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"... Such a high wall is quite common in Pan Zhu City. Falling Stars and Battle Union have also built such a high wall. There are fearsome zombies inside. It's said that there are mutant zombies in the innermost part of the forbidden zone. Falling Stars and Battle Union always throw their prisoners over the wall. I had come here once, and I could hear screams…" Yang Tianzhao explained.

Actually, he just knew part of the truth. At first, the three forces, Falling Stars, Battle Union 1 and Huyang People's Front, had been involved in building the high wall. After paying a hefty price, most of the zombies in the urban area of Pan Zhu City had been surrounded by the high walls. Some of the secrets in the forbidden zone may only be known by the senior leaders of the three forces.

Jiang Liushi had noticed that when the earlier motorcycles and off-road vehicles pa.s.sed by the high wall, they had deliberately stayed away from it. Apparently, they were quite afraid of this forbidden zone.

After of five or six minutes of driving, Jiang Liushi saw a few strong men with guns standing behind barbed wire. Behind the barbed wire was an eight-meter-high concrete city wall. Two 18-story commercial buildings were behind the city wall. On the several high floors, some guards could be clearly seen. There was a simple elevator on the outer wall of the building. A large-caliber machine gun was stretched out from the elevator, aiming at the door. Obviously, those commercial buildings had been transformed into armed towers. And at the entrance of the iron gate, were several strong men standing next to modified motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Among them, the most prominent ones were several heavy trucks with heavy steel plates.

Jiang Liushi's minibus looked quite common.

"Brother Jiang, other than the vehicles of Huyang People's Front, no other vehicles are allowed to enter," Yang Tianzhao explained when they arrived at the gate.

 Jiang Liushi just nodded. They had come to the city to look for Ran Yunsha, so it didn't matter if they could drive or not. Not to mention that the iron gate could not resist the minibus' terrifying power.

Jiang Liushi observed the area carefully and found three quarantine areas, which were protected by thick iron doors. At the same time, some people with rifles were standing beside the doors. No matter who entered, they had to carefully fill out a form, and go through a rigorous check.

Not far from these quarantine gates, a long wooden pole was erected with several dead people hanging above it. Half of the dead people's faces had bullet holes on them.

Presently, the sun was hot in the sky, and there was a long queue in front of the three quarantine gates. There were many paranormals in the lines, but no one dared to complain.

Jiang Liushi only took Zhang Hai with him and went off. Ling and the others stayed on the minibus. They were in front of the first quarantine gate. As soon as it was their turn, the whole team in front of them became restless because a middle-aged paranormal could not pa.s.s through the quarantine door.

This middle-aged paranormal became angry. He started arguing, but then a two meters high man came out from the first quarantine gate. His whole face resembled a piece of meat spliced together. Seeing the tall man, Jiang Liushi detected his strong energy fluctuation through Sta.r.s.eed. 

The thin middle-aged paranormal obviously knew that tall man, so his face changed. Although the tall man didn't utter a single word, the thin middle-aged man was frightened to the point that he ran away after just that simple look. The tall man was just about to turn back to the quarantine door, but suddenly he paused. And then he glanced at Jiang Liushi and the others standing next to him.

In the end, his gaze stopped on Yang Tianzhao's face. "Did you finally decide to join Huyang People's Front?" The tall man asked coldly. Obviously, he was familiar with Yang Tianzhao.

"Hey, Uncle Zhang. I came here for another matter…" Yang Tianzhao felt embarra.s.sed. "I came here to help my two brothers."

Hearing his answer, the tall man, Zhang Zhiming was shocked. In his memory, Yang Tianzhao didn't have any siblings, so he stared at Jiang Liushi. But later, he found these two guys were strangers.

"Uncle, if you don't need anything else, we'll go in first." Yang Tianzhao winked at Jiang Liushi and Zhang Hai.

"This is a pa.s.s. I can vouch for the two of them!" Yang Tianzhao took out a pa.s.s and handed it to a man in front of the quarantine gate.

In order to enter the trading market of Huyang People's Front, one needed a permit. If foreign people wanted to go in, they needed to fill out an ID card, and someone had to vouch for them. Such a system had ensured the prosperity of this area, and no one dared to make trouble.

When they were about to enter, a voice came from behind suddenly, "Tianzhao, it would be a good choice for you to join us."

Yang Tianzhao was attracted, but he didn't turn back. "

Tianzhao, are you familiar with that person?" asked Jiang Liushi.

Yang Tianzhao sighed when he heard Jiang Liushi's question. "Brother Jiang, that uncle is a very strong paranormal, and he used to be in the mines with us. When we had to deal with other forces, he was in charge. I don't know why, but later, he suddenly joined Huyang People's Front. After that, he stopped caring about us, no matter what happened. Recently, I had some conflicts with w.a.n.g Xifu, and Uncle Zhang started inviting me to join Huyang People's Front…" Yang Tianzhao said slowly and quietly. He looked sad as if he had remembered something bad.

"Is Huyang People's Front the third largest force in Pan Zhu City? It may be a good thing for you to join them! You can take care of your brothers," Jiang Liushi asked because he had some doubts.

If Yang Tianzhao were able to join one force, all of his brothers would be protected. However, Jiang Liushi found that Yang Tianzhao didn't want to join any of them at all.

Yang Tianzhao became nervous when Jiang Liushi asked. He looked around and made sure that n.o.body was eavesdropping to their conversation.

"Acalanatha is the leader of Huyang People's Front. It's said that he has a mysterious ability, and no matter who joins them will change to that form—look!" And then Yang Tianzhao pointed at some bald-headed men for Jiang Liushi to see. It was a distinctive sign. They were meticulous and very serious. When they walked, they wouldn't make the slightest sound.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi and others reached to the trading market's door. The stalls on both sides were in order. People were talking loudly and completing various transactions. Far away was a three-layer trading building, with many people inside. The bald men loyal to their duties and their eyes were extremely serious; one could say they were almost fanatical.

Jiang Liushi was very surprised. He perceived some special energy fluctuations from that group of bald men. Obviously, all of them were paranormals. It was not easy to make those paranormals do such tedious work. Some paranormal may only want to survive after acquiring a special ability, but most of them would do whatever they wanted.

'Brother Jiang, if you find any information about my sister, then hurry to leave this place,' Ran Xiyu's voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind. However, Xiyu's voice became particularly vague, as if it had been suppressed by something.

'Brother Jiang, there is a very strong psychic paranormal here, and my mental power has been greatly weakened. I had to try multiple times to communicate with you! I'm feeling something bad…'

Previously Fighting Alliance

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