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'Xiyu, take care of yourself,' Jiang Liushi said patiently.

Piecing together what Yang Tianzhao had just said, Jiang Liushi guessed that this powerful psychic was that so-called Acalanatha.

'Um, Brother Jiang, you can rest a.s.sured,' Ran Xiyu responded. And then she minimized her spiritual domain's range but strengthened her mental defenses.

However, if that psychic paranormal wanted to spy on them or pull a stunt, she would retaliate immediately. She had yet to digest all of the evolutionary crystal's energy, so she was vigorous, and she could carry out many 'Spirit Puncture' attacks. Even Acalanatha should be wary of her attacks.

Unexpectedly, it seemed that the psychic paranormal didn't care about the outsiders at all, as he hadn't shown any other signs.

Currently, Jiang Liushi was following Yang Tianzhao to the trading hall. In a place in the trading hall, a pair of sharp eyes was staring at Jiang Liushi and so on.

At first, Jiang Liushi sensed that gaze, but when he observed carefully, he didn't find anyone. 'Was I wrong?' Jiang Liushi said in his mind. And then, a small bird flew out of the hall.

Jiang Liushi stared at it at once. It turned out to be a carrier pigeon, which was a rare spectacle in this post-apocalyptic world. He felt it was quite strange to see one here.

Compared to the outside ground stalls, there were a lot of goods in the trading hall, and they were all completely high-grade goods. The stalls outside were full of debris, some dried foods stained with blood plasma and some snacks. But in this trading hall, one could find mutant meat, firearms, and unknown strange metals as well as some modified SUVs. Those little materials were all placed on the iron tables in the halls. Next, to every iron table, there was a graceful girl with a charming smile on her face. Their figures were quite eye-catching. The owners of these goods were quite powerful sellers, who were followed by one or more paranormals. When Jiang Liushi's group went in, some greedy eyes immediately stared at them, but soon moved away and never looked at them again.

After all, Jiang Liushi's group looked very ordinary; a normal person, an average paranormal and a tall silly-looking paranormal. They didn't seem rich.

Yang Tianzhao was excited, but he could only stare at the mutant meat and SUVs. Finally, he led Jiang Liushi to an un.o.btrusive red table in the corner. On that red table was a stack of red dossiers and behind the table was an old man with a goatee. He was wearing a pair of gold gla.s.ses, and his eyes were roaming around the crowd in the hall.

Yang Tianzhao walked toward him directly. "Old Qin, I want to do business with you." 

Old Qin was quite famous in this trading market. He had been there since the ti9me it had been established. n.o.body knew who he was or why he could obtain so much information and news. He was specifically engaged in the sale of information in Pan Zhu City and some nearby counties and towns. Occasionally, he would work as an intermediary agent to resell some unknown guns.

Yang Tianzhao knew about him as he had visited from time to time to take care of business. Although he wasn't familiar with Old Qin, he knew what he should do. Old Qin was expressionless as he scanned Yang Tianzhao from head to toe through his gla.s.ses. And then he looked at Jiang Liushi and Zhang Hai.

After that, a hint of an inexplicable smile appeared on his face. "You are the kid who often buys and sells iron ore metal outside?" Qin's indifferent expression disappeared from his old face, and he became amiable. As a matter of fact, old Qin was a sn.o.b.

"Yes, I'm Yang Tianzhao. I want some information from you," Yang Tianzhao hurried to say.

"No hurry. Don't worry..." Old Qin took out one cup slowly and brewed himself a cup of tea and then sipped. "I have to wait for a few people to come and take care of a deal right now. You have to wait fifteen minutes."

Old Qin continued enjoying his tea slowly, while Yang Tianzhao was looking at Jiang Liushi with a trace of guilt as it was out of his hands.

"Brother Jiang!" Zhang Hai became anxious. "F*ck! The old man is not taking us seriously. How can he treat us in this way?" He had a violent temper, and he really wanted to shoot the old man.

"We are not in a hurry. Let's wait," Jiang Liushi answered. He didn't know what the old man wanted to accomplish, but he thought it wouldn't matter if they waited for a while.

As they waited for the old man to finish drinking his cup of tea, he said suddenly, "The time should be right." And then he looked at Yang Tianzhao.

"Then, should we proceed with our business now?" Yang Tianzhao asked.

Old Qin did not speak but just snorted. He took a look at Yang Tianzhao before taking out a flyer from the files and showing it to Yang Tianzhao. "Actually, I also wanted to do business with you."

Hearing his words, Yang Tianzhao was slightly surprised. He looked at that flyer that Old Qin handed him and read, "Find a paranormal, called Yang Tianzhao from the Nanhui mining area. He is 14 years old, male, and his ability is to create metal needles with his bones… Pay: 100 pounds of mutant meat… by w.a.n.g Xifu."

"I just got this reward order, but I did not expect that you would come here so soon." Old Qin became fierce, and his swollen muscles were about burst; he too was a paranormal.

Seeing that scene, Jiang Liushi began to worry. He suddenly remembered that the eyes he had sensed were also so sharp. Actually, when they had entered, Old Qin was the one that had stared at them.

At that moment, a sudden turmoil broke out in the hall. Jiang Liushi looked back and saw many strong men coming from outside. They surrounded Jiang Liushi, Yang Tianzhao, and Zhang Hai quickly. Among them, one thin, sharp-faced man strode in front of Yang Tianzhao with a grinning smile on his face. On his shoulder was a carrier pigeon.

Jiang Liushi recognized that pigeon at once. In a flash, he realized and understood everything. When Old Qin had discovered Yang Tianzhao, he had sent out the news with that pigeon. Drinking tea was a way to delay for time.

"Hey, we had just sent out the reward information. I did not expect you to appear so soon. Yang Tianzhao, we've been looking for you for a whole day and night. Tell me, where is Ruan Dingfa?" That sharp-faced man asked.

He looked down on Yang Tianzhao and ignored Jiang Liushi and Zhang Hai completely.

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