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Yang Feng was very weak.


When Ran Xiyu's mental waves struck Yang Feng, the fierceness in his eyes disappeared, and they dimmed.

"Okay!" Jiang Liushi knew that Ran Xiyu's mental suppression had worked.

"Yang Feng, I have to ask you a question." Jiang Liushi said.

"What?" Yang Feng answered slowly.

"Do you know a girl called Ran Yunsha? She's a member of the Ran Group."

"Ran Yunsha? Ran Group... It seems to have seen..."

Hearing Yang Feng's intermittent remarks, Jiang Liushi put all the information of Ran Yunsha together in his mind. Unfortunately, Yunsha was not in northern Jiangsu area. Yang Feng was not responsible for her withdrawal, but another military team. After that Yang Feng had searched for that team because he wanted to use their power to expand the strength of his troops. However, he was unable to realize that dream as they had evacuated to Panzhu City.

Panzhu City and that area were not that far from each other. Yang Feng had also made contact with the forces in Panzhu City. It was also a big force, which was not inferior to his troops. If she was still alive, she might be in Panzhu City.

It was out of Jiang Liushi's expectations, but they had to go to Panzhu City. He could afford to take some risks. After all, they had already traveled this far. Ran Xiyu's contribution to the whole team was irreplaceable. Jiang Liushi, of course, was willing to help her find her loved ones. While Jiang Liushi was thinking about that, Yang Feng's dull eyes came back to normal and regained their natural color. However, they soon became bloodshot.

Recalling his situation, Yang Feng knew clearly that he was again under the control of the hidden psychic paranormal. Moreover, looking at Jiang Liushi, he guessed that he had spilled the beans.

"You piece of sh*t! You dared to play mind games!? F*ck you! Go and die! F*ck!" Feng cursed and struggled on the ground crazily.

"Where have you hidden your mutant nuclei?" Jiang Liushi asked coldly. Yang Feng's embarra.s.sing struggle did not affect Jiang Liushi at all.

"Do you want to know? Keep dreaming! You can't find it here! Hahahaha!" Yang Feng said madly.

"They are in your body, right?" Jiang Liushi said suddenly.

Yang Feng's face suddenly changed slightly, and he hummed.

"Oh, it was a lucky guess." Jiang Liushi smiled.

Jiang Liushi's guess was based on Yang Feng's cautious and miserable character. Besides, Yang Feng's clothes had turned to ash.

At that moment, Zhang Hai walked over and sneered at Yang Feng, and then he reached and hurriedly patted all over his body. He didn't restrain his strength, so Yang Feng constantly screamed. However, Zhang Hai did not find any mutant nuclei.

"You're dreaming! If I die, you'll get nothing!"

Suddenly, Li Yuxin said, "Brother Jiang, there are some strange things in his thigh."

Hearing those words, Yang Feng's face completely changed. "D*mned girl!"

"His thigh?" Zhang Hai immediately looked at Yang Feng's thigh. His skin was charred and cracked. Zhang Hai saw a st.i.tched wound on Yang Feng's thigh.

"Yeah." Looking at the ugly face of Yang Feng, Zhang Hai showed a smile of mockery at him. "It's here, right?" He suddenly used his two fingers and yanked the skin on Yang Feng's thigh.

"Ah!!!!" Yang Feng was in extreme pain and let out a shrill scream. After Zhang Hai twitched his fingers, some shiny things gushed out with blood from Yang Feng's wound.

"Mutant nuclei!" Seeing those sparkling things, Jiang Liushi's eyes brightened.

Yang Feng was indeed vicious. He stored the mutant nuclei in his own leg. As Zhang Hai was about to pick up the mutant nuclei, Yang Feng looked furious!

"They're mine! Mine!!" Yang Feng shouted and leaped in the air with a burst of vitality. His body slammed in front, and he opened his mouth. And then he bit on Zhang Hai's fingers. At that moment, an iron bar suddenly came from the side and penetrated Yang Feng's body.

Yang Feng was nailed to the ground, and he gradually lost all strength to scream.

"F*ck*r! He is a rabid dog!" Sun Kun stepped on Yang Feng's body. "Brother Jiang?"

"Kill him," Jiang Liushi said coldly.

Yang Feng was ambitious and extremely vicious, so naturally, he couldn't accept his failures, and it was quite difficult for him to face reality. That scene was worse for him than death. Yang Feng stared at Jiang Liushi with a gaze of unwillingness.

However, when Sun Kun stabbed his dead with the iron bar, his body shook, and he lost his life. When Yang Feng died, Jiang Liushi suddenly heard the sound plants from every direction.

The vines on the walls and the rhizomes from the ground started to grow black spots and rot at a visible speed. The soil loosened and cracks appeared as the plants withered.

Zhou Xiaochuan, sitting in an armored vehicle, was looking the military building carefully. But suddenly, an old man with an old black jacket appeared.

The old man was drenched in water, and his hair was messy from the storm. "Governor Zhou, we must send someone to make the appropriate arrangements because a flash flood will hit shortly!" The old man grabbed Zhou Xiaochuan's sleeve.

"Old Sun, that's enough!" Zhou Xiaochuan grew impatient as he listened to the old man and then saw him grabbing at his clothes with his dirty hands. He became furious and slapped the old man's face. Zhou Xiaochuan despised people like him.

Touching his burning face, Sun Changxin lost all hope. He was softhearted so he could not bear the thought of the flood killing that many people.

He had run out to notify Zhou Xiaochuan, but instead, the latter one humiliated him.

"Old Sun, if you want to talk about torrents, you could find Commander Yang inside." The young vice officer next to Zhou Xiaochuan smiled. "

Look for Commander Yang?" Sun Changxin murmured. His mind was in disorder. Perhaps, he should go to talk with Yang...

"What are you doing?" Seeing Sun Changxin walk inside, Zhou Xiaochuan shouted to that vice officer.

"Anyway, he's brain-damaged, let him go to explore the situation inside." The deputy smiled.

Zhou Xiaochuan was stunned. This kid was really shrewd. However, he was right. If Old Sun could be of use, it would be better.

Jiang Liushi and the others quickly finished moving the guns. In this incident, the two teams brought by Xiang Xuehai had been completely wiped out, and even Jian Ling had died. Relatively speaking, however, Shi Ying Squad had completed their part of the deal, found information concerning Ran Yunsha's whereabouts and harvested many firearms and mutant nuclei.

Jiang Liushi was quite satisfied with that outcome, so he decided to leave immediately.

"Commander Yang, the torrential flood will come soon, so we must do something," an old man's voice came suddenly.

"What's up?" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun saw the old man rushing in. They clutched their weapons, and for a time they didn't know if they should fight.

The old man, wearing a tattered black jacket, was thin and weak. He was just an ordinary person.

"Stop!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun's aimed at him.

Sun Changqing was surprised by the scene inside.

"Who are you? Commander Yang is already dead," Jiang Liushi asked.

Seeing Yang Feng's body, Sun Changxin was shocked. Originally, the elder did not usually have enough food, and he was scared and frightened every day.

"What did you say about the flood? Do you know about water conservancy?" Jiang Liushi found a hint of danger from the old man's words. Seeing that the old man was frightened and refused to speak, he asked.

"I... I specialize in water conservancy. I was brought back by Yang Feng. I was working at the Inst.i.tute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research before doomsday. I'm an expert on hydraulics and river dynamics..." Sun Changxin said. He was very nervous.

'What's the matter and who are these people?' He kept thinking.

"You are a water conservancy expert? Don't be nervous. We won't kill you." said Jiang Liushi, while signaling at Zhang Hai and Sun Kun to put their weapons down.

Compared with that fierce Yang Feng, Jiang Liushi's appearance was kind. As a result, Sun Changqing calmed down quickly. In fact, for Sun Changxin, Yang Feng's immorality was none of his business. He just couldn't bear the thought of the flood killing people.

"Oh, my G.o.d, it seems that the flood will strike sooner!" Sun Changxin looked around and suddenly said in horror. "You must hurry to leave. Yang Feng's ability controlled many plants in this area. Normally, the plant roots would solidify water and the soil. Now that he died, the plants will decay!" Sun Changxin said hurriedly.

The plants around the wall and soil were decaying rapidly, and large areas of soil had caved in.

Jiang Liushi became nervous. "Old man, you will come with us!"

Jiang Liushi decided immediately. Before the Sun Changxin could react, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had already taken him on the minibus.

'This...'  Sun Changxin didn't even know where to go. He usually slept on the hard ground and used a dirty blanket. It had been a long time since he had last seen such a clean and tidy place.

"Grandpa, sit here." Zhang Hai sent him directly to the couch.

"I'm dirty..."

"Just sit there," Zhang Hai said.

Sun Changxin found that those people were obviously different from Yang Feng. Who were they?

"Xiyu, can you hear me? A flood will strike soon! Has Ling found you?" Jiang Liushi asked when he jumped and sat on the co-pilot seat.

Ying launched minibus at once and then reversed to the entrance quickly.

"...Ling carried me, and we went down to the direction of Wan Shou Village. You are right. We also found a lot of mud that was stuck in the stream and formed a small lake... the rocks are falling..." Ran Xiyu's words were a bit weary.

"Wait for us near Wan Shou Village!" Jiang Liushi responded quickly. When Ran Xiyu and Ling were picked up, everyone in his team would be safe.

The minibus' engine roared like a beast. Ying fiercely hit the steering wheel, making a beautiful swerve, and in the narrow s.p.a.ce, she finished a ninety-degree turn!

"Coming out? Ha, get ready!" Seeing the rushing minibus, Zhou Xiaochuan shouted!

"Commander Zhou, what if Commander Yang in the car?" The deputy reminded him.

Zhou Xiaochuan, unexpectedly, scolded him, "You are my dog! You only have to follow my order! Fight, quickly!" The machine gun immediately released a hail of bullets on the minibus.

'WARNING! Damage to the base car, level 2. The durability of front bulletproof gla.s.s decreased by 20%...' Sta.r.s.eed's transmission sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind. Jiang Liushi was not crestfallen as his minibus had been improved.

'Launch the Air Cannon and rush out!' Jiang Liushi said in his mind calmly.

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