, so how could he let others steal it? If this could be tolerated, what could not? Moreover, they had killed two mutant beasts.

"Seize the fruits of victory? No way! You want to bite off more than you can chew! Next, all members drive and lead all the mutant beasts to the direction of Doom Walker," Lu Changyang ordered coldly. He used the walkie-talkie and immediately relayed the order to every heavy truck and every off-road vehicle belonging to Black Water and Stone Riprap Squad.

All the members of both teams were all elites with strict discipline. Black Water Organization and Stone Riprap Squad were cooperating with each other. However, they had sacrificed dozens of paranormals in their fight against the mutant worms. In Lu Changyang's mind, Doom Walker would be inundated by mutant beasts and mutant worms soon.


All the heavy trucks and off-road vehicles of both teams were driven back quickly at the same time. Some paranormals who were fighting with mutant beasts and mutant worms all rushed toward the direction of Doom Walker. In short, all the team members were flooding toward Doom Walker. As a result, the mutant beasts with bloodshot eyes all followed them toward Doom Walker like wild bulls.

Seeing that scene, Hou Dingkun was torn with grief. He was already regretting his decision. The black mutant beasts were fierce and terrible, especially the huge monsters at the end of the group. It was a nightmare!

At that moment, he saw all the cars of Black Water and Stone Riprap rushing toward them. Before Doom Walker's members could react, they had blocked their way in the rear. Moreover, the terrible mutant beasts and worms were also following behind. Doom Walker would have to make a head-on confrontation with those mutant beasts and worms. Naturally, all his members were scared to death.

"Black Water and Stone Riprap, I…f*ck you…!" Hou Dingkun shouted as he knew that it was Lu Changyang's plan.

Hou Dingkun was a smart person so he couldn't let all his subordinates fight against dozens of mutant beasts directly. Otherwise, his Doom Walker would almost be ruined. However, Hou Dingkun was stricken dumb with amazement when he looked back.

"What a gang of b*stards! They are extremely vicious!" Hou Dingkun cursed because their route of retreat had been blocked by many heavy trucks. His team had to rush through Black Water and Stone Riprap's fleet before retreating. It meant they had to declare war on the two teams directly. At the other side, the rushing mutant beasts would also attack them. His Doom Walker would soon become a sandwich biscuit.

'What a terrible outcome!'

"Hou Dingkun, don't kid yourself! Wait for death patiently!" Lu Changyang stretched his head out from his heavy truck and gave him the middle finger arrogantly.

Black Water's members also stared at Doom Walker's members and sneered at them. Some members even moved their heavy trucks forward, in order to further narrow their s.p.a.ce between Doom Walker.

"Something is wrong! Our President is still in that area!" Suddenly, someone shouted while pointing at the battlefield.

"What?" Lu Changyang was surprised as he obviously had informed his older brother.

He looked through the window and saw his brother standing still with his special awe-inspiring righteousness. Lu Changfei's back muscles had doubled in size, and his body transpired with a visible hot mist. Lu Changfei exuded an unyielding aura, resembling a demon's breath.

"F*ck! Go back quickly and save my brother!" Lu Changyang shouted anxiously. He had underestimated Lu Changfei's madness. Jiang Liushi and those mutant beasts had ignited his brother's fighting intent. Lu Changfei was a real lunatic!

Hou Dingkun was trembling with rage in his heavy truck because his team's response was dull to the extreme. Hou Dingkun even regretted listening to Jiang Liushi. Unfortunately, it was too late for regret now.

"Come on!" Suddenly, a roar was heard from the battlefield.

'It's…Lu Changfei? Haha, this lunatic didn't retreat! Does he want to fight against so many mutant beasts by himself?' Hou Dingkun thought after being attracted by that roar.

"It's Lu Changyang's turn to worry. He should have never expected that his older brother would be such a lunatic!" Hou Dingkun laughed. He was eager to see this fantastic play. However, just at that moment, the minibus rushed out quickly.

"What? Jiang…Jiang Liushi?!" Hou Dingkun was shocked again.

"What the f*ck! Another lunatic! No, a group of lunatics!" Some members of the Black Water Organization shouted after seeing that scene.

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