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Clear and intense gunshots could be heard. Black Water Organization's members barraged the rushing mutant beasts with a torrent of machine-gun bullets. The dazzling gunfire turned the dark night into a crimson one. Even if those mutant beasts were huge and fierce, they were frail in front of bullets with strong penetrating power. Several mutant beasts whined and fell down to the muddy snowfield one by one.

"Brother, we are consuming our bullets too fast. We spent two-thirds of our ammunition within the last 10 minutes. We should take effective countermeasures," Lu Changyang reported and then looked at the numerous mutant beasts in front of them. He felt scared by the breathtaking scenery. There were about 40 or 50 mutant beasts in total.

Lu Changfei, who was sitting beside him bare-chested like an immovable mountain, just kept staring at the frenzied mutant beasts calmly. Although he was sitting quietly, everyone knew that he was a dormant volcano, which could erupt at any time, showing amazing power.

"Don't worry about the high consumption. Share my plan with all members of both squads. We have to repel this round of attack," Lu Changfei said calmly.

"Brother, what should we do after all of our bullets are used up? What should we do next?" Hearing his brother's answer, Lu Changyang felt bewildered. He knew that his older brother was crazy, but he didn't expect him to ignore the consequences.

According to his plan, they would retreat while fighting. The dark night was disadvantageous to humans. As a matter of fact, that was just a contact battle without warning. When they found those mutant beasts, they had already fallen in their ambush. They had rushed from all directions.

The consequences would be unimaginable if not all members of the Black Water Organization were excellent and decisive. They retreated in time to the relatively narrow high-bay nearby, relying on firepower to intercept the mutant beasts' attacks.

"Lu Changyang, haven't you realized yet? After using up all of our bullets, we will rely on close-combat-quarters. Paranormals should depend on their body instead of other external factors. However, we came across some troublesome things!" 

"What do you mean?" Lu Changyangasked in surprise.

At that moment, he was shocked to see his brother standing up suddenly and groan, "Be careful! Underground!" Lu Changfei roared as if a thunderclap was about to explode above them.

Many people couldn't help but gaze at the ground.

Lu Changfei stomped on the floor, so the entire heavy truck began to rumble and shake. He rushed out like a sh.e.l.l, and then punched the ground solidly.

The floor under Lu Changfei's feet was frozen like steel in the cold air, but it issued cracking sounds after being hit by Lu Changfei's iron fists, revealing a large hole later. Blood was splashed from the big hole, and then several worms with countless feelers drilled their way out. Last, a black mutant worm with a total length of seven or eight meters appeared. Several creva.s.se-like wounds had already appeared on this worm. However, it had numerous black feelers that were more than one meter long, lashing furiously from side to side.

That heavy truck, where Lu Changyang was hidden, was the first to be affected. A large piece of its body steel plate sank after it was struck by the worm's feeler.

One of the survivors did not have enough time to dodge, so he was slammed by a feeler with splattered blood and died on the spot. At the same time, in the area of Stone Riprap Squad, eight or nine mutant worms were plowing the land and then drilled out the soil.

Seeing that scene, Lu Changyang understood the meaning of his brother's words. And he thought that 'troublesome' was an understatement!

It was apparent that his brother had long sensed the mutant worms' presence. The mutant worms, which could drill their way out from the depths of the land, were even more terrible and powerful than the mutant beasts. Several heavy trucks had been overturned by them, causing total chaos.

A combatant of Black Water standing on his heavy truck clenched a light machine gun with bloodshot eyes and shot at a few rushing mutant beasts. The barrel had become hot just because of fierce shooting. Seeing a bullet plunging into the body of a mutant wolf and then bursting out from the wound, he became excited. However, a sharp claw like a sickle hit his chest and lifted him up. His blood splashed, and he struggled in screaming. But then another claw cut into his flesh again and split him in half. A terrible mutant mantis had killed him!

The two-meters-high mutant mantis was covered with a steel-like black sh.e.l.l. Its speed was simply horrifying. Its two sickles were extremely sharp, and it had killed several soldiers with them. But when it was ready to move to another heavy truck, a black figure from that heavy truck rushed toward it at once.


Two black, armored arms gripped the claws of that mutant mantis fiercely.

"Hey!" The steel-like paranormal was in a standstill with the mutant mantis.


The mutant mantis screamed.

Suddenly a chubby figure fell down from the sky and stamped the mutant mantis' head flat into the snow and ice. He was a powerful fat paranormal.

The sharp clanking sounds of many rifle shots sounded, and right after a barrage of bullets landed on its body, killing it in a violent way.

The mutant worms, which had come from underground, had disrupted the defenses of Black Water Organization. Fortunately, Lu Changfei and other powerful paranormals rushed out to fight with them in close-combat-quarters, while the weaker members a.s.sisted them from the side.

Suddenly they heard a roar, followed by a series of cracks. A dark mutant worm was torn by Lu Changfei from both sides. The worm was literally torn into two pieces. After tearing it, Lu Changfei was drenched in dripping blood, like a ghost from h.e.l.l.

Unexpectedly, another mutant worm drilled its way out and swelled with Lu Changfei.

Lu Changfei kept smiling all the time while his body was ringing like a crackling pod. And then his body pulled it up at a speed that was visible to the naked eyes, and his muscles bulged like a block of copper-black metal. The mutant worm was also torn apart by Lu Changfei's attack, but it didn't die. Hence, it jumped far away from Lu Changfei to run away.

"You want to run?" Lu Changfei's eyes became fanatical. He had never allowed any of his prey to escape from his hands.


Suddenly, a gunshot came, and a fist-sized wound appeared on the mutant worm's head.


Another gunshot sounded.

This time, Lu Changfei saw clearly a bullet drilling its way into that wound. Brain matter along with other bodily fluids was mixed together and caused a mess inside its skull. The mutant worm bounced violently on the ground, and finally, it stopped moving.

Lu Changfei looked toward the direction from where the bullets had come. In the far dinstance, he saw a minibus rushing toward him. On the roof of that minibus, a sniper gun barrel was stretched out.

'AMR-2? Is it Jiang Liushi?!' Lu Changfei guessed.

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