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The hall was up in flames and covered in dense smoke. It was a fiery h.e.l.l. Carpets, frescoes, sofas and everything else inside were all burned and turned to ashes due to the high temperature.

"Huh?" Jiang Liushi waited for a moment, but he didn't see Yang Feng getting out. He was stunned.

Currently, the smoke was so thick that they could hardly see anything. It was a troublesome matter. The thick smoke was not only hot, but it also contained a lot of toxic substances such as carbon powder, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

Yang Feng's cells had mutated to those of plants, and according to Jiang Liushi's inference, the high-temperature flames and smoke should be his natural nemesis.

"I'll go and check. Sun Kun take this submachine gun," Jiang Liushi said.

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were all wrapped in wet medical scarves. The material was of course provided by Li Yuxin. They were concealed at the car's rear and kept watch for the forces outside.

"Boss, you want to go in now? This smoke is deadly." Zhang Hai was surprised. In the hall, the poisonous smoke was thick, and the fire was burning. Even outside, the gathered people could feel the high-temperature affecting their skin.

"Yeah, I can hold my breath for 15 minutes," explained Jiang Liushi. Actually, he could hold out for about 30 minutes. Jiang Liushi had far surpa.s.sed the breath-holding Guinness record.

"Brother, the smoke is intense, don't go." Jiang Zhuying, lying on the bed, said worriedly.

"Rest a.s.sured, I will not be affected," Jiang Liushi comforted his sister and found a pair of sungla.s.ses to wear. After taking a deep breath, he got out of the car.

Looking at Jiang Liushi's back in the thick smoke, Jiang Zhuying tightened her mouth. Although she knew that her brother was very cautious, she was still worried.

As soon as Jiang Liushi entered the hall, he was already holding his breath. The oxygen that was carried by his blood would last for some time, so it was impossible to inhale the toxic smoke.

It was a h.e.l.lish sight. On the ground, there were several incinerated corpses. Jiang Liushi evaded a few objects that were on fire and proceeded further inside. He looked around, and soon a strange scene caught his attention. In the corner of the hall, there was a deep pit. He stepped in front of the pit only to find Yang Feng inside.

Yang Feng was very embarra.s.sed at the moment. Every trace of hair on his body had shriveled back to its roots or turned to ash, and the only clothing he had was a few pieces of fig leaves, covering the essential parts. His skin was dark and torn in some places, exposing the blue blood vessels inside. Yang Feng's body was damaged to the extreme, and he could hardly breathe.

Next to him were a large number of barbed tree roots, which apparently had created the deep pit. However, those roots were now almost dry and had lost their vitality.

Yang Feng did not come out as he was desperately trying to find a chance to recover. The flames wouldn't burn that pit, and his plants could also filter the poisonous smoke for him. If he were lucky, he could survive the ordeal. Unfortunately, he hadn't expected Jiang Liushi's sudden appearance.

"You! Where did you crawl out from? Why haven't I heard about you before? You even have a flamethrower…" Yang Feng gritted his teeth, and he hated Jiang Liushi to the core. When he said all that, his body was twisting.

'Oh, what do we have here?' Jiang Liushi had noticed that Yang Feng was acting weird. He kept twisting his body as if he wanted to cover something. Although he had been careful, Jiang Liushi had seen him.

Under the soil, wooden planks were covering… guns! In this terrible world, guns were handy. Yang Feng was a miser, and even in his current predicament, he had to be together with his guns…

Jiang Liushi jumped and kicked Yang Feng, and then he opened a box which was filled with guns and ammunition.

Yang Feng's heart ached. He had been stockpiling and hiding those guns for more than half a year, but they were being taken, right in front of him. How could Yang Feng bear it?

"D*mn! Did you think that you can take these guns and run away? Death awaits you! You are already surrounded! If you let me go, I will spare your lives," Yang Feng shouted.

Jiang Liushi didn't say anything just aimed at him.

"No!" Yang Feng shouted again.


"Ah!" Yang Feng screamed when Jiang Liushi shot his leg. He didn't want to kill him just yet, so he crippled his leg and then lifted him.

At that moment, the rapid sounds of gunfire came from outside as the Yang Feng's subordinates were rushing to the ramp. 

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai, both using the minibus as a cover, continued to shoot outwards. They pressed back the opponents who were trying to rush in.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Sun Hai and Zhang Kun, who had guts, were good at fighting.

"They keep troops for a thousand days and use them in a single moment. The Commander treated us well, so we should try our best to fight!" Outside the military building, a middle-aged man with a big belly shouted. He was called Zhou Xiaochuan, Yang Feng's henchman. He was responsible for the troops' training and the military camp's security. Although the situation was unclear, he was certain that the battle was fierce.

Zhou Xiaochuan was not only angry but also scared. He was aware of how frightening Yang Feng was. He was about his future, as the intruders had slipped under his nose.

"Captain, they have Type 81 and Type 95 guns, their firepower is very fierce. If you let an armored car drive inside, its heavy machine gun can penetrate the minibus' defenses! Without it blocking our way, we can rush in and kill them!" Someone next to him said.

Zhou Xiaochuan nodded as it was indeed a good idea. However, at that moment, a body was thrown out of the tunnel.

"Boss Duan?" Zhou Xiaochuan shouted. How could it be possible?

"Don't be nervous! Commander Yang was still inside. As long as we rush in, we can meet Commander Yang!" Zhou Xiaochuan explained.

"Are you looking for Commander Yang?" Suddenly, at the gate of the military building, Yang Feng's body was exposed in the air. Most of Jiang Liushi's body was hidden behind Yang Feng's body with a gun in his hand.

"Yang ... Commander Yang!" Zhou Xiaochuan carefully looked at the captured man, and his eyes almost popped out. Was he really Commander Yang? Why did he look so miserable!?

"Yes, this is Commander Yang!" The army soldiers outside were completely stunned and looked at each other. Zhou Xiaochuan was shocked. He blinked and suddenly looked at the side of the room and gave a signal with his eyes.


Jiang Liushi killed the man lurking in the darkness.

"Commander Yang, it seems that your prestige is quite lacking. Someone wanted to attack me disregarding of your safety." Jiang Liushi sneered.

The high-power solar lights over the entire military camp had been lit up. Although it was still dark, there was still a lot of light. Jiang Liushi had excellent eyesight.

His current vision was similar to that of an eagle's. He had noticed Zhou Xiaochuan's eye signal, which betrayed the sniper's location. 

Jiang Liushi's action scared Zhou Xiaochuan to death. During the storm, Yang Feng's lungs were hurt so Zhou Xiaochuan couldn't hear his voice. However, Yang Feng looked at Zhou Xiaochuan fiercely.

"If you have the courage, you can come in," Jiang Liushi said, carrying Yang Feng back to the military building.

"What should we do now?" a man asked.

They had come to a.s.sist Yang Feng, but he had almost died because of them. As a result, they all hesitated.

"We'll wait!" Zhou Xiaochuan shouted. Hearing his words, all the members of Shi Ying Squad were relieved.

"I'll bring some weapons back," Jiang Liushi said and ordered Zhang Hai to watch Yang Feng. Only Jiang Liushi could take those weapons out. After a while, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun saw Jiang Liushi coming back with lots of weapons.

"Type 97 shotgun?!" Zhang Hai shouted. As a military fan, he had searched on that topic before doomsday. The Type 97 shotgun was designed according to Remington 870. It was simple to its use, and its fierce firepower could severely hurt a target in close range. 

The addition of a shotgun could definitely make up for some of their strength.

Yang Feng's eyes carried a trace of extreme hate.

"Why didn't you kill me!?" Yang Feng shouted.

He had lost all hope when he heard Zhou Xiaochuan's command. He couldn't expect for him men to come and rescue him.

"I want to ask about the whereabouts of a person. You should know," Jiang Liushi stared at Yang Feng's eyes and asked.

"While you ... asking, I will not say anything," Yang Feng answered.

'Xiyu,' Jiang Liushi shook his head and called Ran Xiyu in his mind. He was worried about Ran Xiyu.

'..I'm here.' Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind.

"Xiyu, I have already sent Ling to pick you up. We also caught Yang Feng, but he refuses to cooperate. I need you to use your power again and force him to speak!" Jiang Liushi replied. "Are you in the condition to do it?" Jiang Liushi added.

Hearing his words, Ran Xiyu felt warm.

She was very weak, and she couldn't even move her fingers. However, the most critical time was coming. As long as she used her ability to open Yang Feng's mouth, she would know where her sister was!

"I ... I can do it!" Ran Xiyu bit her teeth and struggled. Her mind was still in pain, and she was trembling, but she could use her power one last time.

"Go!" A wave of mental strength pa.s.sed through the military building on the hillside and firmly locked on Yang Feng!

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