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Boss Wu and the others quickly found the sniper's position.

"F*cker! You dared to snipe at my team!" 

Boss Wu went for wool and came home shorn. How could he swallow the disgrace? He was determined to torment that terrible sniper to death.

When they affirmed the sniper's location, Boss Wu signaled at his subordinates. And then they carefully approached a window on the first floor.

Boss Wu's neck twisted a bit, and a low growling sound came from his throat. His eyeb.a.l.l.s also turned to yellow, and bristles appeared on his face. Then, Boss Wu gently sucked in air through his nose, and he exposed a cold smile. "I've got their smells. Oh! The aroma of women… A total of six people. Two of them are males."

Boss Wu's special ability was related to his olfactory sense, which was very sensitive. The most sensitive dog's olfactory sense was more than one million times higher than that of humans. As a result, Boss Wu could accurately determine how many people were in such a building and their location.

In the past, some people who had offended Wu and tried to escape. He gathered some of his subordinates and chased them for a day and night, relying on his ability to pursue that group. When they caught them, the offenders were extremely desperate.

Boss Wu had also secretly killed two of his compet.i.tors. Of course, he would not let the people in the building die so easily. He gave the order, and then they jumped in through the windows and entered the building.

"They entered the building," said Ran Xiyu.

"Ling, stay here and watch him. Also, tie his hands. Xiyu, inform us for the slightest change at any moment," Jiang Liushi ordered before he left with his sister.

Luo Junjiang stared at Ling, who had a cute face with a cold expression on it. She was currently playing with a black knife in her hands. But she stopped and walked behind him to tie his hands. 

Luo Junjiang felt depressed because he thought that once Jiang Liushi and his sister were killed, then he and his team would follow them next.

"You'd better behave yourself," Ran Xiyu said suddenly.

Luo Junjiang was suddenly shocked by her voice. He knew she was a psychic paranormal, and a powerful one at that. He stopped thinking of how to escape at once.

"I really didn't know that Blaker-"

"Who let you speak?" Ling glared at him.

"Brother Jiang, Zhuying, they are upstairs. They separated. The brightest light has walked to the left. It seems that they're planning to climb directly from the window…" Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in their minds.

"I will wait for him here. Zhuying, go and deal with the others. Be careful!" Jiang Liushi added.

"No problem, my dear brother." Jiang Zhuying smiled.

Jiang Liushi nodded, but he was still worried about his sister. Then, he stood close to the window. As long as they appeared, Jiang Liushi could aim at and shoot at once.

Presently, Boss Wu had climbed the wall, and he just needed to jump to get through the window. He sucked air through his nose, and then his fingers transformed into sharp claws. He jumped violently on the wall, but he suddenly jumped again to another window. From that window, Boss Wu would appear in the room behind Jiang Liushi.

Ran Xiyu found out his movements and shouted, "Be careful, he is behind you!"

Jiang Liushi heard her voice, and then he dashed forward without thinking!


At the place where Jiang Liushi was previously standing, five deep holes appeared on the brick wall. If Jiang Liushi kept leaning on the wall, the best case scenario would be that his internal organs would be damaged…

Jiang Liushi stopped dashing, and he immediately turned and shot several times without aiming.

Boss Wu, who was hiding at the corner, extended his long tongue and licked his lips. "You are the sniper!" He exclaimed excitedly.

However, he found that the sniper's reaction speed was very fast and he managed to escape.

"Brother Jiang, he should be able to sense our position," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi also thought of that. It was not so simple to find a sniper's hiding spot.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi felt a big crisis of death.

"What do you want to do? Run? Or fight?" Boss Wu said happily in a low voice.

However, Jiang Liushi didn't respond to him. He held his gun with both hands and then walked out of the room.

"Xiyu, use your attack, Spirit Puncture."

"Okay!" Ran Xiyu's attack may be very powerful against ordinary people, but its effect on paranormals varied. However, she knew that as long as she could distract or slow down Boss Wu, he would lose!

"You decide to come out!" Boss Wu was surprised.

It was very easy for a desperate person to make a foolish decision. However, Boss Wu didn't believe that Jiang Liushi would act foolishly. He guessed that he had a plan.


A buzzing sound came from Boss Wu's body. At the same time, under his jacket, all his steel-like muscles bulged, and his palms became longer. His fingers bent, and sharp claws extended from his feet, which that could hold the ground firmly. His mouth transformed and pointed canine teeth protruded from inside appeared, while his yellow eyes became red. Boss Wu had once used his current form to fight against zombies!

In addition to his powerful olfactory sense, he had the monstrous form which gave him explosive power. That's the real reason that Boss Wu was able to stand amongst the five strongest teams. He had the ability to hunt the sniper on his own!

From what he could sense, the sniper's energy fluctuation was weak. In his current form, he was not afraid of facing the sniper rifle, because he would simply not give the sniper the opportunity to shoot.

After affirming Jiang Liushi's position, Boss Wu decided to take the imitative and attack. He slammed his hands on the ground, and he burst out of the room with lightning speed.

"Now!" Ran Xiyu's pupils shrank, and her gray eyes emitted a strange light.

At the same time, Boss Wu, who had already gotten out of the room, felt drowsy! He felt like his body had suddenly lost all its power.

Jiang Liushi was one meter away from him! He was standing in the middle of the corridor while holding his gun. He didn't need to aim at all. Boss Wu had become a sitting duck.


Several bullets penetrated all of Wu's limbs!


The next second, Boss Wu crashed heavily on the ground.

Boss Wu, who had yet to react to what took place, quickly fell from the air to the ground in the blink of an eye. And that young man, who looked indifferent before him, was gone. Instead, he could only see a pair of clean shoes approaching him.

"You didn't stand a chance from the beginning," Jiang Liushi looked at Boss Wu, who was convulsing while blood was surging out from his limbs, and said indifferently.

"F*ck!" Boss Wu squeezed out that word with great difficulty as he was in extreme pain. At the same time, he was filled with fear.

At that moment, three screams came from Jiang Zhuying's direction!

The three average paranormals were waiting for Boss Wu's orders. However, Jiang Zhuying appeared behind them and threw at them the longsword. After that, electricity enshrouded the longsword's chain, which she slightly jolted to wrap around them. The battle, if it could be considered as such, ended in a matter of seconds. 

In such a semi-enclosed environment, Jiang Zhuying's ability actually had a great advantage. Under Jiang Zhuying's sneak attack, her three opponents did not have the opportunity to resist at all.

Jiang Zhuying's intense and terrifying electrical attack was enough to burn those people to a crisp. Boss Wu could care less about his subordinates' fate. His limbs were crippled, and he was destined to die.

"Well, they've dealt with them," Ran Xiyu turned to talk to Li Yuxin and Ling.

At first, Luo Junjiang didn't react. But when he realized what Ran Xiyu meant, he was stunned! It was completely beyond his imagination!

Luo Junjiang was just an ordinary person. To his knowledge Boss, Wu was a powerful paranormal, but he now felt that Jiang Liushi and his members may be a team of super-talents. In northern Jiangsu, there was only one such team!

In the parking lot, those survivors continued to be deadlocked with that minibus.

Blaker sneaked in a car, the moment he saw Boss Wu and three others leaving with their weapon in hand. He had also seen one of Wu's subordinates approaching the minibus stealthily. Blaker knew him; he was called Monkey, and he was very sensitive and clever.

In Monkey's hand was grenade! As long as he could throw the grenade to the minibus' tank, it would be destroyed.

Blaker indented to use the minibus' explosion to drive away. Everything else had nothing to do with him. He had lost too much during this battle; everyone from his team was dead. Fortunately, the gunshots stopped after Boss Wu left. The others noticed it too, so they became fiercer with their attacks.

In their minds, even if the minibus was made of the toughest metal, it could be damaged after another round of bullets!

At that moment, Monkey got close to the minibus. He just needed to roll on the ground, and he'd be right under the minibus' gas tank.


Monkey's arm, in which he was holding the grenade, was shot and fell to the ground!

"Ah! Ahhh!" Monkey screamed loudly.

Blaker, who was about to start the SUV, was shocked.

Another survivor who was shooting at the minibus was killed!

They had just regained their courage, but misfortune befell them once again!

Suddenly, a figure was thrown into the parking lot's gate. Although that man was covered in blood, the survivors recognized him with a single glance. He was their Boss!

Blaker was almost shocked to death after seeing Boss Wu's tragic figure.

How was it possible!?

Since their boss was caught, how could they still intend to fight?

Someone made the first move, and he ran toward the wall in fear. After him, every survivor ran for their lives. They all abandoned Boss Wu!

Blaker ran for his life too, as he would be the one they would kill first. Unfortunately, at that moment, a bullet whistled through the air and shot his leg, and he fell to the ground in extreme pain.

Jiang Liushi had been aiming at him for a long time.

Zhang Hai pulled and threw him beside Boss Wu.

Blaker looked at Luo Junjiang, who was fuming in anger, and tried to plead-

"Bast*rd, you ruined my team…!"

"Captain Jiang, please listen to me..."


Jiang Liushi raised his pistol and pulled the trigger directly. On Blaker's forehead, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole suddenly appeared. His eyes were wide with shock, and his mouth remained open. Then he fell down. Jiang Liushi didn't want to spare a second glance to a person like him.

"Zhang Hai, go and search their cars,' said Jiang Liushi. Then he pointed his gun at Boss Wu and asked, "Do you have any last words?"

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Boss Wu yelled.

Jiang Liushi smiled slightly, but he did not shoot. "I guess you are thinking about ways to kill us, right? In that case…" Jiang Liushi called Sun Kun, "Sun Kun, deal with him!"

Sun Kun's arm was still bleeding, so he was quite pleased to have such an opportunity to torment Boss Wu!

At that moment, this Boss Wu became nervous!

"Didn't you say that you wanted to feed us to the zombies?" Sun Kun asked coldly.

"No! No!"

Listening Boss Wu's screams, Luo Junjiang's face twitched. "Captain Jiang, please believe me! I wasn't involved in this!" Luo Junjiang said worriedly.

Actually, Ran Xiyu already knew the truth. How else could he still be alive?

"I will try my best to help you find that person…and I can tell you everything you need to know about this area. You killed Wu, so many people will focus their attention on you!" Luo Junjiang continued.

Jiang Liushi originally intended to let him go, but Jiang Liushi changed his mind after Boss Wu's attack.

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