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"Killing Boss Wu is not as simple as you may think," Luo Junjiang said. "He belongs to Xiang Xuehai's faction, and he was one of her stronger members."

Before the sound of his voice faded away, several cars appeared and parked at the entrance of the parking lot. And then dozens of people holding guns went off.

"Look, they are Xiang Xuehai's subordinates," Luo Junjiang said. He was unaware of how Xiang Xuehai dealt with such issues, so he didn't know what would happen next.

A b.l.o.o.d.y conflict had taken place in the parking lot, so Xiang Xuehai, as the boss of this county, naturally had to come. She had left the restaurant right after receiving the news that a battle had broken out in the parking lot. Unfortunately, when she arrived, it was too late. The battle had already come to an end. She didn't expect it to end so fast.

Amongst the dead bodies on the ground, Xiang Xuehai recognized Boss Wu's subordinates at first glance, but Boss Wu's body was nowhere to be found.

And then Xiang Xuehai looked toward the minibus parked beside those bodies.

"It was you?" Xiang Xuehai was surprised.

A few minutes earlier she was in the middle of sealing a deal with that man. How could he have appeared here so fast? It was quite strange.

"Where is Wu?" asked Xiang Xuehai.

"Dead," Jiang Liushi answered calmly. Although Xiang Xuehai had brought many people with her, Jiang Liushi was not worried at all. The minibus was right behind him, so he was confident that they could escape whenever they wanted.

Xiang Xuehai nodded, and her eyes revealed a cold glint. "You killed someone who leads a team under my control. Many ordinary survivors in this county rely on my team to protect them when zombies attack…"

"What do you want?" Jiang Liushi asked calmly.

Xiang Xuehai stared at him and then shook her head. "I don't want us to fight. Since Wu is already dead, it's useless to battle it out! I'd like to ask if you're willing to cooperate with me."

Hearing her words, Jiang Liushi was shocked.

"Yes, I want you to cooperate with me! I believe that you listened to my conversation with Duan Dalong today. His Brother, Yang Feng, is the leader of the largest team in the whole northern Jiangsu area. Duan Dalong is a quite loyal powerful member," Xiang Xuehai explained.

Shi Ying Squad powerful ability attracted Xiang Xuehai's interest. They were stronger than Wu. As a result, Xiang Xuehai was more willing to cooperate with Jiang Liushi, a group of outsiders.

"Oh, I remember." Of course, Jiang Liushi remembered what took place earlier, but he didn't intend to stay here. "I'm sorry, but I am not interested in helping anyone to deal with their problems…" Jiang Liushi refused her directly.

"Don't you want to find a girl? Do you know who Yang Feng was? Originally, he was an official who was responsible for transferring influential figures. After doomsday, he gathered a few powerful people and formed a team. At first, he came to take me, but later we went our separate ways…" Xiang Xuehai said.

"After the virus' outbreak, the whole city was in an alarmed state, and most of the survivors were so desperate that they joined his army. He might have some clues."

Jiang Liushi turned to look at Ran Xiyu. She tried to keep her calm, but her tightened white fingertips showed her emotional shock!

As a matter of fact, Xiang Xuehai not only had a powerful background, but she was also a well-known star. As a result, she had many opportunities to contact lots of merchants and wealthy entrepreneurs, so it was quite easy for her to guess Ran Xiyu and her sister's ident.i.ty. She was sure that Ran Xiyu's sister was on the list for the safety areas. 

Yang Feng was one of the officers responsible for the evacuation.

She gave that piece of information to move Jiang Liushi and his team!

Jiang Liushi knew that Ran Xiyu was quite shocked, so he turned and said to Xiang Xuehai, "Thank you for sharing the information with us, but doesn't that we will cooperate with you. If I want, I can go and ask him directly for any information."

Xiang Xuehai smiled. "Yang Feng may not be as fair as I am. Although he was an officer, his actions have nothing to do with the military. Any stranger like you, who wants to strike a deal with him, will meet a tragic end. Even if he can't deal with you, he will find other opportunities to do so. I'm also sorry for concealing some details. I fled from his control in the midst the confusion brought by the virus. He forced me to follow him as he was aware of the catastrophe. Fortunately, I realized his real intentions." As for what Yang Feng real intentions were, Jiang Liushi and the others could guess. In this terrible post-apocalyptic environment, many people's ugly sides flourished. 

Maybe Yang Feng never expected that Xiang Xuehai could run away. Moreover, she was alive and also established a powerful team. "I had changed my name, but he still found me. Duan Dalong is not a kind person…" Xiang Xuehai added.

"So you want us to help you fend off against him?" Jiang Zhuying asked suddenly.

Xiang Xuehai shook her head, but her beautiful eyes emitted killing intent. "No, I want you to cooperate with me to attack him first! It's the easiest way to get the information you want!" Although her voice was sweet and elegant, every word carried murderous intent.

Hearing their conversation, Luo Junjiang suddenly felt fear. She was indeed not an ordinary person! Duan Dalong's appearance alerted Xiang Xuehai. Instead of worrying when Yang Feng would create trouble for her, it was better to act first! She was exceptionally courageous! Her opponent was the strongest force in the entire northern Jiangsu area!

"I'm not sure about our chances in a head-on a.s.sault, but if it's a sneak attack, it's different," said Xiang Xuehai.

Jiang Liushi thought for a moment and asked, "What about our benefits?"

"We'll split everything equally. After we get the information you want, I will help you to find Ran Yunsha. Of course, that's for free. Take it as a bonus gift," said Xiang Xuehai.

Jiang Liushi shook his head, "I want to the first one who decides what to take, but don't worry. We'll exchange for things of equal value."

Hearing his answer, Xiang Xuehai smiled and said, "Deal!"

"Since we are all in an alliance, how about having dinner tonight? I've ordered my subordinates to keep an eye on Yang Feng. We should have some new in a few days."

"There is no need for dinner. When you get the news, let us know," said Jiang Liushi.

After Xiang Xuehai departure, Jiang Zhuying said immediately, "Brother, Xiang Xuehai's eyes were like they could talk. They carried a hint of tenderness, but it 's also possible that she was acting. You should be careful."

"Of course. I'm aware of this. But when did you notice her tender gaze?" Jiang Liushi asked and stared at his sister.

"When she was looking at you!"

Jiang Liushi always felt speechless…

"Captain Jiang, you will cooperate with Boss Xiang, but I can't help you…" Luo Junjiang carefully said. He had just proposed to help Jiang Liushi, but in the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Liushi decided to cooperate with Xiang Xuehai in attacking Yang Feng. With his strength, Luo Junjiang didn't dare to attend to such kind of activities.

"Aren't you familiar with the city? Help us find a place to live. Also, in the coming days, you should go to contact Xiang Xuehai," Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay, I got it." Luo Junjiang nodded. He was so happy that Jiang Liushi didn't intend to kill him. Luo Junjiang quickly gathered all his remaining members and found a clean place. And then they cleaned up the house with a small independent courtyard.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was driven inside, and the Hummer stopped at the entrance...

Jiang Liushi went to the second floor to look. Suddenly, he noticed a lake in the distance. It was a large lake, almost an area of more than 2,000 square kilometers. However, Jiang Liushi did not like that large area of water. He looked at its wide surface, and the water seemed calm, but n.o.body knew what was hidden underneath.

'As long as we don't get close to the water, there is nothing to be afraid of,' Jiang Liushi thought.

Although the monsters in the water were terrifying, they were at least unable to reach the sh.o.r.e. On the sh.o.r.e, humans were still struggling to fight against zombies and mutant beasts.

'In the future, when my MCV becomes a large mobile base, I will be formidable too,'' Jiang Liushi said to himself. He was one of the lucky one in this post-apocalyptic world.

At that moment, with a cold breeze blowing, rain started drizzling from the sky. Soon after, torrents of rain engulfed the town. It was like a painting come to life.

"Uh? It's raining? What a great opportunity to wash our cars. Oh, Brother Jiang, we found Boss Wu's mutant nuclei, should we send them up? We also found some mutant meat, cans, and ammunition…" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun said.

Jiang Liushi snapped out of his thoughts immediately.

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