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"Another one seeking for death? Xiang Xuehai, I didn't know that you were so good at gathering people. Even in this terrible world, some people are still willing to help you," Yang Feng said because he had sensed Jiang Liushi's presence. But he didn't intend to pay much attention to him as he couldn't feel strong energy fluctuations. 

Then, he stared at Xiang Xuehai with a l.u.s.tful look. He was infatuated with her because of her beauty. 

Xiang Xuehai felt desperate when she saw Jiang Liushi. In her mind, Jiang Liushi was their last hope as he could snipe, Yang Feng, after he captured and brought them out. It was a pity that Jiang Liushi rushed in the tiger's mouth! 

"Boss Yang, I surrendered. Every member of Leopard Squad surrenders. We have two paranormals, and we will help you, so please spare us. We were tricked by Xiang Xuehai. Believe me! Don't kill us!" A thin middle-aged man said suddenly. He was pressing his abdomen, which was severely injured by a few roots.

"Captain?!" The other members were shocked when they saw the middle-aged man kneeling down. They were stunned because they were Xiang Xuehai's subordinates.

"You all kneel down! Haven't you seen how strong Boss Yang is?" We can't beat him!" The thin middle-aged man said again. "Anyway, it's difficult to survive in this terrible word. Isn't it more important to keep our lives?"

"Hahaha, those who can adapt to the times are wise! Good call. I accept your request!" Yang Feng waved proudly.

Xiang Xuehai was infuriated. She hadn't expected that the Leopard Squad's Captain would betray her!

Xiang Xuehai, what else do you have to say? You have to follow me! It's better to act cute." He turned to look Xiang Xuehai, who was lying on the ground.

"Thank you, Commander Yang!" The Leopard Squad's Captain was overjoyed.

'Bang! Bang!'

Two gunshots came. At the same time, a hole suddenly appeared on the wall of vines in front of Yang Feng.

Suddenly, the turncoat Captain crashed heavily on the ground with an expression of shock on his face. On the back of his head was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole from which large amounts of blood mixed with brain matter gashed out. 

Everyone was surprised, and then they saw Jiang Liushi approaching. He was holding two Type 54 guns in his hands, which emitted blue smoke.

"If you surrender, then it meant that you are our enemy. I show no mercy to my enemies," Jiang Liushi said calmly. One of Jiang Liushi's ironclad rules was to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.

Leopard Squad's remaining members were intimidated by Jiang Liushi's ruthlessness. They were quite afraid, so they stood still.

Behind the vines, Yang Feng's cheeks were stained with blood. Jiang Liushi had shot at him! If he didn't guard against everyone, he might have been killed.

Yang Feng was annoyed. He found the boy displeasing to the eye. How could he act arrogantly before him with his weak strength?

Sudden;y, Jiang Liushi aimed at Duan Dalong, who was fighting against Zhang Hai. Duan Dalong had already heard the gunshots, but his palm was trapped in Zhang Hai's powerful grip.

"You're going to die first!" Duan Dalong roared. He wanted to get rid of the bad guy in front of him!

Zhang Hai was in a predicament as his fingers started making a cracking sound. Then, they bent out of shape at an alarming rate, and they were about to snap-

 "Ah!!!!"Zhang Hai shouted. "Brother Jiang, kill him!"

Suddenly, a vine appeared around Jiang Liushi's feet. At the same time, Duan Dalong smiled.

"Brother, be careful!" Jiang Zhuying shouted.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi was turned upside down!

Jiang Liushi could feel the slight tremors from the plowing soil under the carpet. He had guessed that Yang Feng would sneak attack him. As expected, he was right.

Jiang Liushi was unfazed and pulled the trigger while he was still in the air!


The Type 54 gun's explosive force was indeed powerful. The bullet had penetrated Duan Dalong's chest! Although his steel-like muscles could withstand the impact of heavy objects, he had no way to block bullets!

Soon, the bullet destroyed his heart, and a scarlet light came out of his back, leaving a nasty wound. He felt as if a sledgehammer had hit him before he swayed backward a few times. He lost all of his strength quickly, and then his eyes dimmed. He could not accept that Jiang Liushi had shot his heart, until his death!

Zhang Hai was no longer pressured, and then he shouted before crashing Duan Danlong's hands.

Duan Dalong was dead!

Everyone was astounded. He was a killing machine, but he was actually killed by Jiang Liushi. Form killing Leopard Squad's Captain to killing Duan Dalong, it had only taken a few seconds for Jiang Liushi to accomplish that. It was impossible!


Jiang Liushi shot the root wrapped around his leg and landed on the ground.


Yang Feng was enraged. Duan Dalong was his loyal and evil dog, who could help him to develop his power in the future. However, the young man killed him! How could Yang Feng bear this?

He put his hands down to the soil, and then it was covered in green moss and roots extended out of it. In a flash, the plant cells in his body rushed to the underground tree roots.

"Brother, be careful, Yang Feng's cells have mutated to those of plants, and he can control all vegetation in the vicinity!" Jiang Zhuying loudly reminded.

"Be careful, I noticed a large number of tiny red spots rushing toward you through the ground!" Ran Xiyu's voice sounded.

 Jiang Liushi dashed without turning back at all. Jiang Liushi was not confident that his close combat quarter skills could help him evade all attacks.

Jiang Liushi's nerves and brain cells had been strengthened, and his reaction speed was more than ten times faster. Utilizing the full potential of his body, he burst forward with explosive power. He was just like a cheetah turning, accelerating and jumping. He crossed a distance of ten meters in the blink of an eye!


The ground cracked, and numerous rhizomes drilled their way out where he had been standing a few seconds earlier. If Jiang Liushi hadn't moved, he'd be riddled with holes now.

Yang Feng was stunned because it was the second time that Jiang Liushi had evaded his attack. How could it be possible? Did the young man have a special ability? Yang Feng stared at Jiang Liushi, who was unexpectedly calm. He got an ominous feeling when looking at him, so he decided that he had to kill him no matter what, or else he'd be the one suffering in the end. If those people did not die, that meant that he would be the dead one!

"Brother Jiang, hurry to escape, dense red spots of energy have covered the entire military building! You'll be surrounded!" Ran Xiyu's anxious voice sounded.

Every member of the military camp was rushing toward them. Jiang Liushi found that Yang Feng had already been covered by many green veins, so it was useless to shoot him.

"Zhang Hai, withdraw!" Jiang Liushi's heart sank, and he carried Zhang Hai to run.

"Sun Kun put Zhuying on my back! I will carry her!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

"Brother..." Jiang Zhuying had not yet opened her mouth and discovered that she was already lying on the broad shoulders of Jiang Liushi.

"We can't stay here!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

All the members of Shi Ying Squad followed Jiang Liushi running toward the door. Screams came, and several members of Leopard Squad were drilled by roots. Fortunately, they acted quickly.

A large number of tree roots seemed to have come alive, and they were rushing toward Jiang Liushi's team. On several occasions, the roots had almost reached them, but Jiang Lisuhi had stopped them with his pistols. Other than his excellent sharpshooting skills, his reaction speed was very alarming.

When they were about to reach the gate, a large number of roots descended from the ceiling, forming a thick green wall which blocked their way.

"I will open the way!" Zhang Hai pointed all his fingers and struck at the vine-wall fiercely. "F*cking guys, these vines…meet your daddy!" Zhang Hai immediately yelled.

Unfortunately, it was useless. The creeping vines tangled up and entwined his fingers. At the same time, the ground under their feet started to move. Yang Feng's plant cells had spread underneath Jiang Liushi's feet!

"Xiyu, suppress Yang Feng's mind! Can you do it?" Jiang Liushi said in his mind. He needed to stall for time! Ying 100 meters away from the gate. However, Jiang Liushi did not know whether Ran Xiyu could do it or not. It was undoubtedly a challenging task for Ran Xiyu.

"I can do it!" Ran Xiyu answered. Suddenly, a spirit light spread forward.

Half a kilometer-

One kilometer-

Two kilometers-

At that moment, Ran Xiyu locked on Jiang Liushi and the others.

Her only thought was that she had to succeed! At that important crossroads, she held the fates of everyone in her hands.

Ran Xiyu used all her power and attacked Yang Feng!

"Caught you!" Yang Feng smiled, but then-


Suddenly, his brain was in extreme pain! And he instantly lost control of the plants.

"...someone with a psychic ability is nearby!" Yang Feng immediately understood the reason for the severe pain in his brain. However, realizing it only now was useless.

His attack had failed!

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