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Before doomsday, the northern Jiangsu area was a famous tourist destination. However, it became like any other areas after the catastrophe, without any signs of vitality and with a strong b.l.o.o.d.y smell lingering in the air.

Near the mountains, there was a military camp with tight defenses; barbed wires, a bunker, a tower, and strong ten meters high concrete walls. Before doomsday, it was barracks for local troops. Inside and outside the barracks, they were plenty of plants which covered with their vines a lot of areas. At first glance, the vine-infested barracks and green-covered mountains seemed to be connected.

At that moment, it started raining heavily. The downpour, which was more like a waterfall descending from the sky, soaked the mountain peaks over and over again.

In a tall military building standing halfway up the hill, a faint solar light was turned on. A tall, middle-aged man in military uniform was carefully looking at an iron cage. That iron cage was very luxurious. The cage's floor was covered with a glossy fox fur blanket. There were also glittering pearls and precious stones beside it. On the cage's thick lock, two blood-colored characters were printed - Xiang Xuehai.

There were three other cages such as that one in total, side by side, and inside all of them were beautiful women. The three beautiful women, wearing open-crotch pants, were on all fours, like cats, with animal tails hanging from their b.u.t.tocks. They were staring at the man in uniform, and they were eager to say what they wanted. There was a lingering hope in their eyes.

On every cage lock, there was a name. The names' owners were all famous stars and n.o.ble ladies in northern Jiangsu area in the past. They were very popular and affected the hormones of countless men in northern Jiangsu area. The once arrogant beauties were thoroughly tamed by the military man's whip, and they became his slaves.

"Commander!" Duan Dalong with several members rushed in. "Xiang Xianghai had rejected us. She refused to toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. She didn't give any face to you, Commander. Let's bring some of our men and destroy her team now! F*ckers, with their puny numbers they dared…" Duan Dalong said angrily

My little Brother, don't worry." The man in uniform smiled and waved his hand. He was the Commander of the military camp in northern Jiangsu area, Yang Feng. He had a scar on his brow, which spread to the corner of his eyes. His left eye was blind, which had turned gray, and made him look gloomy.

"I antic.i.p.ated she'd refuse. I just wanted to test the little fox's att.i.tude. Unfortunately, some people prefer the whip!" Yang Feng licked his lips. Although on the surface he seemed calm, Xiang Xuehai's att.i.tude made him angry.

"How many times has she rejected me?"

At first, Xiang Xuehai fled from his hands! Yang Feng's pupil shrank, and his hand holding a black whip, which was like a poisonous snake, jolted, and the whip struck a beautiful girl in an iron cage. The fierce whip left a b.l.o.o.d.y scar on that girl's skin and then she screamed.

"Go and prepare your team. We'll set out after the rain stops!" While yanking the beauty in the iron cage, Yang Feng's face darkened.

"Commander, we'll be waiting for your orders! We'll put Xiang Xuehai in a cage for you as soon as possible!" Duan Dalong said happily.

Disdain flashed in Yang Feng's eye while staring at Duan Dalong 's face. It would be foolish to do nothing but kill endlessly. If he could enslave Xiang Xuehai, without fighting, he wouldn't lose a little bit of his power.

He intended to attack Xiang Xuehai because his patience was exhausted. The area Xiang Xuehai controlled was a crossroad to several major cities. Strategically, there were a lot of resources going in and out. He had to get his hands on it.

At that moment, an unkempt and malnourished old man, wearing an old jacket covered in water, rushed in.

"Old Sun, what are you doing here?" Duan Dalong asked.

"Oh, I came to find the Commander," Old Sun answered.

"Commander..." Old Sun was hesitant, his palms were sweating, and his mouth was shut tight for a long time before he said, "...Commander, this rain is a bit unsettling today... You know that my work was on researching water's changes. The rainy season has come, and Fuyang River is unstable. Do you want to add some people to keep watch on it in case it overflows?"

Yang Feng smiled and revealed eight white teeth. He jolted the black whip in his hands again, and it struck Old Sun's face. The old man screamed and fell to the ground.

"Old Sun, don't you know why you're still alive? There's nothing to worry about!" Yang Feng said.

Yang Feng was an ambitious man. Before doomsday, he received the task to transfer elites. n.o.body knew what happened, but he was happy because there were many upper-cla.s.s people in the list he owned, including Xiang Xuehai.

Xiang Xuehai was not only a superstar, but she also had a huge family behind her.

However, after Yang Feng had just gathered those people, the disaster broke out. Many people among them became zombies, including a large number of officers and soldiers. Then the situation became chaotic.

Yang Feng became a paranormal and not only did not help the military to control the situation, he even gathered some people to take over the barracks. Then, he killed most businessmen and kept some of the intellectual ones. As for the celebrities, they all became his playthings. After that, he became a local tyrant and established some important departments.

Sun Changxin, formerly was an expert professor in the Water Conservancy Department. However, the Water Conservancy Department was not responsible for studying zombies and plants, so it was useless to expend resources for its development. As a result, Yang Feng was too lazy to deal with it.

With a whip, Sun Changxin became dispirited and left immediately.

'n.o.body is in control, in the troubled world, ah...when the water comes… it's better than being eaten by a zombie...' Standing outside the gate of the military camp, Old Sun mumbled to himself.

The downpour lasted for three days and visibility was too low…

In the evening, at the entrance of the suburban county, on a remote road leading to a distant place, several headless bodies were lying on the ground. The zombies' roars could be vaguely heard from some distant places.

"This is the closest road leading to Yang Feng's military camp. We've killed the last spy so we can proceed," Xiang Xuehai said to Jiang Liushi in a serious tone.

In order to attack Yang Feng this time, Xiang Xuehai allowed Jiang Liushi to wait for a few days. During this period, she performed a major cleansing in the suburbs. Some people in her team were Yang Feng's spies. If it were before, she would let them roam around for a little longer because they were of use to her, but they had a long way to go, so she had to kill all the spies.

"Good." Jiang Liushi looked faintly as the bodies on the ground, nodded and turned to walk to his minibus.

"Mr. Jiang, this is a mountain area. Are you sure that you don't need us to give you a modified off-road vehicle?" A girl next to Xiang Xuehai warned. She was the girl who followed Xiang Xuehai at all times. She was Xiang Xuehai's a.s.sistant, Jian Ling.

'Sigh… These people know nothing about Brother Jiang…' Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had the same thought, and they looked at each other.

"There's no need. Thank you," Jiang Liushi answered.

"Well then... Mr. Jiang's car can follow us." Jian Ling frowned slightly. She wondered whether it was a right choice for them to cooperate with this team.

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